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Chapter 40 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"Uh, ahem. Well then. I'll open it?"

Philly, seemingly embarrassed, cleared her throat and reached for the doorknob.

With that, it seemed like magic was activated, and the sound of an unlocking lock was heard.

It's fingerprint magic.

It was present in the Roach's annex too, but the magic seal here is much more advanced.

I put aside the unease I felt towards Philly and entered with her.

Inside, a blue-glowing object was placed in the center.

Its shape reminded me of a triangle.

A very thin and small triangle.

It looked like a thick circular rod was connected to form a triangle.

The Dragon Heart was before my eyes.

'...Hold on.'

Now that I think about it, I should try this too.

I casually tossed the Dragon Heart into the workshop.

Not that I thought it would be of any use since it wasn't a weapon.

'But what happens if I Weaving it into something and eat it?'

...I have a feeling that might be dangerous.

"Now, you've seen it, right? It's Mr. Frondier's turn."

"It was information about the Dragon Heart."


Philly waved her hand, casting a spell.

It's 'Whispers of the Wind.'

Quinie had used this spell before with me to prevent our conversation from leaking.

It seems overly cautious, but indeed thorough.

"Is the information you have about the Dragon Heart really worth that much?"

This question is so unlike Philly.

To ask about the value of information when she has no trust in me.

Perhaps it shows how desperate Philly is.

"I can only say that it is."

"…I suppose so."

Philly's red eyes scanned me, trying to see through me, to uncover any pretense.

But would that change anything?

'Philly Terst, I wish you could become an ally if possible.'

Philly is a character in the game Etius who is infinitely close to being grey.

Depending on how you play, Philly can either become the protagonist's enemy or ally.

I want to make Philly an ally.

But blind goodwill only breeds suspicion.

And without knowing Philly's true intentions, blind goodwill might just end up strangling me.


I called out to her.

Without using her title as Empress, or attaching any honorifics.

Philly's eyes narrowed.

"Hmm? What is it all of a sudden?"

"Why do you need the dragon heart?"

"That's none of your business. That wasn't included in our deal, was it?"


She never intended to tell me in the first place.

It's a fact even hidden within the royal family; there's no way she'd tell me.


"I might let it pass once, although even once is more than enough reason to cut your throat, but if it happens a second time,"

"What did you do to Aten?"

At my words, Philly's eyes widened.

In the game, Philly is smart and competent, sharp in politics and calculations.

But ultimately, her daughters are her top priority.

Elysia, Sale, Aten.

And among them, Aten holds the highest priority.

The reason Philly exercises her influence in politics, the reason she saves the Terst Empire from crisis and shines in every endeavor, is all for Aten.

Therefore, to become allies with Philly, one must first earn Aten's trust.

However, for some reason, when Aten first encountered Aster, she treated him with remarkable coldness.

Until now, I thought it was just 'her personality,' but from a different perspective, it appears otherwise.

Aten dislikes Aster.

She dislikes someone she has never met.

Despite there being no issue with Aster's reputation, conduct, or appearance.

In fact, she dislikes Aster, who is at the top in all those aspects, without any reason.


That's the only explanation.

Aten is under some kind of spell.

Perhaps a spell that makes her feel repulsion towards a designated target.

But such a spell that influences a person's heart doesn't take effect easily.

It only works after a long time, through continuous exposure.

It's similar to brainwashing.

It must be even more complicated and delicate to avoid getting caught in the process...

……The only person who could do such a thing to Aten...

It's Philly.

"What are you talking about?"

Philly dodged the question for now.

It doesn't matter.

Because Aten is too big of a weakness for Philly.

"I know that you love Aten. That you live for her, dedicating your all to her."


Philly didn't answer.

"That's why I can't understand why you cast a spell on Aten to make her hate Aster."

"You even know about that."

Philly stopped denying it.

There's no point in denying it, because if I go to Aten and tell her this, it won't mean anything.

At this point, when Philly brought me here, she didn't have many options.

Will she kill me to silence me?

I may be nothing special, but I am the son of the Roach family.

It's not something you can just quietly sweep under the rug.

If that happens, there's a risk that everything about Dragon Heart, which was being moved in secret, will be exposed.

A spell to make her hate Aster.

In other words, Philly doesn't want Aten and Aster to get close.

But Philly's love for Aten is absolute.

So that spell must also be for Aten's sake.

However, in almost every case as the game progresses, Aten becomes Aster's ally.

Philly's spell is eventually broken.

And when that happens, Aten fights alongside Aster and in the end──

'Now I get it.'

Avoiding the rock falling in front of me in advance,

Philly's surprise after avoiding it.

Then, the cruel ending of this game that only I know.

I said,

"Miss Philly, can you see the 'future'?"

At my words, Philly wiped all expression from her face.

However, she soon regained her gentle face and,

With the most natural, most awkward smile she had shown me yet, she answered.

“……A little."

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