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Chapter 52 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Fishing (2)

Frondier's record update quickly became known throughout the Constel.

Soon, the faculty members responsible for the training room program gathered to start a re-examination.

This was not so much because they were displeased with Frondier's record update, but because the figure of 3.14 seconds was too implausible.

"Yes, I'm ready."

A teacher, Jane, stood in the middle of the personal training room and said.

Around Jane, several spheres of magical power were already floating.

Seeing this, a faculty member manipulated the test.

'Target hitting' at the highest difficulty level.

"Then, let's start!"

The faculty member activated the test.

Jane fired multiple spheres of magical power towards the targets.

After a moment,

"…Hmm, it's working well."

The record was 34.6 seconds.

The teachers gathered and scratched their heads.

There was no problem with the test function.

Jane's record was shorter than her previous one, but it wasn't significantly meaningful.

"Even if you finish casting the magic in advance and have someone else manipulate the program, at best, it would only reduce the time by 1~2 seconds."

"The previous record holder of 31.5 seconds was skilled at rapid-fire. That means they didn't hit each target individually but showered them with a barrage of magic bullets."

"Then, a record of 3.14 seconds is even more implausible."

The program currently had no malfunctions or display errors.

Unless it broke and fixed itself on its own, it means Frondier's record is true.

While having this conversation, one of the faculty members spoke up.

"Could it be that Frondier is skilled in programming? If he hacked or cheated somehow-"

At that point, the other teachers glared at him with narrowed eyes.

The man didn't understand why he was receiving such looks for a moment but then realized and his face went pale.

"…Well, it's not impossible as a possibility."

The one who said that was Malia.

Malia de Roach, Frondier's mother.

The man's remark was too thoughtless, especially given that she was present.

"But Frondier has no talent in that area. It would be nice if he did. We've never dealt with programming at home. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, yes. My apologies, Malia ma'am."

"No need to apologize. It was a good observation."

Malia said with a smile.

To the man, it only seemed cold and frightening, but Malia was quite sincere.

'…But if it wasn't hacking, then how did he do it?'

Malia watched Jane conducting the test.

A record of 3.14 seconds seemed implausible, not just for Frondier but for anyone else brought in.

To begin with, the method was unknown.

"Could the 'Chain Lightning' spell work? Where lightning strikes the targets in succession."

"That won't work. The targets are merely holograms, so the lightning won't stick. Besides, if it were that simple, the record would have been broken long ago."

Lightning is fast, but due to its nature, it cannot be condensed into magic bullets. Moreover, it's surprisingly hard to hit the target.

When thinking about efficiency, one inevitably has to resort to using multiple magic bullets.

'The targets only appear after the test starts. Meaning, the moment the test begins, you need to quickly assess the number of targets, create that many magic bullets, and then... add a guiding trait to all of them....'

It's absurd.

Absurd, but the only possibility that comes to mind now.

As the conversation reached this point, Teacher Alex, who had been quiet, said,

"But was Frondier a magician?"

At that, everyone blinked in surprise.

Their eyes turned towards Teacher Jane.

She was the only one who somewhat knew Frondier.

Having gone to the dungeon together.

"Um, well, I don't know?"

But even Jane couldn't give a clear answer.

Come to think of it, she had never seen Frondier fight.

They had been separated due to a trap in the dungeon at the time.

'But he wasn't dressed like a magician. He was carrying a dagger.'

The dagger Frondier had at the time was a basic sheath knife, but it was true he had no other weapon.

"Given the situation, wouldn't it be better to ask him directly? It doesn't seem like a program error. Let's think positively. If the 3.14 seconds is a genuine record, then we have a student who redefines genius for Constel."

"Hmm, that's true, but..."

At Teacher Alex's words, the other faculty members looked troubled.

Truth be told, most teachers had always regarded Frondier with an attitude close to disdain, no matter how kindly put.

Even with such an unbelievable record set, it was hard to accept.

And there was an immediate problem.

One of the staff spoke up.

"So, who's going to ask him?"

* * *

And now.

I was looking at the two teachers sitting in front of me with a somewhat incredulous feeling.

Teacher Jane and my mother, the school nurse Malia.

"So, you've come to ask me how I set that record."

"Uh, well, yes, that's about it."

Jane answered with a reluctant face.

It was as if the entire faculty had admitted they couldn't figure it out.

I thought for a moment.

The record-breaking in target hitting was an accident I hadn't anticipated at all.

I was reminded once again of the power of divine weapons.

'...But if things are going this way, then the dice have rolled in my favor.'

In this setting, only Jane and Malia were present.

And the two of them were perfect heroes who had never once fallen in the game.

It was impossible not to utilize this situation.

Especially fortunate was Malia's presence here.

Malia had a "bloodline magic" similar to the way Philly inherited "foresight," and that magic was absolutely necessary for my plan.

"So how did you do it? How were you able to reduce the record by about 27 seconds?"

"What do you think I did, teacher?"

I asked in return.

Jane's eyes narrowed.

She probably didn't like that I was asking back.

But whether I talk or not is up to me.

After a moment, Jane seemed to give up and said,

"The faculty is assuming you created multiple magic bullets or added a guided attribute to a rapid-fire option."

As expected.

No one thinks it was shot with a bow.

After all, it's not just one or two targets, and it's hard to imagine in the first place.

It's hard to believe that an arrow would split on its own without seeing it directly.

Discovering the truth through the opinions among teachers seems very unlikely.

'I wonder if Aten knew how it was done.'

Aten saw the Iokheira split when fighting Renzo, so she could guess to some extent.

I hope she doesn't speak carelessly.

And Aten would do just that.

"Now it's student Frondier's turn to answer."

"The conversation here won't leak, will it?"

"Of course. That's why I arranged a separate meeting."

"Are you sure?"

"It's a security magic that Ms. Malia and I created. No information leaks out of this classroom."

Good, I've learned everything I wanted to know.

I clasped my hands together.

With that one movement, I could feel Jane and Malia's attention focusing on me.

"I have something to tell you both."

"What is it?"

"I know who the rat is."

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