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Chapter 37 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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The Empress's Eye (4)

During lunchtime, Quinie de Viet was heading to the cafeteria while listening to her friend Anne's story.

"Quinie, have you heard? The third princess has transferred here."

"You shouldn't be so rude about the third princess. What if someone hears you?"

"Ah, come on. There's no such thing as status within Constel."

That may be true, but Quinie was realizing in real-time that human affairs don't always work out that way.

Aten Terst.

As soon as the news of her transfer spread, the students were in turmoil.

How to approach her, what kind of gifts to give, whether it was appropriate to invite her for a meal after school, and so on.

The third-year students, who were supposed to be role models within Constel, were even more so.

'Well, I understand the sentiment.'

In fact, even Quinie herself was naturally looking for ways to approach Aten Terst.

Being a merchant, she understood the value of connections better than anyone.

A connection with royalty, even if it doesn't work out, was certainly worth attempting.

While discussing this with Anne, someone arrived at the cafeteria.



They blankly stared at the scene in the cafeteria.

In front of them was a very unusual scene.

No, to say it was unusual was an understatement; it was a scene they had never witnessed before.

Anne asked in a fluster, "Is, is that Frondier?"

"...Yes, it seems so."

Frondier was sitting at a table.

No one was around him.

Well, Frondier had a bad reputation, so that wasn't surprising.

...Except for one person, who was sitting right next to him, sticking close.

"Hey, Quinie."


“I’ve only heard about her, never seen her in person. Quinie.”


“They say, from head to toe, everything’s white. Hair, eyebrows, irises, even her skin.”


The two looked at the woman next to Frondier again.

“……So that’s Aten?”

* * *

I’m tired.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this exhausted without being in the middle of a battle.

I ate my meal under the gaze of everybody in the cafeteria.

……I have no idea what it tastes like.

I snuck a glance to my side.




Aten was sitting next to me.

Back in the classroom, even after lunch break started, Aten planted herself right next to me and didn’t budge.

Then when I got up, she got up, and when I walked, she followed.

And eventually, she even followed me to the cafeteria and sat down next to me.

With her back ramrod straight, in a perfect posture as if drawn with a ruler.

It must be one of the many manners drilled into her by her royal education.




“Aren’t you going to eat?”

She can’t eat in that pose.

Aten paused for a moment after hearing my words, no, she just kind of spaced out, then she opened her eyes wide as if she suddenly realized something.

“Oh, yes. I should consume sustenance.”

“……No, you don’t necessarily have to.”

You don’t necessarily have to, but you already dished out food onto your plate. With your own hands.

Aten only started eating after hearing my words.

It’s like I’m giving a robot a command to eat.

The expression on her face as she quietly ate her food was just like the fabled ‘Snow Queen’.

Cold and merciless, yet flawlessly beautiful.

Like a frigid beauty whose allure seems to emanate from forbidding anyone's approach.

'I wish I knew why you're doing this to me; it would ease my mind.'

Weren't you sent by Philly to extract information about the Dragon Heart from me?

Shouldn't the usual approach be to strike up a conversation and subtly inquire?

You don't talk to me, nor do you seem to want anything.

You just relentlessly follow me around.

It's like you're watching me.

What is this, are you harassing me?

Is this a new strategy of the October bastards?

"Oh…? Frondier?"

That's when I heard a familiar voice.

Looking up, I saw Sybil standing there with a startled expression.

Sybil, you came!

A savior has descended!

"Uh? Lady Aten Terst? Uh? Frondier, when did you and Lady Aten…"

"It's not something I did."

I don't know the reason either.

Despite our conversation, Aten was focused only on her meal.

Sybil tilted her head slightly in greeting.

"Uh, um, Lady Aten Terst? Hello."

Sybil's gestures and expressions, which evoke affection from men and women of all ages.

Receiving the greeting, Aten put down her spoon and wiped her mouth with a napkin.

Aten spoke in an icy cold voice.

"My name is indeed Aten Terst, but you seem to be mistaken."

Oh, she really does seem like a snow woman now.

The image I had in the game is still intact.

Could I be witnessing a scene where Sybil is silenced with a royal, high-handed tone, an icy voice, and attitude!


"I'm just a freshman who's recently transferred, so being called 'lady' really doesn't suit me."

"…Ah, yes?"

"Just call me comfortably. I've heard that in Constel, we don't distinguish between ranks."

Aten's words left Sybil dumbfounded.

But then, I was dumbfounded too.

Soon, Sybil approached Aten with a bright smile.

"Wow, Aten, you're so kind! I was worried you might be standoffish!"

"Is that so?"

Sybil instantly hit the highest level of affability.

Aten, comfortably accepting Sybil.

Watching them, I held my face in my hands in despair.

What is this.

Is this that Aten Terst?

Where did the cold Aten, that I saw when playing as Aster, go?

"So, Aten, did you come here right after transferring? Then, where do you sleep?"

"I've arranged for a mansion nearby as of yesterday."

"Then, you must not know much about what's here?"

"Yes, I've had a brief explanation from my personal secretary."

"How about going shopping with me after school? I'll show you around!"

...The conversation was connected, but it was truly a dialogue between the rich and the common folk.

I could understand the content, but the scale was unbelievable.

"Um, I'm sorry, but I think shopping will be difficult."

Of course, it would be.

No matter what, she wouldn't go shopping with a girl he just met.

But as she said that, Aten was looking at me.

...What are you looking at?

"Because I'll be accompanying Mr. Frondier after school."


I found myself asking back involuntarily upon hearing such an absurd statement.

Sybil was looking at me with her mouth open.

"F, Frondier. You're amazing?"

“What do you mean by that?”

Regardless of what you meant, you’re wrong, aren’t you?

‘Now’s not the time to be talking to this guy.’

Regaining my composure, I spoke to Aten.

“What are you talking about, Lady Aten. You’re not saying you’re going to follow me even after school, are you?”

At my words, Aten picked up a napkin and let out a sigh.

“Mr. Frondier, that’s not it.”

Ah, as expected?

She’s not going to keep following me after school, right?

Living up to my expectations, Aten spoke gently.

"As I said earlier, I'm just a first-year student at Constel, so there's no need to add 'Lady'."


"Even so, suddenly being called ‘hey’ is a bit..."

Why can't we communicate?!

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