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Chapter 50 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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"If the kidnapping succeeds, the only witness will be you, Mr. Frondier. Your words carry little credibility due to your low reputation, and if push comes to shove, you could even be suspected as the culprit."

The injury to my side was a self-inflicted act, and I was an accomplice who conspired to kidnap Aten.

Such a story could be written.

It's natural for witnesses to be suspected when a crime occurs.

But since it's me, the suspicion only deepens.

"Of course, this too will be resolved someday. Once it's known you're not the culprit, Constel will finally, finally realize that Renzo is the criminal."

The criminal didn't intend to avoid detection altogether. He just wanted to delay the discovery as much as possible.

In the process, he tried to use me, but failed.

"What is that?"

Then, Aten's voice was heard.

Frost forms on her breath.

"What does that mean, mom?"

Aten also knew. She understood what Philly was trying to say.

Philly slowly continued.

"During the practical test, you and Frondier are highly likely to be on the same side. That's why the criminal targeted the practical exam. How did he know that you and Frondier would be paired during the practical exam?"

In other words,

The criminal knew. Aten was sent to approach Frondier.

But very few people knew about it.

"So, what does that mean?"


Philly looked at Aten.

That smile was unmistakably, a mother's smile.

"Renzo's accomplice is one of your two sisters."

That statement.

Philly uttered the words Aten had feared.

Philly sent Aten to me to obtain information about the Dragon Heart and didn't disclose this information to anyone in the royal palace, not even to her daughters, Sale and Elysia.

However, conversely, the only ones who could possibly dig up Philly's information were those two.

There are many methods. The simplest example is 'eavesdropping.'

-Have you gotten a bit closer to your classmates?

-Uh, not really.

-Oh my! Didn't mom tell you to befriend your classmates? At your age, friends are more important than study,

-Only a bit with Frondier.

Such simple conversations between Philly and Aten could also be eavesdropped on by Alesia or Sale.

"…A lie."

Aten uttered dejectedly.

And then she looked at me. As if expecting me to deny it.

But I couldn't deny it. Before Philly's logical progression and deduction, I already knew who the criminal was.

I said,

"......If the Empress's daughter is the culprit, it makes sense to want the 'gap' until Renzo is known as the culprit. Philly has many enemies. If rumors spread that Philly and I were colluding, and the palace is overturned once, the real power of the empire changes in an instant."

Then Renzo wouldn't be an enemy of the empire, rather, the empire would protect him.

"It's because the princess is an accomplice that such a bold crime was committed."

Aten bit his lip at my words.

Philly slowly began to speak.

"…Mr. Frondier. Do you know who the culprit is between the two?"

"If I said yes, would you believe me?"

"Of course."

Philly's words seemed sincere.

Philly's acting skills are beyond my comprehension.

But by her nature, she wouldn't have asked if she didn't believe.

Yet, I said,

"Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you who the culprit is."

"Why not?"

"Because if I told you, by the end, you would doubt, Ms. Philly."

Philly, who doubts everything. It's true that this trait has helped her survive the political strife in the royal palace.

But in an extreme situation where she must exclude her own daughter, she would inevitably doubt.

Seeing her daughter deny involvement, shedding tears, and pouring out her heart, she couldn't remain unmoved.

"I am amazed, Ms. Philly, that you would believe the words of a man like me without any guarantee."

Yes. It is remarkable that Philly is doing even this much.

She didn't believe in my reputation, she believed in me. That surprises me.

It made me see the character of Philly in a new light.

However, because of that,

"Please come to realize the final answer on your own."

Revealing the answer is not my role.

"Ms. Philly, you will come to know."

* * *

"What about Aten?"

"She seems to be greatly shocked."

For a change of scenery, Philly and I went up to the rooftop.

Philly was still alone, without her knightly escort.

"…Ms. Philly. There's something I want to ask too."

"Ask away. I owe you a lot for today."

A lot of help, huh? It seemed like she already knew the answer.

"Ms. Philly, you said you can see the future."

"Sometimes. It's often just a feeling."

"I'm talking about the future where Aten and Aster are together."


I couldn't let go of this foolishness yet.

Aster and Aten are undoubtedly the best combo. Along with Lunia, who is close to being the official heroine.

Though the other party members may vary according to the player's preferences, these three are almost fixed.

"Do you still have a bad feeling about those two being together in the future?"

At my question, Philly nodded.

"Yes. Nothing has changed."


Nothing has changed. Those words made my insides churn.

I believe Aten's awakening happened faster thanks to me treating him.

Yet, nothing has changed.

When I couldn't calm my troubled heart,


Suddenly, such a voice was heard.

For a moment, I thought it was Aten. But it wasn't.

It was just Philly in front of me calling my name.

That one word, without any honorifics, was the warmest voice of Philly I had ever heard.

"In the future where Aten is with you, there's no ominous premonition yet."


"Wouldn't you stay by Aten's side?"

Philly's white hair, red eyes. A harmless face resembling a rabbit.

It seemed to be imbued with a mother's affection.

"…It's not me, Aten follows me around."

"Chuck, then that's settled."

Philly, smiling like that, seemed deeply reassured, as if everything was indeed alright.

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