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Chapter 30 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Yumi felt like her eyes were wide open.

Chae-yoon knows this song?

How does she know?

She quickly thought about it, and it seemed possible that she might know.

First of all, Jo Sung-hyun must have heard this song as an employee of Pan Entertainment.

Then there was a high possibility that Chae-yoon also heard it when Jo Sung-hyun listened to it.

Understanding that, Yumi sighed.

Then Chae-yoon flinched.

The child shook her head.

"Chae-yoon is not greedy...."

Suddenly, she said that, and Yumi blinked and looked at Chae-yoon.

Chae-yoon's hand was reaching for Jo Sung-hyun's caramel macchiato.

Her short arm did not touch the caramel macchiato, but Chae-yoon seemed to feel guilty. [T/N: She interpreted Yumi’s sigh as getting caught]

"Oh my god...."

Yumi muttered 'oh my god' with a smile, which Jo Sung-hyun sometimes said.

How can such a cute creature exist in the world?

Yumi thought that to herself and opened her mouth.



"Have you heard this song before?"

At that, Chae-yoon nodded her head without hesitation.

Yumi smiled and stroked Chae-yoon's head.

He must have heard it with Jo Sung-hyun.

"But, Chae-yoon likes something else more."


Yumi blinked at Chae-yoon's words.

What does he mean by liking something else more?

"What is it, other than that?"


Chae-yoon made a thoughtful face, and then her face brightened as if she had an idea.

She quickly opened his mouth and started humming a song.

Yumi stiffened as she heard it.

'It sounds similar to the song.'

But, it was not the song of 'Toothless Cat'.

Realizing that, Yumi felt a chill on her back at the thought that crossed her mind.

What if she had included the song of 'Toothless Cat' in her album?

In the end, there would have been a problem.

'Oppa helped me a lot.'

Jo Sung-hyun must have known that and prevented the song from being included in her album.

He was the only one among the team members who opposed the inclusion of 'Toothless Cat's song in Yumi's album, as she heard.



"I think we can help dad."

"Help dad?"

"Yes. Do you see that person over there?"

As Chae-yoon nodded his head, Yumi continued.

"That person is a bad person. He's bothering Chae-yoon's dad. Look. Doesn't dad look angry?"


Chae-yoon's face changed strangely.

She looked at Yumi.

Yumi was a little surprised to see Chae-yoon's expression cold.

She was smiling brightly until a moment ago.

How could she suddenly make such a face?

"Shall we go and help dad?"

"Chae-yoon can do well."

At the child's words, Yumi stepped forward and opened the door of the conference room.

How could she solve this situation well?

She was thinking that and trying to move forward, but there was someone who went out faster than her.

Chae-yoon ran out with his short legs and went to the front of 'Toothless Cat'.

"You! Stupid!"

The child said.

And another silence passed.

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