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Chapter 34 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Chaeyoon looked like she was about to cry any moment.

The child held the Little Mermaid doll tightly and seemed to refuse to let go.


Jo Sung-hyun glanced at Min Eun-jung.

Min Eun-jung also seemed surprised by Chaeyoon's reaction, and made a small sound of surprise.

"Chaeyoon, do you like the Little Mermaid doll that much?"


Chaeyoon nodded her head slightly.

Chaeyoon, who buried her face in Jo Sung-hyun's pants, sniffled.

She didn't shed any tears, but she was on the verge of crying.

She was like this because she couldn't take the Little Mermaid doll with her.

He thought that children were children after all.

He had seen Chaeyoon show too many genius-like aspects in music, so he sometimes treated her like an adult.

Especially when she was doing music.

But seeing her react so strongly to not being able to take the Little Mermaid doll with her, he felt that she was somehow adorable.

"Why do you like the Little Mermaid doll so much?"

Min Eun-jung asked with a smile.

Chaeyoon, thanks to Min Eun-jung's smiling face, laughed and opened her mouth.

"Daddy gave it to me!"

At the words that she liked it because he gave it to her, Jo Sung-hyun lifted the corners of his mouth.

Min Eun-jung stroked Chaeyoon's head and looked at Jo Sung-hyun.

"Chaeyoon really likes it."

"That she does."

"You don't have to force yourself if it's not possible, but please talk to her well."

"Yes, I understand."

Min Eun-jung must be in a dilemma too.

Jo Sung-hyun was just on Chaeyoon's side, but Min Eun-jung had to maintain neutrality as a kindergarten teacher.

If Chaeyoon started bringing the doll with her, then of course the other kids would also bring their own things.

Then, just like the fight over Chaeyoon's doll, similar things would happen.

It was a really difficult situation for a kindergarten teacher.

Fortunately, Min Eun-jung didn't seem to hope that Chaeyoon would stop bringing the Little Mermaid doll with her from tomorrow, but rather hoped that she would gradually talk to her and make her able to go to school without the Little Mermaid doll.

Jo Sung-hyun also agreed with Min Eun-jung's thoughts on that.

He thought that it was right for Chaeyoon to develop some independence.

Despite that, Jo Sung-hyun couldn't help but feel good.

What father wouldn't like it when she said she liked the doll he gave her?

"I'll protect you if anyone bothers you again."

Yu Young-joon said with a confident voice.

Chaeyoon looked at Yu Young-joon and nodded her head.

At that sight, Yu Young-joon's lips curled up.

Jo Sung-hyun let out a chuckle.

"Thank you. Teacher."

He greeted Min Eun-jung and then greeted Yu Young-joon.

He was the kid who helped Chaeyoon, so his favorability rose sharply.

He had made a mistake with Chaeyoon, but it was just that, a mistake of a child.

It wasn't a malicious word, and Chaeyoon had forgiven him, so Jo Sung-hyun had no intention of hating Young-joon for that.

"Bye. Thank you for protecting Chaeyoon today."

"...My mom has something to say to you."


Yu Young-joon said, and Jo Sung-hyun had to postpone going home for a while.

He didn't know what Yu Young-joon's mother would say, but she wasn't a bad person.

It wouldn't be bad to talk to her for a bit and then go.

How long had she waited?

He was just watching Yu Young-joon and Chaeyoon talk with a smile, when Yu Young-joon's mother came over.


"Oh, hello, ma'am."

After exchanging greetings, Yu Young-joon's mother also naturally looked at Yu Young-joon and Chaeyoon.

Jo Sung-hyun opened his mouth first.

"It seems that Young-joon helped Chaeyoon today. He said he stopped the kids from fighting over Chaeyoon's doll."

"Oh, really? Young-joon is not a very outgoing or helpful kid... He must really like Chaeyoon."

"I'm very grateful. For liking Chaeyoon."

Jo Sung-hyun said with a smile.

Yu Young-joon's mother also showed a smile.

She covered her mouth and laughed, then continued.

"Young-joon talks about Chaeyoon all the time at home. He says she plays the piano so well?"

"Ah... Yes, Chaeyoon plays the piano a bit."

"You're very good at singing, sir. Chaeyoon must have a talent for music too."

"I'm not that good at singing. I'm just average."

"What? No, you're not. You're amazing! You're the best singer I've ever seen in person in my life."

"Haha... Thank you."

Jo Sung-hyun scratched his head and answered.

He was awkward with compliments.

Especially, compliments on music.

"Anyway, Young-joon said he wanted to go out this time, so we decided to go to the Han River together. I wanted to ride a duck boat or something, but it's too cold for that now that it's winter, so I thought we'd ride a bike at the Han River."

"Oh, I see."

"But Young-joon said he wished Chaeyoon's family would come along too."

"Oh, really?"

Jo Sung-hyun's eyes lit up.

He was wondering where to go with Chaeyoon after he quit his job.

Chaeyoon seemed to be getting along with Young-joon too... Going to the Han River together would be a good choice.

"Yes. And, well. He told me to say this. He doesn't like Chaeyoon, he just feels sorry for her because she has no friends other than him...."

"Oh, my. I'm so grateful to Young-joon for being Chaeyoon's friend."

At Jo Sung-hyun's words, Yu Young-joon's mother burst into laughter.

"I'll ask Chaeyoon."

Jo Sung-hyun said that, and Yu Young-joon's mother nodded her head.

And, Chaeyoon's answer was.

There was no need to hear it.

"Bike with daddy?"

"Yeah. How about it?"

"Chaeyoon likes it!"

She said with a bright face.

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