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Chapter 26 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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To Frondier, who doesn't believe in fate, Sybil must be at the opposite end.

Talentless Frondier.

Sybil, blessed with luck and talent.

It's hard to imagine how Frondier felt every time he saw her.

"…No! Why am I worried about being hated by Frondier!"

Lifting her head suddenly, Sybil seemed to snap back to reality.

That's right. Originally, she wouldn't have cared about someone like Frondier.

Her original target for the low-level dungeon raid was Aster Evans.

…But then, she soon thinks.

'Frondier must not rely on fate.'

She ends up thinking about Frondier again.

Until now, Sybil had always believed in her great luck.

However, the dungeon exploration with Frondier, to put it nicely, luck was not on her side.

She fell into every dangerous trap. There were more than one or two horrifying situations. It was only because Frondier protected her each time, otherwise, by now.

'…I've been relying on luck.'

Everything she wished for always came into her hands.

The situations she wanted always laid out like sturdy tracks.

However, when faced with a situation that surpassed her luck, she felt powerless.

She had never neglected her training.

Had she become too absorbed in her fortune, taking it for granted?

'I want to ask.'

To Frondier.

What he thinks about my luck.

What he thinks about me.

"…No, I mean, it's not like it has a strange meaning."

Sybil blankly stared at the hospital room door.

Sybil doesn't like waiting.

But now, she had to wait.

Until she was discharged, went to Constel, and met with Frondier.

'If Frondier would just open that hospital door and come in.'

But that wouldn't happen.

Though she was beloved by fate, she decided not to rely on that anymore,



The hospital door opened.

And in came a man with black hair.

Languid eyes, a sleepy face.

Breathing a beat slower than others.

It was Frondier.

Upon seeing Sybil, with that sleepy face, he greeted,


Sybil blinked her large eyes several times, then thought.

…Maybe I should trust fate a little more.

* * *

"How are you feeling?"

"Oh, uh, I'm fine."

When I entered, Sybil was awake.

She had a somewhat dazed expression.

Had she just woken up?

'This is tricky.'

Actually, I had hoped Sybil would be asleep when I arrived.

Then, I could have secretly tested whether Artemis's bow could be drawn by her hands.

"Uh, thanks."


"For saving me. It was a dangerous poison, wasn't it?"

"Ah, yes. I'm glad you're all better now."


While Sybil thanked me, she seemed somewhat hesitant.

She avoided my eyes and fidgeted like a small bird.

It was more severe than when we were left alone in the dungeon.

It seemed Sybil hadn't let down her guard around me.

Well, that's understandable.

People's perceptions don't change easily.

Given that Sybil would have woken up in the hospital immediately after being attacked by Slevb, she wouldn't know what I had done.

I must have learned about it from others.

Information heard doesn't resonate well.

Expressing proper gratitude to "Human Sloth Frondier" is in itself a remarkable thing.

But, well, it doesn't matter.

What Sybil thinks of me isn't really an important issue.

I'm a villain, after all.

"By the way, you know."


"What was the dungeon reward?"

Ah, she must be curious.

Since I cleared the dungeon, only I know what the reward was.

"…But how did you know?"


"That I cleared the dungeon."

"…Ah? Oh?! Ah, I, I heard! From Aster, and the teacher, and senior Quinie, from Aster and the teacher!"

Why so many?

Does it mean she heard it twice from Aster and the teacher?

…I don't know.

"The reward was, um, I'm not sure myself."


"I got a rune that seems like a magic symbol."

After the lower dungeon, the Sanctuary of Truth, was destroyed,

I acquired a magic rune called "Menosorpo."

But when I tried to use it in front of the mansion, nothing happened.

To be precise, I don't know what happened.

Since it consumed mana, it must have been activated.

In fact, I hesitated a bit when I was about to tell Sybil this story.

One must be cautious when handling information only they know.

It's important to approach with careful judgment whether it benefits me or Aster.

But Menosorpo is something not even I know.

Because in the previous world, no player had cleared that low-level dungeon.

If it continues like this, I might end up not knowing what Menosorpo is until the end.

Then, it's better to obtain information from others.

Sybil may be a villain, but her nature isn't 'evil'.

"…If it's a magic rune, should I ask my dad?"

"Your dad?"

"You know I use a rapier, right?"

"Yeah. I saw it in class and during the dungeon."

In truth, I knew that much earlier, from the very beginning.

"My rapier has a magic rune carved onto it too. I can't show it to you right now since it's at home, but it's a magic rune that enhances its durability and sharpness."

As I mentioned before, Sybil uses her rapier, a thin sword, to 'slash' rather than 'stab'.

I see. So that's thanks to the magic rune.

"My father carved the magic rune for me. He's a pro technician, incredibly famous, and amazing. He might know if you ask him!"

Sybil said in an excited tone.

Her eyes sparkled.

Her words reminded me.

Doud Forte.

A master of magic rune techniques.

In Etius, those who decipher magic runes, those who create them, and those who inscribe them onto weapons are all separate professions.

Magic runes are usually activated on their own.

In other words, the act of engraving a magic runes on a weapon like Sybil’s, weren't the true purpose of magic runes.

That's why those who can do both are highly valued.

Because they can decide on and inscribe magic runes that are suited to the weapon and the user.

Doud Forte stands out even among such people for his exceptional skills.

I often met Doud when I was playing as Aster.


"You're really kind, Sybil. Thanks."

I was honestly surprised.

I didn't think Sybil would go this far for me.

Sybil seemed to feel a stronger sense of gratitude towards me than I had thought.

Even while suppressing her hatred towards me.


Sybil was briefly stunned by my words, then,

"No! What! Ahahaha! No, this is, well, basic!"

She said, waving her arms.


Sybil was a woman with a stronger sense of duty than I had thought.

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