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Chapter 33 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Music Box was an entertainment show that mainly invited idols as guests and chatted or played various games.

That wasn't bad either, but that wasn't what Jo Sung-hyun meant.

Yumi's success was not thanks to those shows.

She kept working and gradually built up her recognition... and eventually, that paid off and she grew rapidly.

'And behind that recognition, there was... MiTube.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself and opened his mouth.

"That's good too, but I think it would be nice if we could create our own channel and do something like MiTube. We could do guerrilla concerts, or just show vlogs. Yumi's day, or something... like YumiTV."

"...Not bad. Let's think about it."

Park Jung-won didn't object.

But he didn't push it either.

He felt that it was worth trying, but at the same time, he didn't give a definite answer until he calculated in his head how much effort it would take and what benefits it would have.


Jo Sung-hyun nodded.

That was enough.

He had given his opinion, and it was up to Park Jung-won to accept it or not.

If he did, Yumi's success would be a little faster, and if not, Yumi would succeed anyway.

"Can I... can I give my opinion too?"

"Uh, go ahead. Feel free."

Jang Hyun-ah cautiously raised her hand.

The attention was focused on her.

Jo Sung-hyun also looked at her with interest.

Again, Jang Hyun-ah was good.

She would lead Pan Entertainment in the future.

He was curious what she would say.

"I have a similar opinion to senior, but as senior just said, we can show various contents through MiTube... and we can react quickly to the recent trends or topics."


Park Jung-won chimed in as if to tell her to continue.

That was not much different from what Jo Sung-hyun said.

But what Jang Hyun-ah wanted to say came after that.

"It would be nice to film something like a guerrilla concert and upload the video, but I think it would be fun to show the behind-the-scenes of Yumi's music video shooting or something like that."

"Uh... that's not bad."

One of the team members said.

At that, Jang Hyun-ah, as if she was excited, continued with a slightly bright face.

"In particular, there are a lot of questions about who the girl in Yumi's music video is, and since there's a lot of interest in that... I think it would be good to capitalize on that and film Yumi playing with the child actress who appeared in the music video."


Everyone's expressions became strange.

They already knew that Chae Yoon was Jo Sung Hyun's daughter.

Some of them even worked on weekends, and many of them had noticed it through various clues even before that.

They had just kept quiet because they knew that Jo Sung Hyun didn't want to talk about Chae Yoon.

Since Jang Hyun Ah was new, there was no one to tell her such stories.

She knew that Jo Sung Hyun had a daughter, but it wouldn't have been easy for her to know that Chae Yoon was the girl who appeared in Yumi's music video.

"Or... since Yumi can play the piano a little, maybe she could play the piano with the child actress... I'm sorry."

Seeing everyone's strange expressions, Jang Hyun Ah gradually lost her confidence and eventually apologized.

Park Joong Won chuckled and opened his mouth.

"Hyun Ah-ssi."

"Yes, team leader."

"You don't have to apologize because you didn't do anything wrong. But for now, I'll just pretend I didn't hear that. Since two people have given their opinions about MiTube, let's think about it positively for now."

"Yes, sir. Understood."

Jang Hyun-ah immediately replied to Park Joong-won's words.


"Yes, I'll explain it separately."

Jo Seong-hyeon knew what Park Joong-won was trying to say.

Park Joong-won waved his hand and replied.

"Okay. Then let's end the meeting with this."

The meeting ended, leaving Jang Hyun-ah with nothing but questions.

* * *

After work.

That was a bit...

No, a lot.

He was surprised.

As soon as he came to the kindergarten, Jo Sung-hyun saw an unexpected sight.

"What is this..."

Chaeyoon was not sitting in front of the piano.

Whenever he came to pick up the child, she was always playing the piano or sitting in front of it even if she wasn't playing.

But not today.

She was near the piano, but she was talking to Youngjoon, who she had fought with once at the sports day.

She was holding the Little Mermaid doll tightly in her arms.

He was relieved to see her taking care of Youngjoon after getting angry at him at the sports day, but he felt a little more relieved to see them talking.

When Min Eun-jung said something to Chaeyoon, the child turned her head sharply.

Chaeyoon met Jo Sung-hyun's eyes and smiled brightly.

She ran to Jo Sung-hyun even though she was talking just now.


Chaeyoon shouted.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled.

It was strange not to smile when he saw his daughter running to him with a smile.

Min Eun-jung also came over with a smile and opened her mouth.

"There was a little, something happened today."


"Chaeyoon bragged a lot about her dad. She said he was awesome."

"Oh, really?"

At Min Eun-jung's words, Jo Sung-hyun stroked Chaeyoon's head, who was hugging his leg.

Chaeyoon buried her face in his leg.

"She said her dad was good at singing and gave her a doll, and this weekend... I don't know what happened, but she said he beat up a villain."


Jo Sung-hyun laughed awkwardly.

"But Chaeyoon bragged so much that the other kids got jealous, or maybe they wanted the doll, they wanted to play with Chaeyoon's doll."

At that, Chaeyoon suddenly reacted.

"Ch, Chaeyoon did nothing wrong...!"

She hugged Jo Sung-hyun's leg with one hand and the Little Mermaid doll with the other.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and picked up Chaeyoon.

Min Eun-jung smiled lightly and continued.

"Chaeyoon said no, but Youngjoon helped her when they tried to take it."

At that, Jo Sung-hyun turned his head and looked at Youngjoon.

Youngjoon looked embarrassed but proud, and looked away.

"Thank you, Youngjoon."

"...It's not like... I wanted to help."

Youngjoon muttered softly.

Jo Sung-hyun held back his laughter.

Min Eun-jung opened her mouth with a faint smile.

"Youngjoon and Chaeyoon did nothing wrong, but... if we let the kids fight like this..."

She hesitated a bit, and then said.

"I think it would be better not to bring the Little Mermaid doll to the kindergarten."


At her words, Jo Sung-hyun felt Chaeyoon flinch in his arms.

"No, I can't..."

Chaeyoon looked like she had lost the world.

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