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Chapter 28 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Park Jung-won had been working at Pan Entertainment for a very long time.

He was one of the employees who had earned a fair amount of trust from the others, and he had a good relationship with the other teams.

To sum it up.

He was good at his job.

Park Jung-won knew that fact, and he also knew how valuable a person who could do a lot of work well was.

Of course, he couldn't help but have some regrets about Jo Sung-hyun.

But those regrets didn't last long.

"Jo Chae-yoon."

His young daughter.

As soon as he saw Chae-yoon, his regrets about Jo Sung-hyun disappeared completely.

Jo Sung-hyun was also quite handsome, but he was no match for Chae-yoon.

She was so cute that the word 'cute' slipped out of his mouth as soon as he saw her.

And the important thing was not only the appearance of the child, but also the fact that Chae-yoon had a musical talent that was amazing to anyone who saw it.

As the team leader of an entertainment company, he felt a little greedy.

How much could a child with such talent grow if she received proper training?

Despite her young age, she was the owner of a great talent that could surprise others.

He hadn't heard her sing, but as long as she wasn't at the level of being called a perfect tone-deaf, she could easily debut as a singer.

Maybe a solo female singer who would create a new era once again would be born?

Or, she could become an idol too.

Park Jung-won thought that.

And his thoughts turned into certainty when he watched Yumi's music video, which was officially released this time.

Especially when he saw the look in Chae-yoon's eyes as she watched the music video, Park Jung-won realized that the child had already started to have a fantasy.

'Jo Sung-hyun might not like it.'

He asked casually, but he didn't seem to be very enthusiastic.

Of course, he seemed to have enough intention to help his daughter as much as possible if she wanted to, but he didn't seem to have any plans to actively persuade her.

Park Jung-won understood his thoughts.

Jo Sung-hyun had also been working in this field for a few years.

He was good at his job, and he knew that all kinds of things happened here.

"It's natural that you don't want to show your daughter that kind of thing."

The entertainment industry, where countless dirty things happen behind the scenes.

Of course, as Jo Sung-hyun, he would want his daughter to avoid or not see such things.

Park Jung-won would have thought the same if he had such a pretty daughter.

Maybe it was a greed that he could have because she was not his daughter.

But anyway.

Park Jung-won could say with his entire career.

Jo Chae-yoon, if she only had her heart set on the entertainment industry, no. Even if she didn't have her heart set on it, she could succeed.

'It might be hard right now...'

If she grew up a little more.

And if she grew a little more, the story would change a lot.

By then, if Chae-yoon didn't give up on music, everyone would recognize her talent.

And they would pay attention to her.

"It's important what Jo Sung-hyun will do."

Park Jung-won muttered.

Jo Sung-hyun said he wanted to quit because he wanted to focus more on his daughter, but what if his daughter was interested in the entertainment industry?

Then how would he react?

Park Jung-won thought that to himself as he got up from his seat.

He still had a lot of work to do.

It was time for some caffeine.

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