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Chapter 94 Part 2 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

An artist's feelings after all his paintings are sold.

This is the first time I feel this light and comfortable sensation, as if everything has been accomplished.

The exhibition's final days brought a surge in articles and visitors. It's still hectic, but the overwhelming sense of joy prevails.

"Ji-hye, could you please assist the person holding a baby over there? They seem unaware of our stroller rental service."

"Yes, Master Painter."

The four part-time workers, their eyes sparkling with enthusiasm.

I can't keep using my company's employees for an exhibition that spans three months. Everyone has their own jobs, and the company needs to keep running.

I started hiring part-timers from the second week of the exhibition, and Jung-min Noona helped with this. Being an experienced artist who has held many exhibitions, Noona knew exactly where and how to find part-timers. She managed to find them in just two days, mainly art students. Their overly respectful gazes are a bit burdensome, but who wouldn't feel good about being respected and admired?

The visitors I've seen every day for the past three months.

I see so many people daily, but I remember most of their faces.

I don't know their names, but many came to see my paintings.

It's gratifying to post paintings online and get reactions from strangers, but I think it's my duty as a human to remember the faces of those who took the time to come here. So, I've done my best to remember them.

They're all people I'm immensely grateful for.

Then, the part-timer at the entrance pulled back the curtain and said, "Sir, the secretary chief from W Tree is here."

'Sir?' Am I someone worthy of such a title?

"Yes, I'll go out."

When I stepped outside, there was the secretary chief who had meticulously assisted with the exhibition issues. Though our first impression was not great, working together made me appreciate her thorough nature, which helped the exhibition run smoothly.

"You're here, Ms. Secretary Chief."

"Hello, Mr. Artist. Are you busy right now?"

"As you can see, the exhibition is still ongoing. Is there something you need?"

"Yes, since you're busy, I'll just get your signature and leave. This is the contract for the purchase of your works in this exhibition."

Ah, right. The contract.

Standing there, I opened the contract file and my eyes widened at the amount. Seeing my surprised expression, the secretary chief laughed and said, "Chairman Yu instructed us to set different prices depending on the size of each painting, but it seems all your paintings are of the same size, displayed both vertically and horizontally. It appears the Chairman was mistaken."

"No, it's not that. The price..."

The secretary chief spoke up loudly, "We intend to purchase all the paintings for 5 million won each. Is that insufficient? If you want more, just let us know."

5 million won each. For twenty paintings.

Six months of work, and now I've earned a brand image for the company and 100 million won in cash.

But it's strange, this secretary chief. She's not the type to speak so loudly.

Why is she raising her voice when I'm right in front of her?

Noticing too late that it was odd for the secretary chief to speak so loudly, I looked around.

The next batch of visitors were all whispering and looking at us.

"Did you hear? 5 million won for each painting."

"Yeah! I knew this would happen after seeing the news."

"Wow, I wonder if someone would buy my paintings for even 500 won."

There's a reporter in the back, hurriedly making a phone call. Seems like they're about to break the news.

Frowning at the secretary chief, she whispered with a grin, "The publicized price determines an artist's value, Mr. Ban."


Honestly, I'm not thrilled. The idea that my value is determined by a number.

But I'm not like Henri, born into a rich family, unaffected whether my paintings sell or not. I need to work and earn money.

I murmured to the people around me, "Was this Chairman Yu's idea?"

The secretary chief whispered back with a smile, "I don't move without the Chairman's orders."

Of course. This was also Min-Young Yu's consideration. The secretary chief added, "Also, we've calculated the value of the ongoing exhibition."

"Really? Are you planning to exhibit these paintings permanently at the theater?"


I thought they were just saying this to sway public opinion, but they actually plan to use all these paintings for a permanent exhibition. The secretary chief said, "Chairman Yu has instructed to hold three of the upcoming Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra concerts as free performances for visually impaired people and their guardians. Your paintings will adorn the corridors leading to the concert hall."


Things have escalated beyond what I planned. This is bigger than I expected.

I simply wanted to show my paintings to my brother, mom, and students in similar situations. But the situation has grown bigger than anticipated, though I'm not the one expanding it.

The part-timer welcomed new visitors. Due to the limited space, new visitors entered as the old ones left. As they passed by, I greeted them.

"Welcome, and thank you for coming."

Seeing me greet the visitors, the secretary chief extended her hands and said, "If the price is agreeable, would you sign for us? You seem busy."

"Oh, of course, it's more than I expected. I'll sign."

I immediately took out a pen, signed the contract, and handed it back, bowing slightly.

"Please thank the Chairman, his wife, and the CEO for me. I'll make time to visit them separately."

"Alright, Mr. Artist. Then, I'll take my leave."

The secretary chief turned to leave.

Even after signing, I feel somewhat dazed.

But I'm not overjoyed.

Ha, typical me.

When I first worked with MG Electronics and received the same amount, I was so happy I could jump for joy. But not anymore.

I realize how much I've changed.

Ah, get a grip, me.

New visitors are entering.

I want to go explain at least one more painting. Just as I was about to open the curtain, my phone rang in my pocket.

"What now?"

Seeing the caller, my face brightened.

"Hello, Monica?"

Monica never showed up at my exhibition. I thought we were close, so I felt a bit upset, but it seems she'll come now.

However, Monica's excited voice over the phone was not what I expected.

"-The Sepia Canvas has finally been officially released today. I'll send one to your house, so put it in your living room."

Oh, it's finally out. That awkwardly named gadget.

"Ha ha, thanks, Monica."

She must have been too busy with the new product launch to come. I almost felt unnecessarily upset.

But that gadget needs to sell well too.

That will help Monica's stock rise.

I hope Monica, like Minyoung's W Tree Group which is the talk of the town these days, will continue to soar. Someday, when she launches her clothing line, no matter the cost, I will be the first to buy it.

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