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Chapter 50 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Easy Choice

Having Aten follow me had become a part of my daily routine.

There were still those who looked at us in surprise or whispered among themselves, but for the most part, it seemed like people had gotten used to us.

As we headed towards the school gates of Constel after class, I spotted a familiar car.

As I approached, the rear window rolled down.

"…We meet quite often, Philly."

"Hello there."

Philly waved at me, and Aten, standing behind me, waved back at her.

Now that I think about it, their hand gestures are quite similar.

They must really be mother and daughter.

"Mr. Frondier, get in."

"I thought you were done with me."

"That’s right. But this time, I have a favor to ask."


I wasn't surprised that Philly would come to me with a request. I had a rough idea of what it might be.

But Philly's initiative was quicker than I expected. Perhaps she realizes the importance of this matter. Or maybe she thinks highly of me.


"Aten, you too. Get in the front seat."


The two of us got into the car.

The ride was smooth, and Aten seemed a bit awkward, glancing at Philly and me through the rearview mirror from the passenger seat.

"Where are we going?"

"To the Terst Department Store. That’s the only place we can have a peaceful conversation."

As expected.

The reason Philly sought me out seems to be exactly what I had anticipated.

* * *

After arriving at the department store, Philly led Aten and me to a hideout in the basement.

Opening the iron door, we entered a room designed to resemble the imperial palace.

Philly sat down at the table in the center and gestured for me to take the seat opposite her.

Once Aten and I were seated, Philly waved her hand, and the men who were guarding the surroundings all left.

Only the three of us remained in the room.

Philly took a sip of the tea that had been prepared in advance.

"…I need certainty."


I chose not to respond.

Philly continued.

"The advice you gave me, I’ve thought about it for a long time. You’ve undoubtedly risked your life to protect Aten. So, I’ve taken your advice to heart and thought it over repeatedly before deciding on my next steps."

Philly looked much the same as usual, but an unavoidable heaviness lingered in her expression.

Indeed, Philly had arrived at the correct conclusion.

"…Still, I need certainty."

"Very well."

I nodded.

"Let’s hear what you have to say, Ms. Philly."

"I met with Renzo."

Aten seemed a bit surprised by Philly's statement.

Philly spoke as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

"Renzo wasn’t as foolish as we thought. He knew how to distinguish right from wrong. He wouldn’t wish to become an enemy of the empire. That would end the 'fun' he so desires."

A correct judgment. I nodded again.

Philly said she needed certainty. By simply agreeing with her, she could proceed with her own logic.

"If you kidnap the imperial princess, you can’t avoid death no matter the reason. That means becoming an enemy of the empire."

"That's correct."

"But there is one way."

Philly paused, taking another sip of her tea,

And then, close enough for the sound of her voice to cause ripples in the teacup, she whispered softly.

"Not being caught in the first place."


Aten seemed to realize it then.

The biggest irregularity in this princess kidnapping was none other than me.

Me blocking Renzo.

The reason we know the culprit is Renzo is because we stopped the kidnapping.

However, if someone other than me had been next to Aten, the probability of Aten being kidnapped would be close to 100%. And in that case, it would become impossible to immediately identify the culprit.

"All the drones near Mr. Frondier had been swapped with fakes. Probably even the drones along the escape route were destroyed or switched."

But even with such actions, they would eventually be discovered.

Even if there were traitors within Constel, Constel is not such a clumsy place.

Completely hiding the culprit is impossible. Eventually, it will be revealed that Renzo committed the crime.

However, if the princess kidnapping had succeeded, unlike now, there would have been a 'gap' until it was revealed that Renzo was the culprit.

The culprit wanted that 'gap.'

"To understand the full picture of the crime, you always have to answer three questions."

Philly raised her index finger.

"Why this person in particular."

Aten answered.

"…That is, why they targeted me. The answer is simple. Because I am the princess."

There are countless reasons to target Aten, the third princess. There is no question about that.

Philly raised her middle finger.

"Why this place in particular."

Aten answered again.

"The place called Constel. This is also easy to understand. Renzo's accomplices exist within Constel. Besides, I am currently enrolled there. This is not strange either."

There was no question this time either, and Philly raised her ring finger.

"Why this time in particular."

After a moment of thought, Aten answered.

"…During the practical exam. This is strange."

Yes, this timing is not the best for committing the crime.

The field space, drones always watching the students, and the timeout for sneaking in and out. In the end, Renzo was caught because he couldn't solve these three conditions.

"Still, the culprits judged this time as the 'optimal'."

"That's right."

I nodded once again.

Then, Philly briefly looked at Aten. It must have been an involuntary movement.

As Aten tilted her head, Philly grimaced with a bitter smile.

"…The culprit used Mr. Frondier."

"That's right."

I gave the same answer without hesitation.

Why this time in particular.

The answer is simpler than one might think.

[Because only Frondier was next to Aten during the practical exam.]

The worst reputation possessed by Frondier.

'Human sloth Frondier.'

This image was enough to confuse the people of Constel about who kidnapped Aten.

When facing me, Renzo said:

-Ah, I'm not interested in you. The princess next to you is the target.

Renzo had no intention of attacking me in the first place. Even if he did, it was only to the extent of toying with me.

In fact, during the first strike, he targeted my 'flank.'

I may not have known about the strength of the blow, but at that time, he had the opportunity to attack all sorts of vital points besides my side.

In other words, he didn't intend to kill me.

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