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Chapter 10 Part 1 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Sob sob, today's meal was delicious.

It wasn't a joke, but a sincere sentiment. The food in first class was on a level three dimensions apart. Even the normal class had meals as tasty as those made by Clare.

Above all, it was shocking to see the light of magic in the food. Eating this every meal would be like consuming an elixir...!! Just how good must the ingredients be to achieve this?

[Is it really something to get so excited about?]

"Well, maybe a dragon wouldn't understand..."

A creature that accumulates magic just by breathing might not get it. After all, we live in a world where people bleed for a single elixir.

[You do realize you're lying down and spitting up right now, right?] (T/N: To Spit Lying Down: A korean idiom used to describe a situation where one means to harm another, but ends up harming themselves in the process)

Oops, I'm half-dragon myself...!!

[Let's stop with the unfunny jokes. So, what are you going to do now, Dad?]

"What can I do..."

In the end, there's only one thing that's certain. To become strong enough in the next 10 years to find a way to retrieve Alkinea from the other world.

Even if it's been 10 years, it might not feel that long.

This is because, starting from this year, incidents and accidents around the world have been non-stop.

If you ask when the incidents and accidents have stopped, I have nothing to say, but the ten years I remember after that are truly dismal, especially in the hunter industry.

In such a situation, it's obviously impossible for me to leisurely search for artifacts alone. It's also impossible to find a gate where artifacts might be, because the hunter industry that can gather that information is ruined.

Saving the hunter industry is the only hope to save the world! It's a bit funny to say that, though.

Anyway, the first goal should be to prevent the downfall of the hunter industry, starting with the death of the white man.

"Oh my... How great a man I am. Do I have to save not only the dragon but also the world?"

[Wouldn't mom be happy if dad saved the world!?]

I wish that were the case. She might tell me not to do anything dangerous for no reason. Neia is a bit similar to Claire in character.

"But it's true that there's nothing to do right now."

For the time being, there was nothing to do but to steadily operate magical power to clean and expand the mana paths.

Thinking about the muscle pain that was to come, it was nice that it was the weekend, but it also felt like a waste of time... Staying cooped up in the training room wouldn't be too bad either.

[How about asking Namgung Seong for help?]

To Shar's innocent question, Yeon-woo responded. The Namgung Clan... Yes, that's a good idea, but...

"Unless Namgung Seong recommends me, ordinary people can't enter."

Of course, it wasn't that there were no cases of inviting external disciples, but in truth, there wasn't a sword technique he wanted to use badly enough to become an external disciple. There are demerits as well as merits.

[Why? He seemed really strong.]

"That's because he's a direct descendant. An ordinary person can't even properly utilize half of it."

He had seen it a few times before his regression. It was the Soaring Raptor technique performed by an external disciple of Namgung.

It was weaker than what Namgung Seong had used just before. And that guy had been learning the Azure Sky Endless Sword for nearly ten years.

[Is it because you don't have wings? Dad will be able to fly with wings later, wouldn't that be okay?]

"What, that's so cool."

Really? When? You know about Dragon Wings, they're really cool.

But when you look closely, the story was a bit different.

"After all, it's a human body."

In conclusion, the story was that Namgung's swordsmanship, which is based on the shape of the divine eagle, would not fit unless it was at least a bird.

The body should be light compared to the robust physique, and so on... such complex conditions must be met, including wings, for Namgung's swordsmanship to reveal its full performance.

Yeon-woo shrugged his shoulders.

Whether he was sulking because he was contradicted every time he spoke, or whether he lost interest, Shar made a snorting sound and came down on Yeon-woo's palm, fetching the remote control far away.

[Dad's story is boring. I'm going to watch TV.]

"Do you want to watch Pororo?"

[Don't treat me like a kid.]

What's wrong with Pororo! The baby polar bear captain Pororo, who was my admiration when I was young! And you are a kid!

As much as I wanted to argue, it was an immature thing to do.

Despite knowing this, I watched Sharl skillfully operate the remote control before heading to the shower room. The last time I saw her, she was seriously watching the news.

Is she really a child?

I spent another late night gathering mana through meditation. The Dragon Heart, capable of accumulating mana even in places where it's scarce, is truly the best.

