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Chapter 26 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Menosorpo (1)

A few days after the incident with Edwin's golem.


I looked at the dagger materialized in both of my hands.

[Skill 'Weaving' has obtained a new option.]

Skill Details >


•Rank: Unique

•Description: Stores the image of an object in the workshop and duplicates it. However, they are mere illusions.

•Option: Simultaneous Replication

- Simultaneously generates multiple woven objects.

- Number of objects that can be replicated simultaneously: 2

I can finally weave two weapons at the same time.

Up until now, I could only weave one weapon, so I had to make a new one every time it broke. However, if I can hold invisible weapons in both of my hands, I can perform more tricky attacks.

The rate of fire for throwing daggers will also be faster, and I can also use a two-sword style.

"Then now."

I closed my eyes. 'Artemis' bow and arrow. ' A set of those images were stored.

……Let's try it.

The god Artemis is very famous, but her weapon isn't as well-known. That's because it's overshadowed by her title of Artemis.

Then wouldn't it be easier to weave than 'Gram'?

"Let's forget about the arrows for now, let's try making a bow first."

For now, I just want to know if it's possible to weave it. So, I'm leaving out the arrows. I can't shoot arrows here anyway.

I stretched out my hand.

Weaving, Obsidian.

Rank - Divine



I could definitely feel the mana draining from my body instantly, but it's less than when I made Gram.

The rank of Divine is higher than Legendary.

However, since I'm only replicating the bow out of Artemis' set of bow and arrow, the burden is lighter.

Also, 'Gram' is as famous as a divine weapon.

I picked up the bow woven from Obsidian.

Chrysaor. The masterpiece that Hephaestus gave to Artemis.

As expected, the golden bow shone brilliantly, just like its name. It's so gorgeous that it seems like a waste to use it as a weapon.

"Well, then."

I held the bowstring in my hand and tried to pull it.

Or rather, I tried to.



My hand clutching the bowstring was only trembling uncontrollably, not moving in the slightest.

"I can't pull it...!"

I squeezed every muscle in my body, trying to apply force to the bowstring. But it wouldn't budge.

Could it be that I lack the strength?

Meanwhile, my mana was almost depleted, so I reluctantly released the weave.


Let's think for a moment. Chrysaor is the bow of Artemis. Since it's a god's bow, could it be that only a god can draw it? Or maybe only Artemis herself can.

However, in Etius, there are a very few people who use the weapons of the gods.

For example, the chancellor of Constel, Osprey.

Most of them receive divine power and discover the weapon led by that divine power, obtaining it as if by some destiny.

But clearly, there are exceptions.

Either way, it's not that only gods can use a god's weapon.

"If it's not exclusive to gods, then maybe it's a weapon that only Artemis can use."

Or it's designed that way.

Maybe Artemis requested something from Hephaestus.

...Or some kind of curse.

"Artemis, which god was she again?"

I tilted my head, deeply lost in thought.

In the world of Etius, the gods are adapted to fit this world, but their essence and achievements generally flow similarly. Although the names and titles may have changed a bit, their nature and accomplishments are similar.

Then it occurred to me.

One possibility.

However, it was a possibility that I couldn't exactly welcome.

"...Could it be this bow."

Can only women draw it?

Artemis, known for her misandry. Perhaps because of that hatred, she might have requested a special enchantment from Hephaestus.

"Hephaestus, you damn bastard..."

Or is it Artemis who is to blame? Anyway, I can't use it right now.

Even if I wanted to give it to a woman, I can't transfer a weapon I've woven. It continues to consume my mana.

In the end, I have to use this bow.


'...To modify it?'

Modifying a woven weapon. Is that possible? Can weaving go that far?

Or in the first place,

"How much do I really know about this ability?"

I know nothing.

Up to now, I've merely focused on utilizing the abilities I could use to their fullest extent.

Storing weapons as images, materializing weapons not as 'matter' but as a 'phenomenon.' I believed that was all that was possible.

I still don't understand weaving. I use it simply because I can.

But if I fully understand 'weaving.' If I could grasp the principle behind storing weapons as images and the structure of the weapons themselves.

Modification wouldn't be out of the question.

"Anyway, I really need to check if it's truly only usable by women."

...Speaking of which, I have plans.

It's just in time. I have a message received on my Sagephone a while ago.

I'm a bit worried, but should I go?

A hospital visit.

* * *

At a general hospital near Constel.

"The detoxification is complete."

The doctor who finished the examination said.

Sybil Forte nodded energetically.

"Hehe, told you. I'm brimming with energy."

"It's amazing. To recover so cleanly from a Slevb's poison in such a short period. It's fortunate that the injured area avoided major blood vessels. You were lucky."


Sybil's expression hardened slightly. Oddly, the remark about her being lucky lingered in her ears.

Seeing her suddenly quiet, the doctor tilted his head.

"Aren't you happy?"

"Oh, no! I am happy! Very happy! Ahaha, I'm known for being lucky."

"Haha. We'll observe your condition until today, and proceed with the discharge process tomorrow. Please rest."

"Eh? Can't I be discharged right away?"

"The detoxification may be complete, but the body's aftereffects remain. So please rest. If you feel uncomfortable, immediately press this button here."

The doctor pointed at a call button attached to the wall while speaking.

Sybil nodded.

Creak, the doctor and nurse left, and she was alone in the private room.

Sybil exhaled, feeling the silence return.


She was attacked by an outside demon.

Later, she learned that the poison on the Slevb's dagger was incredibly deadly.

The paralysis poison is indeed a paralysis poison, a horrific poison that paralyzes a person's heart and brain, causing death.

"Frondier, you lied."

Sybil chuckled.

So much for it being nothing. You said it had a sleeping effect mixed in.

All of it was to reassure her.

To make her fall asleep. To save her.


Incompetent Frondier, lazy Frondier,

Human sloth Frondier.


When you get down to it, his very existence seems like a lie.

I don't know what Frondier did, but he took down Slevb. He dealt with an outside demon.

He reassured Sybil, took down the monsters, and carried her to the sanctuary, solving the dungeon.

Sybil couldn't forget Frondier from that time.

-I don't believe in gods.

It's etched in my mind and won't disappear.

-Because I don't believe in fate.

"Maybe, I'm hated?"

Sybil buried her face in her knees.

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