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Chapter 58 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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A full-scale invasion of Constel had begun.

It was a development that was completely different from Elysia’s original plan.

The raid was supposed to happen as a surprise attack before the students and teachers could react, resulting in massive casualties.

However, thanks to Elodie’s brilliant initial response, Constel was prepared before the monsters arrived.

The fact that the teachers were already aware of the incoming raid also contributed to the swift response.

But not all of their countermeasures were perfect.

Despite the large number of monsters killed by Elodie’s magic, more monsters kept pouring in over their corpses.

Constel was by no means small. It was a place where young people from all over the continent gathered to enroll.

That’s why Constel had a fully-equipped dormitory facility.

The monsters’ invasion of Constel was disastrous for them.


Screams inevitably erupted from wherever people were.

Even if they had learned how to fight, they were still beginners who had barely started their journey.

Many of them were also facing monsters for the first time, making it difficult for them to use their skills effectively.

“Help me!!”

Jolted awake by the commotion, first-year student Kaferi sprang out of his dorm room.

It was sheer luck that he quickly sensed the presence of an intruding goblin and managed to defeat it.

Then the monsters started pouring in.

He bolted without thinking.


Kaferi had run into a dead end.

If it had been a tall fence, he would’ve scaled it, but the smooth marble building prevented his escape.

He turned around. Creatures resembling dogs, but with three eyes each, glared at him and advanced like a pack of wild dogs.

‘I-I’m gonna die.’

He could’ve handled a single dog, but there were dozens of them.

Why did Constel make the building completely vertical?

Growling menacingly, the monsters charged at Kaferi.



The front two were knocked out of the air by a man’s feet.


He had a handsome face with golden hair.

Everyone in Constel knew that face.

“…Aster Evans?”

"You held out well."

Aster laughed, holding a sword. He was feeling a bit feisty for the first time in a while.

During his days growing stronger in Constel, most of his training didn’t allow the use of divine power except in the Testing Chamber.

But here, there was no need for that, not even a flea’s fart worth.


Give me strength.

Divine Power Release

The Lord of Radiance and Justice


Aster’s eyes flashed.

His clothes billowed like the wind, and his aura seemed to ripple the ground.

A clear blue light enveloped him, radiating his majesty.

The wild dogs lunged at Aster.

Aster's sword swung once, and precisely as much as the wild dogs entered the trajectory of that swing, they were cleanly sliced apart.

Aster grabbed the heads of the wild dogs with his bare hands, stabbed them with his sword, and then threw them aside as if they were nothing.

It was barbaric beyond measure. His swordsmanship seemed to resemble his original self - utterly reckless.

Yet, whether it was because of his foolishness or not, the wild dogs whimpered as if they were scared.

"What disgusting noises."

Aster charged forward.

He created a massive fissure in the ground where he stepped and plunged into the midst of the wild dogs.

He slashed, stabbed, and threw them as he saw fit.

Even when several of the wild dogs bit and clawed at him, he continued his assault as if it meant nothing.

The power of Baldur.

The power of someone who is called the most perfect god in Norse mythology is truly simple.

Clumsy attacks could not scratch his body,

Nor could clumsy defenses stop his attack.

Pure, unadulterated violence.

Such simple power, once it crosses a certain line, becomes unstoppable by the enemy.

Aster slaughtered the wild dogs thoroughly and quickly.


A light sigh swept over the corpses.

Kaferi, who was behind him, watched dumbfounded.

"Wow, that's amazing."

"What is."

Kaferi approached Aster and let out a sigh of relief.

The tension eased, and his back slumped slightly.

"I'm glad you're here. If it had been during class, I would have been dead for sure."

At that, Aster made a complicated face and said,

"Actually, I was supposed to be in class."

"What? Then why are you here?"

There's quite a distance between the dormitory and the Constel building.

Aster scratched his cheek.

"I was running an errand for my sister."

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