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Chapter 38 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

"Hey, do you have something going on with Seo Yena?"

On the rooftop of Pan Entertainment's building, Park Jungwon asked as soon as he came up.

Looking at him smoking a cigarette, Jo Sung-hyun shook his head.

It was a situation that could be easily misunderstood.

Seo Yena had personally come to find Jo Sung-hyun and sat in his seat, waiting for him.

"What do you mean, what's going on? She just came to see me."

"What do you mean, she just came to see you? Why would she wait for you there for 30 minutes if there's nothing going on? Make some sense."

Park Jungwon said that and took a puff of his cigarette.

He narrowed his eyes and watched Jo Sung-hyun for a moment, then opened his mouth to continue.

"Are you sure there's nothing?"

"There's nothing. She just said she wanted to give me something to thank me, but I refused, so she came to find me."

"What did she want to give you?"

"She asked me to be her manager."

"Cough. Cough. What?"

Park Jungwon coughed in surprise.

His reaction was understandable.

Seo Yena had never asked anyone to be her manager before.

Jo Sung-hyun would have been very confused if he hadn't planned to quit.

He had no complaints about taking care of Yumi, but if he looked at the reality in front of him, being Seo Yena's manager would have been a much better opportunity.

"So, she liked you enough to ask you to be her manager, huh?"

"So what? I'm quitting anyway."

Jo Sung-hyun shrugged and said.

He said that and scratched his cheek once, then opened his mouth.

"And even if I didn't quit, I would have stayed as Yumi's manager."

"Yeah? Well, I think Yumi will definitely succeed. I have this confidence, but you must have more."

"Yumi will succeed for sure."

It was a statement that Jo Sung-hyun could make with confidence, knowing where Yumi would be in 10 years.

No, even in his previous life, when he didn't know what would happen in 10 years, Jo Sung-hyun had believed that Yumi would do well and worked hard.

"Anyway, you know about that MiTube, right?"


Park Jungwon threw away his cigarette butt and got to the point.

"Seriously, what do you think? I thought you would tell me honestly, regardless of whether you quit or not. The other team members have different opinions."

"I think MiTube is a good idea, no matter what."

Without hesitation, Jo Sung-hyun answered.

MiTube had a big role in Yumi's success in the future.

Yumi was very active, and she worked hard on any stage, big or small, and gradually the public became familiar with her.

And then, boom.

Jo Sung-hyun thought that there was nothing to lose by trying MiTube, regardless of the size of the channel.

He also got along well with Yumi.

If she had a personality like Seo Yena, he might have opposed MiTube, but Yumi was different.

"Will she be okay? She's a bit sensitive, so I'm a little worried... But when I saw her doing K Live today, she seemed fine."

"Did you watch it?"

"I did. I couldn't watch it all because I was busy with JK's schedule, but she did well, didn't she?"

"She wasn't bad. And Yumi... She's not very sensitive, even if she's not dull."

"You said that last time too. What are you talking about? If Yumi wasn't sensitive, would you have cared for her all this time?"

"She seems to get along well with Hyun-ah, though?"

"Oh, yeah, that's true. It's amazing. She seems to be more lively since Hyun-ah came."

Park Jungwon made a sound and said.

He thought so too, that there was some change since Jang Hyun-ah came.

"So, you're in favor of MiTube, right?"

"I'm strongly in favor of it. I was the one who came up with the idea in the first place, so it would be ridiculous if I opposed it."

"That's true."

He let out a weak laugh, and habitually reached for a cigarette, but stopped and put it back.

"Chae-yoon wouldn't do MiTube, would she?"

"What do you mean?"

"I said that Yumi would be good for MiTube, but I actually thought that Chae-yoon would be a hit if she made a MiTube channel. Don't you feel the same?"

Park Jungwon said, and Jo Sung-hyun couldn't deny it.

As a father, he just wanted to protect Chae-yoon and hug her quietly, regardless of the entertainment industry or MiTube or anything else, but he knew that it wasn't always good for the child.

He was confused as a novice father, and MiTube was one of them.

Based on his experience in the entertainment industry, Chae-yoon would do well if she did MiTube.

But as a father, he wanted to delay that as much as possible.

"I'm still... watching."

He didn't know exactly what Chae-yoon wanted.

'Or maybe...'

He knew, but he was denying it.

Jo Sung-hyun thought quietly.

He knew that once he said it out loud, it would become true.

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