In some sense, the true essence of Qi cultivation might actually refer to the Dragon Heart. Would efficiency improve if I mastered an appropriate mana technique? I pondered for a moment, but no answer came to me.

Not long after Yeon-woo finished showering, a sharp beep sounded, followed by a deep voice resonating.

- Mic test. Mic test. Uh, this is Park Geo-in, the dorm supervisor for the Normal Class of the Harmony Academy's male dormitory. Some of you may be getting ready for bed and some may not, but for about the next ten minutes, I'd like to make a brief announcement regarding the dormitory. If possible, I would appreciate it if everyone could gather in the lobby on the first floor.

Once again, a sharp noise. Following a brief silence, Shar burst into loud laughter.

[Puhaha, how can someone's name be Park Geo-in? It's Park Giant, Park Giant!] (T/N: Geo-in (거인) actually translates to "giant" or "huge person" in English]

"Don't make fun of people's names, Shar."

[But it's funny!]

Well, she's still young and can be taught in time. Honestly, the name is kind of funny. Yeon-woo took out a tracksuit he had brought from the orphanage and got dressed.

Yeon-woo's room was number 303. It had a school-view, where he could see the building of the Hunter Department far below the mountain through the terrace.

For Yeon-woo, it was just two floors down to the ground, but for those on the top floor, around the fifth floor, they might want to take the elevator. At times like this, Yeon-woo preferred to get a bit of exercise. It would also help relieve muscle soreness.

Yeon-woo opened the door to the emergency exit and trudged down the stairs.

"What, there's someone else using the stairs besides me?"

No wonder he hadn't heard the door close. Yeon-woo turned around at the somewhat familiar voice that seemed to be feigning friendliness.

I'm not sure whether I should apologize for having such an impression on my first encounter, or ask for understanding because it's my first impression, but he was a boy with a slightly frivolous feel.

He was like a classmate B in the game, who approached unknowingly with a wobbly smile.

With his hoodie deeply pulled down, the boy casually approached Yeon-woo. Life is all about getting ahead. Yeon-woo opened his mouth to the boy who was holding the handrail of the stairs.

"Life is always a series of training, isn't it? Do you live on the 3rd floor?"

"Oh, you too? It's a connection of the 3rd floor. My name is Jung Yoo-jin."

"Yeah, I'm Choi Yeon-woo, living in room 303. Shall we start with a deep discussion about snack and beverage preferences after listening to the explanation from the supervisor?"

"This kid, does he know how to have fun?"

Yeon-woo, who successfully added one more friend, went down to the first floor while having a light conversation with Jung Yoo-jin. This guy's color is... let's see, bright yellow? It's a bit of an eye-straining color.

As Yeon-woo frowned and rubbed his nose, Jung Yoo-jin asked with a puzzled face. It was because, to Yeon-woo's view, the dormitory staircase was dark, not bright.

"What, have you been staring at your phone all the time?"

"No, your magic color is too harsh on my eyes...."


At Jung Yoo-jin's reaction, furrowing her brows as if to ask what he was talking about, Yeon-woo had no response to give. His magic color is dazzling...?

"What's a magic color? ....Huh, what. Are you perhaps a magic empath?"


'Wait, Shar, what's going on. Ordinary people can't visually see the movement of magic? Why didn't you tell me! I've become a very special person!!’

[Dad, calm down. Think the other way around. I can't possibly know how magic looks from a human's perspective!]

Oh, that's right!

Upon learning the shocking truth, Yeon-woo wore a flustered expression. Jung Yoo-jin, who seemed to have roughly caught on, casually put her arm around his shoulder.

"What, you didn't know? I don't know why, but you seem to want to hide it, so if I keep my mouth shut, can you do me a favor?"

"A favor?"

"It's not a big deal. Just occasionally get me something. Empaths are usually high-ranked, so can you drop some beans?"

He was unbelievably perceptive for someone who had just entered the Academy. One might say he had been caught at a disadvantage, but it didn't leave a bad impression. After all, someone who knows how to strike a deal is often easier to get along with.

"You seem more suited to be a merchant than a hunter, don't you think? Well, don't get your hopes up too high and just wait."

"Ha ha, then I'll be satisfied if I can just score a meal or two!"

I feel bad for thinking he was frivolous at first...

He turned out to be a really good guy.

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