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Chapter 39 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun struggled to lift his tired eyelids.

He had dinner with Yumi last night, came home with Chaeyoon, and played the piano together until he fell asleep late.


Once he goes to work for today, Jo Sung-hyun will no longer go to work.

He reached out his hand and checked his smartphone.

He still had about 30 minutes to spare.

He thought about sleeping a little more, but Jo Sung-hyun didn't.

He just went online to check out what happened last night.

"The reaction is no joke."

Seo Yena's power was considerable.

It was enough to surprise even Jo Sung-hyun, who had asked her for it.

On the sound source site, Yumi's ranking rose by 20 places in a breath.


The non-title songs were also included in the 80th rank, and two more songs in the 90th rank, so it was a situation where Yumi's songs were increasing their recognition overall.

Yumi will eventually raise her recognition a lot with this album, and successfully establish her position.

And Jo Sung-hyun felt that Seo Yena's power had brought that point forward a lot.

'It would be great to open a MiTube channel at a time like this and rake in the dough.'

But Park Jung-won will take care of that.

Jo Sung-hyun moved his finger as he thought.

The smartphone screen turned and brought up internet communities.

[Yumi this time? Her song is good.

It's not without a feeling of being mass-produced, but it seems like she tried to minimize that feeling as much as possible.

Oh, and the music video is real.

The baby at the beginning and the end is so cute ㅋㅋㅋ]

-Baby Jar: I listened to Yumi's song and it was okay? It seems like a promising rookie came out for the first time in a while.

-Honey Eater; They said the baby in the music video is Yumi's manager's daughter. She played the piano herself.

-Signature: What? The baby played the piano herself? Crazy;;; She looked like she was only about 8 years old at most.

-Ailee Bon: Who is Yumi?

-Pantone: Pan seems to be pushing her a bit. If Seo Yena posted on sns herself, maybe it's something the upper management talked about. Yumi didn't look like she had any connection with Seo Yena.

[When did Seo Yena become an advertisement board?

She's advertising a new singer's album from the same agency out of nowhere.

Pan Entertainment is too much.

No matter how much they are their flagship artists, they use them as advertisement boards.]

-Today's Gambler: Advertisement board? Isn't that a bit too much? I don't think Seo Yena deserves to be used as an advertisement board.

-Coffee is the best: How can Pan Entertainment touch Seo Yena's personal sns? It just looked like she posted it because she liked it.

-Mocha Motto: I'm the writer. I'm sorry. This kind of advertisement is always welcome. You have to watch the music video.

-Coca Cola: Who is the girl in the music video? Why is she so cute?

The internet was buzzing with Seo Yena's post.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

But at the same time, he felt a bit sorry for Seo Yena.

It was a problem he had never thought of, but in a way, he was right to use Seo Yena as an advertisement board for Yumi.

Jo Sung-hyun just wanted to make a better situation for Yumi before he quit, but that could be a bad situation for Seo Yena.

'I'll have to apologize later.'

It's annoying, but it's also grateful and a bit sorry.

If he ever met her again, he thought he should say sorry.


Chaeyoon tossed and turned.

Jo Sung-hyun looked at the child and gently stroked his back.

He still had some time left, so he could wake him up later.

Jo Sung-hyun continued to check the internet reaction.

And he saw it.

The reason why Jo Sung-hyun had been worried about Chaeyoon's debut in the entertainment industry was there.

[I saw a kid in Yumi's music video this time.

They said it's Yumi's manager's daughter.

Isn't it practically stealing the opportunity of other child actors with a parachute?

Does Pan Entertainment have no thoughts?

If they do this, how are they going to deal with the complaints of the child actors who are working with them?

In fact, she debuted with this music video... She stole the share of other seniors with her connections.]

-Alcohol: You look like a child actor's parent who can't do it because your daughter can do it....

-Wash your hands well: Ugly... Stop it.

-Business photo: I had a similar thought. Honestly, you can't say it's not a connection. No matter what happened.

-Contrabass: Do you see that as just a parachute in your eyes? If you're good at it, it's not a parachute from then on. It's skill.

There were people who talked badly about Chaeyoon, and there were also people who talked well about her.

But the fact that there were people who had negative feelings about Chaeyoon did not change.

Even though Chaeyoon didn't debut as the main character, if there was so much talk about him....

How much pain will she suffer when he officially debuts and works?

Jo Sung-hyun looked at his daughter with pity.

He already knew.

Even if it doesn't happen, no matter how much Jo Sung-hyun tries to stop him. Or try his best not to let him debut in the entertainment industry....

Chaeyoon will get attention.

Isn't her talent already showing that she can't just be buried?

The timing is the problem, Chaeyoon will be talked about a lot by people.

Jo Sung-hyun had to decide his role by then.

Whether he would be a fortress to protect Chaeyoon.

Or whether he would be a companion who can always be with him and keep him grounded.

'It's not time to decide yet.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself and quietly got up.

He picked up Chaeyoon, who was clinging to him, and headed to the bathroom.

It was time to get ready to go out.

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