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Chapter 51 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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To be honest, Lunia couldn't focus on her training at all.

Naturally, the reason was Aten, who was next to her.

'Should I have greeted her?'

Aten, who she glanced at dozens of times already.

The last time they met unexpectedly, there wasn't a chance to talk, but now seeing her, she had a mystical aura.

It's surprising how someone could be so pale.

Her expression was too plain, giving her a cold aura.

Truly like a snow spirit.

'What if she's angry? What if she's upset because I'm obliviously practicing next to her?'

Lunia's worries were skyrocketing without end.

However, Aten, as usual, had no particular thoughts about Lunia.

Rather, she was preoccupied with other thoughts.

"I'm still weak."

Meeting Renzo, she keenly felt her powerlessness.

Being young might be an excuse, but that excuse was shattered by the existence known as Frondier.

...I remember everything about the time Frondier risked his life to save me.

It might not have been because it was me.

Frondier might have saved anyone who was in that situation.

Regardless, Frondier is her savior.

'Restoration' is still not something I can freely use.

I don't know when it will be possible.

So now, first and foremost, it's time to further develop my specialty, ice magic.

To raise my skills even a little faster, I can't stand by Frondier's side.

Ice Magic Formula 2

Rapid Fire

Frost Arrow

As Aten extended her hands forward, several pieces of ice floated around her.

Aten's training is 'high-speed reaction' training.

Targets appear and disappear after a certain time.

As the difficulty increases, the appearance time shortens.

Hitting the projectile before it disappears to improve reaction speed is the goal.


Aten's speed was astounding.

The target shattered the instant it appeared.

The difficulty could be significantly increased.


Lunia changed her mind at that sight.

Putting aside unnecessary thoughts, she too began to focus on her training.

Her training is 'long-range curved shooting.'

Lunia, unparalleled in mana manipulation.

She was hitting targets at a distance, avoiding various obstacles.

The concentrated training of the two was a sight to behold for those around them.

"Amazing, indeed, it's the princess. Look at that speed. To react so quickly without making the mistake of firing first. It means she's utterly undisturbed."

"I think Lunia is incredible. The target seen from that position among obstacles must look almost as small as a fingernail, yet she's piercing through it."

Onlookers watching the two added their comments.

And the people training around them pushed themselves harder in their training, hoping to draw a bit more of the princess's attention.

During such a situation.

Suddenly, they heard a certain announcement.

['Target Hitting' highest difficulty cleared.]

[Frondier de Roach, record updated.]

[Previous record, 31.5 seconds. This current record replaces the highest record.]

[New record, 3.14 seconds.]

Along with the voice, the updated record and the name of the person who updated it were displayed on the screen in front of the training room.

When someone updates a record, it is announced in all the training rooms like this.

It serves as a motivation to update the record and can fuel a competitive spirit.

However, this time, it was not serving its intended purpose at all.

The students who saw the screen were all,


Just casually and blankly staring.

They were just looking at the screen without changing their expression one bit.

They had no clue what had happened.

The first to realize what happened was,

“……Huh?! What?!”

It was Lunia.

With that loud voice, everyone grasped the situation.

“What, what? A new record? A new record in target hitting?”

“Who is Frondier de Roach?”

“You know! ‘Human Sloth Frondier’!”

“What? That guy?”

“Nah, it must be a record error. It’s probably a mistake in the 31.4 seconds?”

“Even 31.4 seconds would be a new record!”

A record is something that cannot be updated forever.

Because there are limits to human capabilities, at some point, the cycle of updating records becomes longer.

And the highest difficulty in target hitting was something everyone believed couldn't be updated any further.

31.5 seconds in target hitting was such a record.

It was a record that hadn't been updated for years and was thought unlikely to be broken in the future.

But the record was broken.

To 3.14 seconds.

Naturally, nobody believed it.

3.14 seconds was already being dismissed as a recording error of 31.4 seconds, and there was talk that Frondier de Roach might be a namesake.

Aster and Ellen, who were outside the public training room, also saw the screen.


“I don’t know.”

“I haven’t said anything yet.”

“You were going to ask if a record of 3.14 seconds makes sense. I don’t know.”

Aster, who doesn't believe in Frondier’s bad reputation and tries to see for himself.

Ellen, who witnessed Frondier slaying a golem.

This situation was hard to believe for everyone.


Out of all these people, only Aten.

Just quietly looked at the screen and then, slightly nodded her head.

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