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Chapter 32 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The rooftop of Pan Entertainment.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at his smartphone with a complicated expression.


Hey, who is this girl in Yumi's music video?

She's seriously so pretty.

She's so cute that I wonder if such a creature can exist in the world.

And she plays the piano with that tiny hand, it's really no joke.

I thought she was cute just by looking at her back, but as soon as she started playing the piano, I was surprised by the professional vibe.]

-Junsol: Who is Yumi? I haven't seen the music video, but I think I saw the baby picture once. She was really cute.

-Sigyeol: These kids are really amazing these days. How long do you think she went to the academy to be able to play the piano like that?

-Kim Chonji: Yumi's song was also great this time. I was worried that she would be buried as a rookie solo female singer, but I was relieved after listening to this album.

-Ratshu: Isn't the piano just recorded? Of course someone else played it.

-Yeonam: She's cute, but don't all kids do that these days?

-Jeremy: I watched the music video, and the piano doesn't seem to be just recorded. The kid really plays the piano well.

[I was surprised when I watched Yumi's music video this time.

A kid appeared and played the piano, and it was so atmospheric....

If I were a boy of that age, I would have fallen for her.

It was like a doll playing the piano, and it looked like a scene from an animation.

Not to mention her appearance, but the vibe when she played the piano was no joke ㅋㅋㅋ] (T/N: ㅋㅋㅋ is like ke-ke-ke aka sneaky laugh)

-Jiyeon: Yumi also got a really good concept this time. The song was good too.

-Mister Quark: In my opinion, they should give a prize to the person in charge. It was a genius move to bring such a kid with Yumi's childhood appearance.

-Panmisson: I don't even know who Yumi is, but I heard that the kid is cute and plays the piano well, so I went to see it

-Illiore: I watched the music video and I was so curious who the kid was, so I searched everywhere, but there was no information. Even if she was a child actor, there should be at least a profile, but there was nothing.


Jo Sung-hyun, scrolled down and read some other posts.

When Yumi's new song was released, and the music video came out.

Jo Sung-hyun was able to care about her sound source performance and music video views, but he couldn't check the community reaction.

He only checked the community reaction after hearing from Jang Hyun-ah when he went to work today, and there were a lot of reactions about Yumi, but there were also quite a lot of stories about Chae-yoon.

She looked like a doll, how did she play the piano so well... Countless comments, and posts were uploaded.

Jo Sung-hyun was scared.

He knew well how much power people's words had.

From when he was active as a manager to when he was active as a composer.

He had seen too many artists collapse because of the public's words.

They get hurt, cry, and even think of death.

What if Chae-yoon saw the comments and had those thoughts?

What if, later, there were malicious comments about Chae-yoon, and Chae-yoon got hurt by seeing them?

Jo Sung-hyun felt like he couldn't watch Chae-yoon get hurt with a clear mind.

It was his job to not let his daughter, that fragile child, get hurt anymore.

"It's not easy."

Jo Sung-hyun knew well that when he got this much attention, there would be people who wouldn't look at him favorably.

Just, there are always people who look at the world crookedly.

He was wondering what to do when he suddenly stopped at the sound of his ringing smartphone.

Woo woo woo.

Woo woo.

The vibration rang.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at his smartphone screen.

The name mother was on the screen.

He remembered that he hadn't told her that Chae-yoon was in the music video.

He hesitated for a moment, but eventually answered the phone.

"Yes, hello?"

-Oh, son. What are you doing?

"I was working. It's time to work."

Jo Sung-hyun said, lifting his head.

-Oh, my son. You were working.

There was too much kindness in Lee Soo-hyun's voice.

Jo Sung-hyun got up from his seat with a strange expression.

The voice was an acting tone.



-Well, I forgot and found out today that the new song of the celebrity you're in charge of came out, so I watched the music video.


-But what's going on, I saw a familiar face there. How did this happen?

"That's what I told you last time. I took Chae-yoon to the shooting site and she got to shoot for a while."

Jo Sung-hyun said, making a sound of realization.

He mentioned it once before, but maybe Lee Soo-hyun had forgotten.

But she didn't forget.

-Well, I get that. But if our granddaughter is in a music video, you should at least let me know, or send me something, don't you think that's what you should do?

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