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Chapter 64 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Neil is one of the most frequently visited blacksmiths by players, along with 'Daud Forte,' the father of Sybil.

Unlike the typically stern or hearty image of a blacksmith, Neil carries a shy and cautious demeanor.

The blacksmith-like personality seems to have all gone to Daud. Ironically, he's the one who seems to need a touch of finesse.

Thus, the formal route for players is to receive weapons from Neil and then have Daud engrave magical runes on them.

In this way, Neil is one of the 'knowledge pieces' I already have. I've received a lot of help from him as a player. It makes explaining our acquaintance difficult, but I decided to push forward without explanation.

After all, getting weapons from Neil is a win for Ellen.

Neil said to me,

"Mr. Frondier, why not take this opportunity? As a token of gratitude for trusting me and introducing a customer, I'll provide you with a weapon for free."

"Any weapon?"

"Of course."

At Neil's words, I looked around the forge.

Even if it's not a custom-made sword like Ellen's, Neil's weapons are quite impressive.

Any weapon laid out here in the forge could be handy. With my current skills, I don't yet need a custom-made weapon.

However, I've developed a habit since coming here.

I can't just choose 'anything.'

[Neil Jack's Iron Spear]

- Grade: Intermediate

- Description: A long spear forged by Neil Jack. Made for practice, but the quality is excellent. Plain and simple, but the weapon's quality is beyond reproach.

[Neil Jack's Throwing Dagger]

- Grade: High

- Description: A dagger forged by Neil Jack. It was a commissioned item, but the order was canceled, leaving it in the forge. It's hard to find a better non-magical dagger than this.

In this way, everything in sight was already assessed for the workshop.

Even though I seemed to be casually looking around, my eyes were already reading the information.

Then, suddenly.

My gaze stopped at one place.

[Neil Jack's Short Sword]

- Grade: Unique

• Description: A masterpiece that even the renowned blacksmith Neil Jack might find difficult to recreate. The sword's strength, cutting edge, and weaving of the handle make it suitable for having a 'nickname.' However, due to the awkward length of the blade, there are no takers.

Ability Details >

- Eternal Edge: The blade of this weapon does not dull. The only way to blunt its sharpness is to destroy the weapon itself.


What's this?

I was drawn to it and picked up the sword I found in the workshop.

"Ah, Mr. Frondier. That was just something I made to pass the time."

"Pass the time?"

"Yes, just made it however my hands led me, haha."

The blade hidden in its sheath.

I slowly unsheathed the sword, revealing its form.


I could hear Ellen gasp from behind.

……Could it be?

I used the skill 'Analyze' to confirm the thought that crossed my mind.

This time, unlike with weaving, the analysis came up quickly.

The content was just one line.

- This sword's blade is made of Viper Steel.

"……Viper Steel."

The mythical steel, Viper Steel, that had enchanted Ellen's ears not long ago.

And now it's in my hands. Moreover, as a completed product of Unique grade.

"Oh my, Viper Steel, you say? It's not that. Just gathered some ordinary scraps of iron,"

"Mr. Neil, are you trying to hide this sword because of the blade's length?"

I held the sword horizontally.

……Indeed, the length is awkward. It seems intended for use as a one-handed sword, but it's a bit shorter than what's typically referred to as a 'short sword.' Yet, it's too big to be called a dagger.

It can't be concealed for a surprise attack, and it's too short for open frontal use.

Probably no one bought it just by seeing this length in the sheath. Even if they had seen it, Viper Steel is so rare that very few have laid hands on it.

'……What a waste.'

But to put it back down now would be too much of a waste.

Elevating a weapon made of Viper Steel to Unique grade is truly rare. Plus, it's said to be worthy of having a 'nickname.'

An nickname/epithet, simply put, is like 'Gram' or 'Mjölnir' in my forge. It means the weapon has gained enough fame to be called by a new name by people.

Moreover, the ability 'Eternal Edge' only comes with perfect mastery of Viper steel.

Viper steel, true to its name, is extremely difficult to damage. If a proper blade is made from this metal, its edge does not dull. And the metal itself is not easily destroyed.

It becomes a companion that stands by the user's side until death in most cases.

That's why a blade made of Viper steel cannot be sharpened. It does not wear down, that's what it means. The only way to sharpen it is by hammering.

Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of hammer strikes and the intense heat of extreme temperatures gradually sharpen the Viper steel.

It's not something a person can achieve alone.

"......Let's go with this one."

"Excuse me, what?"

My words seemed to have taken Neil by surprise.

But my mind was made up.

"I will take this weapon. If the fact it's free bothers you, I'll pay a fair price-"

"Oh, no, no! I would be really happy if Mr. Frondier would use it! It was troubling that no one took it."

The blacksmith knows the worth of his work.

It must have been frustrating for him that a piece capable of earning an epithet, a unique, was just gathering dust in the forge.

If I take this weapon and it earns a proper epithet, that would be a reward in itself.

'……Wait. This length.'

It suddenly occurred to me.

If I were to hold one in each hand. That is, if I were to use them as twin swords.

This awkwardly short length would actually be easier to handle. The swords wouldn't interfere with each other as much.

Of course, there are no unique-grade weapons of similar and equal length. That's why it's impossible to use them as twin swords.

......But I could. Because I have Obsidian.

Perhaps this weapon is most suited to be wielded as twin swords.

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