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Chapter 64 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Viper Steel

After the incident, Constel buzzed with the story of Azier becoming a teacher.

The unbelievable tale of Frondier wiping out a horde of monsters with "Fireworks" quickly died down.

"Aster, are you okay?"

Lunia approached Aster with a worried look.

She had heard about Aster's failure to land even a single hit on Azier.

"I'm fine. Not a scratch on me."

It was the lack of injuries that frustrated him, though.

At that moment, they heard the snickering laughter of passing students.

Aster was well-respected, but there were always those envious students wherever he went.

A commoner with exceptional divine power and talent, Aster was the perfect target for jealousy.

"So much for the 'top prospect of Constel,' look at him now..."

A voice that seemed to pass by, yet clearly intended to be heard.

Lunia's head snapped around.

Aster couldn't see her face, only the back of her head, but the student who had been mocking him fled at the sight of Lunia's face.

Turning back to Aster, Lunia wore a bright smile.

"Don't worry too much, Aster. Frondier? He's been hit everywhere. It's because you're at that level that it stopped there."


Remembering the sparring session Frondier had shown earlier, Aster thought.

Regardless of how it appeared to others, Frondier had definitely fought a bit better than Aster himself.

The problem was the gap between him and Frondier.

Just as Lunia said, Azier didn't hold back when facing Frondier.

At the first sign of weakness, Azier didn't hesitate to throw a punch, and Frondier was defenseless against all sorts of attacks.

However, vital areas like the face, chin, or the center of the body remained unhit.

And then, the final headbutt.

Unlike the gentle one Aster received, it was fiercely unmatched.

Azier definitely didn't go easy on Frondier.

Perhaps, because he couldn't afford to.

"I thought I wouldn't rely on divine power as much as possible."

That too was arrogance.

Without divine power, not even in Azier, Aster doubted if he could beat Frondier.

But feeling inferior or jealous of Frondier was too out of character for Aster.

Yet, he couldn't stand losing.

Aster just thought about how he could grow from where he was now.

Though he was reluctant, Aster already knew the way.


"What's with the sigh?"

"I guess I have to go to my sister. She's always in the sparring room after class."

The top swordsman of Constel. Rationally speaking, it's the perfect choice.

Feeling his own shortcomings, Aster was thinking of humbly asking Ellen for lessons.

He could already imagine Ellen looking at him with a 'Huh, really?' expression, as if it were something trivial.

But then, Lunia made a subtle face.

"Um, how about going next time?"


"I overheard something while passing by, but it seems like Senior Ellen won't be in the training room today."

"What? My sister is going straight home?"

That's unusual. Is she sick?

Aster was about to show some concern when Lunia shook her head.

"No, she's meeting a blacksmith."

"A blacksmith…?"

Aster's expression was filled with unprecedented curiosity.

* * *

"…It's amazing."

Ellen was staring blankly at the finished sword.

The silver blade shone, below it was a simple hilt. The guard that separated the blade from the hilt was not big, but it was solidly supported. The length was just right for her. It fit well in either one hand or both.

In every aspect, the design was plain, but Ellen's eyes immediately recognized the value of this sword.


Frondier, who was next to her, nodded in satisfaction.

After Ellen was almost scammed before, Frondier had introduced her to a blacksmith.

The blacksmith's name was Neil Jack.

With sparkling eyes, Ellen asked Neil.

"May I touch it?"

"Oh, of course. It was made for a customer, after all."

Neil bowed, his muscular frame making it seem incongruous. His face was endlessly kind, always wearing a broad smile.

Initially, Ellen didn't trust that face, but having seen the sword, her opinion had completely changed.

Ellen held her fingers horizontally and placed the sword on top of them. This was to check the center of gravity, but also to inspect the blade for any damage or curvature.


Ellen lightly released her aura as a test. The energy she emitted flowed into the sword without any obstruction or wavering.

"...Incredible! It's perfect!"

"Heh, with such high praise, I hardly know what to do with myself..."

Neil placed a hand on his head and bowed again.

Such a posture was altogether unfitting for a blacksmith. This image was the reason Neil had remained unpopular.

His skills as a blacksmith were beyond reproach, yet he had remained unrecognized.

"How do you know such a person, Frondier? How did you come to meet him?"

Ellen asked, to which Frondier awkwardly smiled.

"Uh, as I mentioned before, we're not exactly acquaintances. I'm the one who knows of him, one-sidedly."

Ellen then turned to look at Neil, who also nodded.

"Yes, you said your name was Frondier, right? It's my first time seeing you. I'm not sure why you sought me out, but it's an honor indeed."

"Frondier, have you visited this forge before?"


Ellen couldn't understand. How could one side know of the other when they had never met? Especially since Neil, the blacksmith, was not well-known.

Moreover, Frondier had said, 'You can trust his skills with certainty.' That meant he already knew of Neil's abilities. Naturally, he would confidently introduce him to her.

Even when Ellen looked questioningly at Frondier, he only responded with a smile.

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