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Chapter 41 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Dragon Heart (2)

"Being able to see the future isn't all that great. Most of the time, it's more about feelings than seeing. Anticipation, joy, displeasure, anxiety. It's more about feeling the emotions regarding the future rather than seeing any particular situation."

Philly said.

She is actually experiencing foresight into the future.

However, she says it's closer to feeling than observing.

"What about when the rock fell just now?"

"Uh, that gave me away, didn't it? Yes. I had this uneasy feeling that I shouldn't take another step forward. I didn't know it was because of a falling rock, though."

So, Philly avoided it but was still surprised.

She knew it was dangerous but didn't know the nature of the danger.

"And that's why you cast a spell on Aten."

"If he's with Aster, Aten will become unhappy."

Philly said firmly.

"I don't know exactly what happens in the future. But I do know that if they are together, something terrible happens. It's like feeling this revolting and hideous sensation warning me every night."


I didn't respond to that.

I couldn't say it wasn't true.

Probably because it is true.

'A game that no one has ever cleared.'

After everyone else had abandoned the game, even I, who stayed until the end and tried everything, failed.

The future Philly sees is inevitable.

Aster is a man meant to lead humanity.

Naturally, his companion Aten as well.

So, they would be the first to die if humanity were to perish.

I felt an unavoidable bitterness.

I lived with all my might in this world.

I applied my weaving skills, obtained 'Gram' by duplicating it with Obsidian, increased my total mana by repeatedly depleting it, defeated golems, and thwarted Serf.

But despite all that.

Philly's foresight is the same as the ending I know.

I am still not even a speck of interference in the game's future.

I inhaled and exhaled.

‘Trash game.’

I muttered my complaint under my breath.

I asked Philly.

"But how can you have foresight?"

A skill called 'Foresight' does not exist.

Among characters like in Frondier, there are occasionally unique skills, but if foresight were a unique skill, such a character would be noticeable.

"What do you think it is?"

"Could it be divine power?"

But Philly doesn't have divine power.

If she had divine power, she wouldn't refrain from using it in politics.

Philly shook her head.

"It's not divine power. Or maybe, in a way, it is the true meaning of divine power?"

"What do you mean?"

"I am a descendant of Völva."

I was surprised by Philly's words.

Völva or Vala, are female sorceresses from Norse mythology.

From the beginning to the end of Norse mythology, they appear 'as if dead' and are said to be able to observe everything from the birth to the end of the world.

In Norse mythology, they often appear in scenes prophesizing, but that is just a fraction of their abilities.

Past or future, they know it all.

"Even if I say I'm a descendant, the bloodline is too ancient and has thinned. That's why I can only foresee to this extent."

"Then, your parents too?"

"My mother was capable of it. She didn't tell anyone but me."

Could Aten also have potential?

Philly seemed to read my expression and said,

"I hope my daughters don't have such abilities."

"Why not?"

"They need to live their own lives. It's not good to become a meddlesome mother like me."

Philly wore an awkward smile, hoping for a world where foresight isn't necessary.

"Alright then! Enough of the gloomy talk."

Philly raised her voice.

"Now, it's your turn."

"It's about the Dragon Heart."

"Yes. I plan to use the Dragon Heart to maximize my 'foresight.' To see clearly with my own eyes what needs to be done and what must be prevented to save Aten, and further, to save the empire."

I was convinced by Philly's words.

It was indeed for Aten's sake.

I closed my eyes for a moment.

To organize my thoughts.

After opening my eyes, I said,

"I have one request."

"What is it now?"

"The information I provide cannot disclose its source. Its authenticity cannot be proved either. It's up to the Empress to believe it or not."

"Wow, you say that now?"

Just believe blindly.

To Philly, who is habitually skeptical, it must be the least favorite suggestion.

But there's no choice.

I have no way to answer the source or the truth.

I spoke first.

"The Dragon Heart can be used."

Philly's eyes widened.

Her lethargy slightly dissipated.

"The reason a human who swallows a Dragon Heart becomes invalid isn’t just because of the immense amount of mana but also due to its nature."

In Etius, dragons are not considered sacred beings.

They are just monsters close to disasters.

Therefore, the Dragon Heart crystal is also violent in nature.

"So, we must first change its nature."

"Change its nature, how?"

"By breaking it."

Philly's mouth fell open at my words.

Well, a natural reaction.

"To contain the Dragon Heart, create a spherical mana barrier around it, and then break the Dragon Heart inside. This way, the mana can be maintained within the barrier and utilized."

When playing Aster, I relied on Lunia Fricell's help for this method.

The genius of mana control, Lunia.

From creating a huge mana barrier to crushing the heart of a dragon within, Lunia had done it all.

While it was something anyone could have eventually figured out with some time, the problem was that one had to destroy a dragon heart.

There were only two remaining dragon hearts in existence.

This one sentence was enough to grasp the true rarity of a dragon heart.

Even if it was a difficult task, no one could bring themselves to destroy a dragon heart.

This was why, until now, a dragon heart was like a poisoned chalice in the empire.

Prized, gorgeous, coveted by all, but never to be used.

“Would you really be able to use a dragon heart if I gave you one?”

“Whether you believe me or not is in your hands.”

Philly groaned as she mulled over my words.

My words must have carried some weight, enough that she couldn’t just dismiss them as lies.

Philly’s skepticism extended even to low probabilities.

Philly suspected even the most believable words, so she would never overlook the words she found unbelievable either.

“Hmmm… I shall give it a try when the opportunity arises.”

Philly said after much thought.

It seemed she had decided to trust my words, at least to some extent.

Of course, she would do anything for Aten.

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