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Chapter 37 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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-Aster, be wary of Frondier de Roach.

Aster was deep in thought.

The words of Baldur he encountered in the sanctuary.

‘What does it mean?’

Aster doesn’t get swayed by rumors and reputations.

He tends to trust his own eyes and ears more.

His judgment has never been wrong.

The same was true for Frondier.

Despite being called the 'Human Sloth' and whatnot, after having a few conversations face to face and exploring dungeons together, he knew well what Frondier was like.

Frondier was a decent human being.

At least, he wasn’t someone who deserved the demeaning nickname of a human sloth.

‘I’ve seen far too many who are much lazier yet pretend to be diligent, those who are incompetent yet overextend themselves.’

Aster was among those who held Frondier in the highest regard within Constel.

Therefore, Baldur’s words were not easily comprehensible to him.

But that didn’t mean he could simply dismiss the words of Baldur, the owner of divine power.

"Being warned about Frondier, it's easy to think it means Frondier is my enemy."

Yet, I've only ever received help from Frondier.

From the fake Mistilteinn incident to dungeon explorations.

The dungeon invite was actually a gesture of gratitude for the Mistilteinn incident, but it ended up causing more trouble for Frondier.

Including saving Sybil in the process.

"If Frondier is my enemy, then why?"


To deceive me?

If not, should I stop believing in gods?

Aster bit his lower lip.

Aster is a strong individual even without Baldur's divine power.

But he is well aware of how much of a blessing it is to have received Baldur's power.

In a world where gods exist.

How heavy it is not to believe in the words of a god, Aster fully understood.

"Aster, Aster."

Aster snapped out of his thoughts at the calling voice.

Lunia Fricell, a classmate, was offering him ice cream.


"…Yeah, sure."

Aster, who didn't really care, took the ice cream absently.

While eating strawberry ice cream, Lunia asked.

"What are you thinking so hard about?"

"Um, Lunia, what do you think about Frondier?"

"Ugh, Frondier again. That's all you've been talking about lately. You forgot that's why we came here?"

That's right.

It all started when Sybil Forte acquired a lower dungeon entry ticket.

At that time, Sybil had nominated Aster, and Aster had nominated Frondier.

"If you hadn't done that, I could have gone to the dungeon with you too!"

"So, I followed you shopping as a way to apologize. And the dungeon rewards weren't anything special."

The only thing of value was the sanctuary, but only those with divine power could benefit from it.

Lunia doesn't have divine power, so it's irrelevant to her.

However, Lunia seemed unhappy about it, frowning as she licked her ice cream.

"Ugh! You dummy! It's not about the rewards! Can't you see that?"


'Is she upset because she missed out on the experience of fighting in the dungeon or disarming traps?'

Aster was thinking along those lines.

It was certainly a thought befitting the protagonist of a game.

"So, asking again, what do you think about Frondier?"

"…You're really something."

Lunia looked at Aster as if he was unbelievable and sighed.

Lunia squinted one eye as if thinking and then said.

"Well, I've never met him personally, so I can't say. If he's as the rumors suggest, it would be disappointing, but if not, just average. Somewhere between a minus and zero?"

"That's pretty harsh."

"Lazy and incompetent. And that's because he believes in his noble status."

Lunia is Aster's childhood friend.

A character with a very high chance of becoming the heroine.

Therefore, she's also the one who has the most conversations with Aster.

She has heard a lot about Frondier from Aster.

He's different from his reputation.

A man with responsibility and consideration, who doesn't leave the injured behind.

'I've heard about it, but I should only believe half of what Aster says.'

Lunia knows Aster well.

Aster is too kind.

He prides himself on having a good judgment of character, but Aster hasn't really met a true villain yet.

'As expected, I need to be by Aster's side,'

When Lunia had gotten that far in her thoughts, she stopped in her tracks at the sight before her.

Her thoughts halted too.

Because it was such a strange sight.

"…Aster, I've only heard about his appearance in words but,"


"That person in white, is she Aten Terst?"


It was then that Aster looked ahead.

Across the street, there indeed was Aten, walking in a stark white.

And beside her,


"Eh? Him?!"

Lunia exclaimed in surprise at Aster's murmur.

The man walking beside Aten was Frondier?

With that sleepy face?

Just as the rumors said!

'And Lady Aten is following him around, no less.'

What's going on here?


At that moment, Frondier looked this way.

He spotted Aster and waved.

"Hey, Aster."

Lunia was slightly taken aback by his casual demeanor.

I didn't realize just from hearing about it, but it seems they've really become close.

"Frondier. And the one next to, no, behind you is?"

"Ah, you'll see."

Just as Frondier was about to introduce Aten, he stopped.

It was because of Aten's icy face.


Frondier tried calling her, but Aten did not respond.

Her cold gaze was fixed on Aster.

That's when Frondier remembered.

A fact he already knew.

Nothing had changed.

Only that his 'perspective' was wrong.

──When playing as Aster and facing Aten for the first time, one is always met with her stern gaze.

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