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Chapter 49 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"Following Lady Aten, again?"

"Ah, probably just here to see Lady Aten."

An unusual stir occurred in Constel. Passing students murmured as they looked somewhere.

There, a woman was confidently walking down the corridor.

Silver hair, blue eyes. Her appearance was similar to Aten's but colder and more enchanting. A serene smile settled on her lips, enhancing her captivating aura.

Elysia Terst.

The first princess, Philly's daughter, and Aten's sister, had come to Constel.

"Hey, student."

Elysia called out to a female student who had glanced at her.

"Ah, yes, yes!"

"Do you know a student named Frondier de Roach?"

Elysia asked condescendingly, as if it were natural to do so.


The female student inadvertently panicked.

She thought Elysia was looking for her sister Aten, but it wasn't?

Elysia narrowed her eyes.

"Don't ask back, just answer."

"Ah, yes! Frondier de Roach is in class 5! On the first floor of the main building!"

"Thank you."

Elysia responded and walked away. The student who had answered sighed in relief as if the ground could swallow her up.

It was a princess's demeanor, different yet fittingly for Aten.

When Elysia arrived at the classroom and opened the door, Frondier and Aten were inside.

Elysia had already heard the rumors on her way here, and Frondier looked at her with incredulous eyes.

Elysia met Frondier's cold gaze with a smile.

It's been a while since someone didn't cower at the name of the princess.


Aten spoke first.

"Hello," Elysia lightly responded and then asked Frondier.

"Are you Frondier de Roach?"

"...Yes, Your Highness."

Elysia was not here as a student like Aten. Therefore, Frondier used a respectful honorific.

He used "Your Highness," a title for those in line for the throne, which pleased Elysia.

"I heard you saved my sister."

"It wasn't me. It was thanks to the pros and teachers."

Frondier had only discovered Renzo and contacted the pro. This was a lie Frondier concocted.

"It's the same thing."

After saying that, Elysia lightly grasped the ends of her dress and bowed her head.

As soon as Frondier saw Elysia reach for her dress, he stood up and knelt on one knee.

"Thank you. As Aten's sister, as the First Princess of the Empire."

"…I don't know how to respond."

The First Princess showing courtesy of gratitude to a mere student. This was no ordinary event.

Even though Frondier was a noble from a prestigious family, it was all the more so because this was Constel.

Elysia lightly clasped her hands together.

"Then, I would like to offer something in return."

"It's an excessive honor. There's no need for that."

"I insist on returning the favor."

Elysia, still smiling, made it clear that she would not allow further refusal.

From her viewpoint, she couldn't see Frondier's expression as he knelt and bowed his head. But regardless of what face he made, he couldn't refuse.

Eventually, Frondier bowed his head even more and replied.

"…Your grace is overwhelming."

Of course.

It should be overwhelming.

* * *

Afterwards, the place Elysia took Frondier to was none other than the Terst Department Store.

Entering the luxury goods section, Elysia said,

"Feel free to purchase anything you like. I'll pay for it."

"…This is the Terst Department Store, isn't it?"

"Yes, so?"

"No, it's nothing."

If Elysia truly becomes the Empress, the money spent by Elysia would only return to Elysia.

Whether that could be called purchasing, Frondier couldn't know.

"Can I really buy anything?"

"Yes. But just one thing. Please buy only one item from each store."

Buying up everything in the store would be troublesome for both Elysia and Frondier.

Frondier nodded. He had intended that from the start.

Frondier entered the nearest store. Elysia watched him. She observed Frondier with interested eyes.

This floor was entirely luxury goods, and none of the items in the store had their prices displayed.

Although she said to buy anything, finding the best item in a store is not an easy task.

It's not just about looking at the price. Prices fluctuate. Whether the purchased product will maintain its price, or even appreciate.

In other words, the ability to assess the quality of the item itself. Elysia wanted to know if Frondier had that discernment.

Being a noble means acting with dignity, and maintaining a dignified appearance.

Having such discernment is, for Elysia, one of the basic qualities to possess.


Frondier had barely been in the store for a minute before he picked up an item.

There was no careful examination of the item, no meticulous attention to detail.

Interest vanished from Elysia's eyes. So he was just an ordinary person after all. She had been slightly hopeful, given his famous Roach family background.

"Have you chosen already?"

"Yes. It's a watch."

Indeed, the item Frondier presented was a watch, just as he said.


Elysia's eyes widened. This watch was unmistakably a signature item of 'Shol'. It was arguably the best item here, both in terms of price and quality.

'Is it a coincidence?'

And then the next store.

The time Frondier took to choose an item was almost the same as before.

This time, it was a bag. Again, a product of the highest quality.

The next store, and the one after that, were the same.

It seemed like Frondier was just casually picking things, but he invariably came out with the finest items.

Some items were more expensive, but considering the hype and demand, what Frondier chose was undoubtedly the best.

'It doesn't make sense…'

Frondier wasn't even considering if the items suited him.

He confidently picked up products that didn't suit him at all, even women's items, without hesitation.

No doubt about it. Frondier knew what Elysia wanted. And he showed her something far beyond her expectations.

To set aside one's own preferences and to be able to choose the best from every category of products?

And to do so with just a casual glance?

Eyes that seemed sleepy just a moment ago now appeared to have a sharp acuity, recognizing items at a glance.

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