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Chapter 29 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

A little while ago.


The door of the conference room closed with the sound of the door.

Yumi looked down at Chaeyoon, who was holding her hand.

The child looked at her blankly, not knowing anything.

He had no idea who the man who suddenly appeared was, and she didn't know what situation Jo Sung-hyun was in.

'Well, what would she know.'

Yumi knew that Jo Sung-hyun and 'Toothless Cat' couldn't have a good relationship.

And she also knew that Jo Sung-hyun would be one-sidedly bullied if things went on like this.

'Toothless Cat' was a popular composer, and Jo Sung-hyun was just a manager.

"Ha... What are you trying to do?"


When Yumi sighed and spoke, Chaeyoon reacted from the side.

Yumi shook her head at the child and glanced at the outside situation through the glass.

It would have been best if she had stepped in and protected Jo Sung-hyun.

It wouldn't be easy for 'Toothless Cat' to attack Yumi, even if he was 'Toothless Cat.'

It was a completely different problem to touch Jo Sung-hyun and to touch Yumi.

From the company's point of view, it was different whether a mere employee had a minor trouble or an artist under their agency had a problem with someone.

'I wish he had said something to me, then the company would have stepped in.'

Jo Sung-hyun protected Yumi and Chaeyoon.

That's why Yumi couldn't say anything.

Because Chaeyoon was there.

Because she understood Jo Sung-hyun's position, who had to step in.

She moved her gaze slightly and looked at Chaeyoon, who was sitting in a chair in the conference room.

The child was not worried about her dad, and was focused on the apple juice in front of her.

She gathered his eyes on the straw stuck in the soda bottle and carefully stuck out his tongue to take the straw in his mouth.

Yumi chuckled as she watched Chaeyoon drink the apple juice.

She was so cute that she couldn't help but smile in this situation.

She had finished the apple juice, and Chaeyoon looked around.

At the end of her gaze, the coffee that Jo Sung-hyun had ordered.

"Is that daddy's?"

"Yes. That's daddy's coffee."

She looks at it intently, as if she wants to drink it.

Yumi smiled and gently stroked Chaeyoon's head.

"That's coffee, so Chaeyoon can't drink it yet."

"I can drink coffee."

"No, you can't. The only thing Chaeyoon can drink is... juice and iced chocolate."

Yumi shook her head and said.

She didn't have much experience or knowledge of raising a child, but she knew that it wasn't good for a 7-year-old child to drink coffee.

She turned her head with a dissatisfied look, and Yumi barely swallowed the laughter that was about to burst.

"That's caramel macchiato, so you can't have it, but let's ask daddy to buy you iced chocolate later."

"Caramel matto-matto?"


She tilted his head and said.

Yumi also tilted her head at Chaeyoon's strange words.

She realized that his pronunciation was twisted and laughed.

"No, caramel macchiato."

"Caramel matto-kki!"

Chaeyoon tried to pronounce it correctly, but it was still strange.

She was so cute that Yumi unconsciously hugged him lightly.

"How can our Chaeyoon be so cute?"

As she said that, a faint voice reached her ears.

"You should change your stage name too. Not Toothless Cat, but Music-stealing Bastard."

Jo Sung-hyun's voice.

She didn't know why his voice brushed past her ears at this moment.


'What do you mean by that? You stole music.'

Yumi had no reason to care about that.

She knew what it meant to steal music.

Suddenly, a past memory flashed by, and Yumi shuddered.

Jo Sung-hyun firmly told Yumi that 'Toothless Cat's' song didn't suit her, and Yumi agreed without much thought.

But what if that wasn't really the reason?

Yumi hastily searched her pocket and took out her smartphone.

She found the sound file that Park Jung-won had sent her sometime and played it, clamping her mouth shut and listening to 'Toothless Cat's' song again.

To see if she had missed anything.

She listened to the end, but nothing came to mind.


"Chaeyoon knows that."

The answer came from somewhere else.

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