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Chapter 32 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

"…I'm sorry. I was busy."

-What did Chae-yoon say?

"She liked it."

The child liked it.

She was a little amazed that she was in Yumi's music video, and she was just excited by the pretty sound of the piano.

Chae-yoon didn't really know what a music video was.

She seemed to like the fact that she did something with Yumi, but she didn't put much meaning into the music video.

-Really? Is Chae-yoon interested in that kind of thing? Is our granddaughter going to debut in the entertainment industry?

Lee Soo-hyun made a sound of hmm after hearing that Chae-yoon liked it, and asked.


Jo Sung-hyun sighed.

He was already confused, and he felt more dizzy by Lee Soo-hyun's words.

It was necessary for Yumi's music video shooting, and he also allowed it because Chae-yoon liked it, but he was worried about what he was worried about.

"Debut... I don't know. It depends on what Chae-yoon wants to do. I don't really know. I'd rather have her go to a competition or something."

There would be some attention from people there, too, and there would be some circumstances of their own... but not as much as the entertainment industry.

It's natural to get hurt and feel difficulties while living in the world....

Chae-yoon had already suffered too much.

She lost her mother, and she didn't even get her father's love properly until now.

She's that kind of child. Chae-yoon.

He wanted to make her feel happy a little more.

He hoped Chae-yoon wouldn't get hurt.

-The most important thing is to love Chae-yoon, whether you help her do what she likes, or the entertainment industry, or the competition.

"I know."

Sincerely, he knew very well.

That was the only thing he learned from his short life.

He wanted to say that, but he couldn't.


The door opened and Park Jung-won came out to the rooftop.

Park Jung-won looked at him with a face that he didn't know he was here, and then waved his hand.

"Mom, I'm going now."

-Okay. Come home this weekend.

"Yes, I'll take Chae-yoon with me."

He had already planned to go.

Especially this Friday, since he resigned.

Thinking of mentioning that and discussing with his parents about how to handle Chae-yoon in the future.

Jo Sung-hyun finished the call and put his smartphone in his pocket.

Park Jung-won approached him.

"Who was that?"

"My mom."

"Ah... Your mom must be proud. Her granddaughter is even in a music video."

"I've been hearing nagging about it anyway."

"Nagging? You didn't... tell her?"

At Park Jung-won's words, Jo Sung-hyun shrugged his shoulders.

With that gesture, Park Jung-won smiled as if he couldn't stop him, shaking his head.

"Hey, that was really disappointing."

Saying that, Park Jung-won casually offered a cigarette.

But Jo Sung-hyun waved it off lightly.

Since meeting Chae-yoon, he quit smoking.

On the first day back, after that moment with Park Jung-won, he hadn't smoked a single puff.

He knew it wasn't good for his body or for Chae-yoon.

"Why did the guy who quit smoking come up here?"

"My head is a bit complicated."

"Don't worry about it. Honestly, there's nothing we can do. Even if you want to block it as much as you want, there are things you can't block."

"That's right."

Jo Sung-hyun agreed with his words, nodding obediently.

Park Jung-won already knew why Jo Sung-hyun's head was complicated.

"Hey, Sung-hyun."

"Yes, Team Leader."

"How did you know?"

"'Toothless Cat'?"


"I just remembered hearing a similar song while browsing SoundCloud. I wasn't sure... but when I found evidence while searching from time to time, it had already moved to Se Yena's side, so I just let it go."


Jo Sung-hyun explained with an effort to tell the truth as much as possible, and Park Jung-won finally grasped the situation.

"At least give me a heads up."


He replied like that.

Jungwon Park didn't say anything more either.

He understood that Jo Sung-hyun must have had a hard time speaking up.

"Ah... All sorts of things happen in this world."

"That's right. Life is like that."

It's like going back to the past.

In life, you experience various things.

‘No, should I say... even after death.

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself and smirked.

Seeing him like that, Jungwon Park looked at him strangely and continued speaking.

"'Toothless Cat' has been handled well. Team Leader Woo has already contacted the original composer. Since the song itself is good, I guess they're planning to restructure it and proceed with Seo yena's side."

"Who will be in charge of the arrangement?"

"Since there hasn't been any mention of it, I think Seo yena might do it herself... I'm not sure."

Jungwon Park shrugged and spoke.

After exhaling a puff of cigarette smoke, he continued speaking.

"Team Leader Woo asked me to apologize on his behalf. He wanted to tell you personally today, but he had to go out on a business trip, so he asked you not to be upset."

"He already apologized separately last time."

He doesn't particularly blame Team Leader Woo.

It was just a small mistake, and he even apologized for it.

"Yeah. But still, when Team Leader Woo left for his business trip today, it seemed like he wanted to scold Choi Hyun-jun properly, since he took him with him."

Jo Sung-hyun hesitated at the sudden mention of a name.


"Choi Hyun-jun. Didn't Team Leader Woo tell you? That guy caused trouble with 'Toothless Cat.' They were in contact even before that, apparently."


Jo Sung-hyun's expression hardened.

Jungwon Park blinked his eyes.

"Hey, are you okay?"

He asked, but Jo Sung-hyun couldn't give any answer.

Choi Hyun-jun.

After all, his bad relationship with him… seems to be more tenacious than he thought.

During the time when Jo Sung-hyun was a composer.

The biggest reason why he couldn't call the songs he made with his own hands his own songs... was none other than Choi Hyun-jun.

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