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Chapter 59 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Raid (5)

Elodie wasn't the only one who reacted quickly to the initial onslaught.

To the east, Aster was exterminating monsters around the dormitories and nearby shops.

In the opposite direction, Ellen was darting between the buildings of Constel, with Sybil assisting her in dealing with the monsters beside her.

A little away from Elodie, Aten was performing hit-and-run attacks with his ice shots.

And to the west, Quinie had drawn upon her own skills and network to create a formidable barrier.

──The Human Sloth, Frondier.

Due to his notorious reputation, Frondier's voice often went unheard by many. However, it wasn't entirely ignored.

There were those who noticed the change in Frondier, and someone who had received his help.

"There's a massive monster attack on Constel."

A statement from Frondier that seemed all the less credible for it.

Yet, although only a very few believed him, there definitely were believers, and they were now saving countless lives.

"What you've done wasn't meaningless, Frondier."

Quinie, who was in charge of the west, smiled subtly. She too was participating in the monster hunt. However, because she was utilizing her network to respond, she had a broader view than the others.

Quinie saw it. Not only her, but the efforts of those who trusted Frondier's words and joined in this response.

"Honestly, I couldn't believe half of it, but it turned out to be true."

Quinie thought.

It was more surprising that there were others besides herself who believed the information about the attack was real.

That's when she realized. She wasn't the only one who saw the value in Frondier.

"I'm glad I forced my acquaintances to come out with me after all."

Quinie, with her savvy that raised her family, naturally has a wide network of connections.

Even those who were half-baked about her words are now earnestly dealing with the beasts by her side.

After fending off these monsters, Constel will offer her no small reward.

She might even take the top share for bringing such a force.


From afar, an absurdly loud explosion sound wipes such thoughts away.

On the rooftop, a woman with orange hair sparkles her eyes like a fish meeting water.

What is that, a new siege weapon from the company 'Hitchcock'?

Quinie felt the power of a mage who is said to be loved by five gods with a sour expression.

* * *

The terror effect that Gram inflicts on the dragon species.

It was stronger than I thought. The chimera was running away from me without looking back.

Even after releasing Gram, the chimera had no intention of stopping its escape.

I don't feel bad, feeling somewhat stronger, but if I leave it be, I'll lose it.

I don't know where the fleeing chimera will go, but it's not good to let it be. Catching it will also eliminate 'Rafflesia.'

So, there's only one thing for me to do.


As I uttered, a giant rune unfolds in the area.


Void Weaving, Simultaneous Replication

Workshop Item No. 3

Rank - Common

Iron Shield, Double

I jumped out the window, landing on a shield created in mid-air. Then, onto another shield below that. I jumped down once more to reach the ground.

As I ran, I detected the chimera's presence with Menosorpo.

Though not visible to the eye, I could tell where it was thanks to the effects of the rune. The chimera tried hard to escape, but it was within the range of my rune.


Void Weaving, Simultaneous Duplication

Imperial Armory Item No.1, No.7

Rank - Rare

The Emperor's Sword, Glacier's Spear

Guided by Philly, I wove from the weapons I had seen in the Imperial Armory, choosing the ones that seemed appropriate.

The sword and spear fell in front of the chimera, thudding onto the ground and blocking its path.


It stopped its escape and blinked its eyes, searching for me.

There was a way to attack the chimera with these two weapons, but that might have made it run away even more.

This was a warning. If it ignored the weapons stuck in front of it and tried to flee again, this time I would truly stick the weapons in the back of the fleeing chimera.

As I reached in front of the chimera, it turned its body towards me, facing me head-on. It had given up on escaping.

Without Gram, its fear had dissipated. It approached me with confidence, or rather, it crawled towards me.

Had it already forgotten its disgraceful attempt to flee just moments ago?

I closely observed its appearance. At a glance, it was indeed a wingless dragon, but parts of it bore the characteristics of other magical beasts.

Like the white fur around its neck, the unusually thin and long tail compared to a real dragon, and the horns on its forehead that resembled those of a goat.

Still, it was definitely based on a dragon. Though I couldn't tell exactly what kind it was.

"A flightless dragon."

A clear regression. Before coming to this world, if it couldn't fly, it wouldn't even be called a dragon. And this one had even more mixed into it.

"Blame your master, lizard."

As if understanding my words, the chimera rattled that eerie sound inside its mouth.

It seemed angry. But I had simply called it by its accurate name.

I held the royal weapon in my hand through weaving. Since it wasn't Obsidian, it wouldn't be visible to it.

My 'Throw' skill is still only intermediate, but with its size, missing would be more difficult.

Alright, let's do this.

I'll send the arsenal's weapons flying in order.

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