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Chapter 95 Part 1 - The Mysterious Art Museum

A street artist's life changed when he ended up at a mysterious art museum. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Art,Artist,Slice of life,Poor to Rich,Mystery

A Painting for Them (9)

The last day of the exhibition.

These past three months have been tough.

When I got home, I'd almost pass out and sleep, unable to even eat breakfast before heading out to check the venue and manage the part-time workers.

Moreover, the hardest part was having only one high-quality dress shirt to go with the expensive suit I bought at Monica's suggestion, which meant I had to do laundry late at night.

Feeling sorry to ask my mom to do laundry despite returning home late, and being used to doing things on my own after living alone for so long, I would doze off until the laundry was done, then hastily iron it with a portable iron in the morning.

I need to buy more shirts.

Back when I worked at MG Electronics, I had bought a couple of shirts online, but after experiencing the miracle of a low-quality dress shirt making even my coat look cheap under the expensive suit, I couldn't do that anymore.

I don't have an eye for clothes, so I should ask Monica to pick out shirts for me when I get the chance.

Seven in the evening.

The exhibition will close in an hour.

But the venue is still bustling with people.

They are the last visitors to the exhibition, busy with life and only now finding the time.

I gave my best to every last person. It might be tough, but so what? I'm tired, but so what? Today is the last day.

After finishing the explanation for a family of four with a baby, the last visitors, a part-time worker outside gives me the signal that the exhibition is over. Finally, I could sit down for the first time since lunch.

"Ah, I'm dead."

According to Jungmin noona, artists who frequently hold exhibitions do this twice a year. How do they live like this? Preparing for the exhibition is hard, but running the exhibition is even more physically demanding. My energy is completely drained, staring blankly with unfocused eyes, while the part-time workers are wrapping up the final clean-up.

I wanted to help, but I had a different job.

Once the exhibition is over, I have to take down and transport the paintings. I'll rest a bit before then.

"Great work, Master Artist!"

"Thank you for your hard work!"

The part-time workers, who have finished cleaning and are about to leave for home, come to say goodbye. I weakly raise my hand to return the greeting, but I don't forget to take photos with the students and give autographs. Honestly, the autograph was something I hastily made. If Youngju hadn't told me to prepare an autograph just before the exhibition, I would have definitely been flustered.

After the part-time workers leave, Youngju and the staff arrive with a truck.

Sitting alone on a plastic chair and resting, I smiled when I saw Youngju and the staff.

"Sorry, it's past quitting time. Consider this overtime pay."

Youngju chuckles while taking down the paintings.

"Bullshit, I'm fine, just take care of the kids."

Jiyong, Yeonjeong, and Jiyeon also wave their hands.

"We're okay, oppa."

"We can help out with this much!"

"Right, oppa."

I grinned and helped with taking down the paintings.

"Don't make me out to be a greedy boss and take the money. No complaints later."

After loading a painting onto the handcart and straightening my back, Youngju slaps my back.

"Dude! What are you doing here?"

"Ow! Why? Aren't you taking down the paintings?"

"Crazy man, that's a worker's job. You should be going to the after-party, silly."

Ah, right, I forgot.

Jungmin noona told me to come to the hotel restaurant, but I forgot.

But I feel too guilty. The staff are helping out after work, and here I am, the main character, going off to eat.

"It's fine, they'll eat first."

Ignoring Youngju's words, I continued to help with the paintings. Things like removing partitions will be taken care of by the hotel, so once we load the paintings, we're done. After loading all the paintings onto the truck, Youngju, sitting in the passenger seat, speaks.

"Jiyong, Yeonjeong. You guys go home from here. Jiyeon is heading in the same direction, so I'll drop her off on the way."

I open the passenger window and call out to Youngju.

"Can you handle unloading the paintings alone?"

"Why would I do it alone? The driver is here. You go to the after-party and come to work late tomorrow. Great job, Boss! Driver, let's go."

Watching the departing car, I take out my wallet, give taxi fare to Jiyong and Yeonjeong, and then head to the restaurant.

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