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Chapter 49 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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After Frondier had made a round of the store, Elysia arranged for the products he chose to be sent to the Roach mansion by a staff member.

Then, they entered a cafe called 'Melting Garden' and drank their beverages.

"I'm surprised, Frondier. I had no idea you had such discernment."

Elysia was genuinely astonished.

Frondier took a sip of his coffee and then smiled subtly.

"To a student of Constel, it's not a particularly important skill."

Constel is, after all, an institution that trains combatants.

They are warriors aimed at exterminating monsters and expanding the boundaries of humanity.

As Frondier said, having an eye for goods is not a particularly necessary skill for students of Constel.

Elysia narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"Right. That's a noble's capability."

"I'm not sure what you mean by that."

Elysia leaned in closer, smiling slyly as if she were about to share a secret.

The words that Elysia spoke while smiling were far from being a mere secret.

It was a question of a much more serious and weighty nature.

"Frondier, would you like to enter the royal palace?"

At that, Frondier looked at Elysia. Just looked. His silent gaze was indifferent.

Elysia's smile deepened.

"The renowned northern family, Roach, saving Aten, and that discernment of yours on top of it all. If I recommend you, you could secure a good position in the royal palace."

"...Constel is enough for me."

"That can't be true. I've heard your nickname. 'Human Sloth Frondier.'"

At that, Frondier gave a slight smile.

Elysia continued.

"Constel is not fitting for you, is it? Come to the royal palace. If you wish to be lazy, then be so. A certain wealth is guaranteed."

"What's the reason for your recommendation?"

"Because I will become the 'Empress.' You should understand by now, after all I've said. You can't be that foolish."

Indeed, Frondier knew.

Elysia's target wasn't Frondier but the Roach family. More precisely, she wanted Enfer, who bore the name 'Iron Wall.'

By bringing Frondier into the royal palace, she could draw the Roach family closer to the center.

While other families were in turmoil for not being able to advance to the center, Enfer had no intention of coming even if the empire begged.

Frondier was that stepping stone. Starting with him, the entire Roach family could be incorporated.

Elysia was so confident because this offer had no downside for Frondier.

Whether he became a stepping stone or an added bonus, the fact remained that Frondier entering the royal palace and securing a good position were both true.

It was a win-win strategy anyway. So, being straightforward was rather trustworthy.

Elysia subtly tested Frondier.

"Or do you want Aten? She didn't seem to dislike the idea either."

At that, Frondier's expression changed slightly.

It was a really small difference, indistinguishable by appearance alone.

Elysia felt it through the atmosphere and temperature alone.

"Miss Elysia."


Elysia laughed. It was the deepest laugh of the day. The laugh wasn't bright, just deep.

As expected, Frondier was fearless. The reason he addressed her as 'Your Highness' was simply because the place was Constel. Frondier had always been this way.

Elysia somehow felt that this was the case. This man possessed manners, but even those were moderate, and he was not the kind to show respect based on power and force.

“I would have saved anyone else besides Aten. And even if it wasn’t me, any student of Constel would have saved Aten. Simply informing a nearby pro of the situation is nothing extraordinary.”

“That is truly an exemplary Constel student’s answer. It’s hard to believe that you carry that derogatory title.”

“This isn’t because I’m a student of Constel. It’s something that people do because they’re human.”

Frondier took the last sip of his coffee and placed the cup back down. The cup was empty in the blink of an eye.

“Therefore, I, as a human, as well as Aten, are nothing special.”

“Wouldn’t Aten be saddened if she heard that?”

“She wouldn’t be.”

Frondier stood up.

“I appreciate your offer, but I’ll be declining. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going.”

Like that, Frondier walked away without waiting for a response.

It was exceedingly curt and, considering their respective positions, quite disrespectful behavior.


Whether it was because of how rude he was or how quickly he left, or because his series of actions were somewhat plausible, Elysia did not become enraged and simply gazed at his retreating figure.

There was still some tea left. Elysia picked up her teacup and lightly swirled the contents around. Then, she chugged it down in one go.

The place where she started walking after getting up was a hidden corner of the café.

“So, were you disappointed?”

There, Aten sat with her face covered by a hood.

Aten felt somewhat embarrassed that her sister had discovered her presence so easily, but she still answered honestly.

“No, not at all.”

"Even though it's not because it's you? That anyone from Constel would have done the same?"

At Elysia’s words, Aten briefly closed her eyes and then opened them again.

She was confirming her own feelings. Whether or not she was disappointed inside. What it meant for Frondier to say that he was not given special treatment.

“Really, I’m not disappointed in the least.”

It was an answer that came from the very depths of her heart, which was why Aten’s eyes were so clear as she answered.

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