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Chapter 27 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

When they arrived at the company, they waited while talking with others.

Everyone was out to work because it was Yumi's music video release day.

"Ah, there's only 10 minutes left."

Park Jung-won said next to him, and Jo Sung-hyun glanced at him and opened his mouth.

"I wish time would pass quickly."


Park Jung-won nodded his head and made a sound.

"Hey, Sung-hyun."

"Yes, Team Leader."

"Don't you really have any thoughts of doing music?"

"Not at all."

"Then what... what does your daughter think?"

At his words, Jo Sung-hyun slowly turned his head and looked at Park Jung-won.

At Jo Sung-hyun's gaze, Park Jung-won flinched for a moment.

It was a look he had never shown to himself.

He couldn't tell what emotion it was.


"Yes, Team Leader."

"Can you express whether you like it or not? It feels like I did something wrong or something."

"Well... I think she'll do music. No, it's not that I'm making her do it, but she wants to do it, so I'll try to make it as comfortable as possible for her."

At his words, Park Jung-won's face brightened.

"I knew it. Chae Yoon has to do music. It's a sin not to do music with that talent. Sin."

"Yes, well."

"So, what do you think about Chae Yoon signing a contract with Pan Entertainments?"


Jo Sung-hyun looked back at Park Jung-won without realizing it, narrowing his eyebrows at his words.

Park Jung-won shrugged his shoulders at his face.

"I know. Hey. Why are you frowning like that? I'm still your team leader, right?"

"I'll help Chae Yoon do music. But I don't even know what kind of music she wants to do. I don't know if I should debut her in the entertainment industry or not."

Jo Sung-hyun said.

Park Jung-won tilted his head at his words.

He was about to say something more, but.

"10 seconds before the release!"

Someone shouted, and everyone's eyes were fixed on the large screen installed on one side of the conference room.

Chae Yoon, who was talking to Yumi, was surprised by the employee's shout, and approached Jo Sung-hyun and spread his arms.

Jo Sung-hyun naturally hugged the child and sat him on his lap.

And Yumi's music video started playing.

A music video that has hundreds of views on MewTube.

It had only been a few seconds since it was uploaded, but it was not bad to have a few hundred views, and Jo Sung-hyun focused on the music video.

Chae Yoon appeared from the beginning.

The child was sitting in front of the piano and playing the piano carefully.

She played the entire prelude, and the camera showed her and then showed the piano for a while until the prelude ended.

The camera showed the front of the piano, the player again.

Suddenly, Yumi, who was playing the piano, opened her mouth and started singing.

The video production itself was very well done, and Jo Sung-hyun showed a satisfied face.

At least Chae Yoon didn't come out weird.

She came out very pretty and mysterious.

After that, Yumi kept appearing and singing and acting.

The song itself was good, so Jo Sung-hyun nodded quietly.

The only thing that changed from his previous life was one thing.

There was no song 'Toothless Cat'.

And with that difference, Yumi's success would not change.

Especially with such a good song and music video.

Chae Yoon did not show up until the end, and after the song was over, the light in the studio went off and on, and she came out again.

The title of the song appeared with the back of Chae Yoon playing the piano as the background.

Chae Yoon decorated the beginning and the end.

Everyone was immersed in the aftermath for a while, thinking that they all came out well.

The music video was over, and a brief silence came.

It was Chae Yoon's voice that broke it.

"Unnie is cool...."

With a slightly dazed voice, the child said.

* * *

They all watched Yumi's music video together, but not everyone dispersed.

Park Jung-won stayed behind because he had work to do, and the others moved to their respective places to do their own work.

In the end, only Jo Sung-hyun, Yumi, and Chaeyoon remained.

"Since we have to wait for an hour anyway, should we go to a cafe?"

Yumi suggested.

At her words, Sung-hyun nodded.

There were about 50 minutes left until the music chart was updated.

They had to wait for the update and check the rankings, so they had to wait for 50 minutes for now.

It wouldn't be a bad idea to go to a cafe and wait.

Anyway, there was a cafe on the first floor, so there was no need to go far.

As he headed towards the cafe on the first floor, Jo Sung-hyun looked at Chaeyoon.



"What would you like to drink, Chaeyoon?"

"Um... well..."

Seeing her hesitate, Sung-hyun smiled and spoke.

"Don't know?"

As he asked that, he tilted his head.

"Then how about some juice?"

"I like that."

"Alright. And what about you, Yumi?"

"I'll have an iced americano."

"Okay. I'll order like that. Please have a seat first."

After saying that, Sung-hyun headed towards the counter, and Yumi and Chaeyoon took their seats as Sung-hyun had instructed.

And a moment later.

A sight that Sung-hyun could never have imagined until just before ordering coffee unfolded before his eyes.

The composer, 'Toothless Cat', was saying something to Yumi.

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