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Chapter 38 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The day passed quickly, and Jo Sung-hyun had a busy schedule from morning.

Jang Hyun-ah wasn't there today.

She was moving with Park Jungwon, and Jo Sung-hyun handled the schedule alone with Yumi.

He took Yumi around and prepared for the music show, and after finishing the music show that started at 4 o'clock.

"Phew... It's over."

"Good job."

"You too. There's not much left. You're quitting right after the interview tomorrow, right?"

Jo Sung-hyun nodded silently as he drove.

He was on his way to the kindergarten to pick up Chae-yoon.

He planned to go straight to the restaurant with the child, and he agreed to meet Park Jungwon there.

"What does Chae-yoon say?"

"About me quitting?"


"She doesn't really know."

He said that.

Chae-yoon was happy, but she didn't know exactly what had changed.

As a child, it was understandable, because Jo Sung-hyun had been with Chae-yoon every day for the past few weeks.

He literally spent time with Chae-yoon by leaving work on time.

Now he could change the time from leaving at night to leaving at 2 o'clock, but Jo Sung-hyun decided to leave the kindergarten as it was for now.

He couldn't tell if it was right or wrong.

'These days, I see her making friends more and more...'

There was a positive change, so there was no reason to change the environment.

He soon arrived at Chae-yoon's kindergarten.

"I'll be right back. Please wait a moment."


He heard Yumi answer, and Jo Sung-hyun got out of the car.

As soon as he entered the kindergarten, Chae-yoon spotted him and smiled brightly.

He picked up the child and went back to the car, heading to the restaurant.

A restaurant that looked expensive.

He felt a bit burdened, but he couldn't back out after coming this far.

Jungwon had come early and was waiting.

"When did you arrive?"

"I just got here too. Hello, Chaeyoon."


Jungwon greeted Chaeyoon, and Chaeyoon immediately returned the greeting.

Park Jungwon showed a gentle smile as he saw the child's appearance.

"You're pretty. I understand why you're such a daughter fool."

As Park Jungwon said that, Chaeyoon's face became sullen.

"Chaeyoon's dad is not a fool...."

"Huh? No. I didn't mean it like that...."


Sung-hyun hadn't seen Park Jungwon in such a flustered state in a long time.

While there were times when he felt bewildered, it was rare to see him flustered like this.

Park Jungwon was sincerely flustered and didn't know what to say to explain, so he eventually gave up.

"Uncle made a mistake."

Park Jungwon said, as if blaming himself.

Chaeyoon's expression became even more subtle.

Yumi chuckled and began to explain what a doting father meant to Chaeyoon.

Meanwhile, an appetizer was served.

A dish made with shrimp and squid.

Sung-hyun reached out his hand to cut the food on Chaeyoon's plate first.

And he saw Yumi naturally using a large napkin to make a bib for Chaeyoon.

Seeing Yumi fold the napkin and make a bib over Chaeyoon's clothes, Sung-hyun was secretly surprised.

He had never done something like that before.

Chaeyoon not spilling food and eating well was evidence that Sung-hyun was an inexperienced dad, something he had never considered.

He cut the food nicely for Chaeyoon, and Chaeyoon looked at Yumi's slightly awkward bib and giggled while looking at Yumi's hands.

"Let's eat deliciously."

Yumi playfully said to Chaeyoon, and Chaeyoon nodded her head and diligently used the fork Sung-hyun handed her to eat the shrimp and noodles.

Everyone was silently watching Chaeyoon.

As Chaeyoon was about to put a dumpling in her mouth, she blinked her eyes repeatedly as she met the gaze of three pairs of eyes looking at her.

The child noticed and put the fork in her mouth, and Jungwon Park chuckled and started eating.

Various stories were exchanged.

As it was the last gathering, most of the conversations were about memories and compliments.

"I still remember when I first saw Yumi's audition."


"Don't you remember?"

"It's been a long time."

"Yumi, don't you remember? You were just watching the audition as a newbie, and when you heard Yumi sing a bright song, you asked if she could sing a breakup song, and let's hear it one more time, and all that."


He remembers that.

Yumi had told him briefly before.

"I was really wondering why you were acting like that. But as soon as I heard Yumi sing a breakup song, I thought, wow, look at this."


Chae-yoon, who had been listening quietly, blinked her eyes in wonder.

"Dad didn't sing? Dad sings well!"

Chae-yoon asked.

Park Jungwon smiled and opened his mouth.

"Your dad didn't sing then. Too bad, huh?"

"My dad sings well!"

Chae-yoon nodded and said.

Park Jungwon laughed.

"That's right. Your dad sings well. He's good at his job too. He's the best in the company. You know Seo Yena asked your dad to work with her, right?"


With a face that no one could understand, Chae-yoon just reacted in wonder.

Rather, the one who showed a more sensitive reaction was Yumi.

"Seo Yena sunbae... asked you to work with her?"

"Yeah, she asked me to be her manager this time. But he turned her down right away."

Park Jungwon said, and Yumi looked at Jo Sung-hyun with a demanding face.

Jo Sung-hyun hesitated for a moment, seeing Yumi's sudden look, but he had nothing to hide.

"It's just, as I said. I refused and asked her to do something else instead."

"Something else?"

"Yes, just Yumi's album...."

He was saying that.

Woong. Woong.

Jo Sung-hyun and Park Jungwon's smartphones vibrated at the same time.

They quickly looked at each other and checked their phones.

A link was shared in the group chat.


[I love this song these days... It's so good.]

[#EatingDinnerAlone #SuddenlyThoughtOfIt #TheSongIsGood #TheMusicVideoIsGood]

Seo Yena didn't mention it on the broadcast, but she shared Yumi's new song on her SNS.

Wings were attached to Yumi's back.

And the one with wings was not only Yumi's back.

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