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Chapter 9 Part 2 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,Fluff

‘Then what is that breathing sound?’

Namgung Seong was puzzled, and Choi Yeon-woo was already slashing down his sword in that one breath.

...In other words, that breath was the start of the routine.

It was the trajectory of the sword that a five-year-old child had held and swung until this age.

Even if his memory was distant, his body remembered. Hadn't he swung it thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of times?

Inhale once, swing once, exhale once.

What had he been thinking while swinging the sword for ten years, until his palms were all blistered?

'Till I can split the heavens.'

Absurdly, he had thought that. All sorts of distracting thoughts fell away from the sword. The sword became pure white. He poured the purest single-mindedness into the sword path.

A surprisingly clean trajectory fell towards the top of Namgung Seong's head as he raised it. Namgung Seong thought it was like the blade of a guillotine, or the judgment of heaven.

Neither slow nor fast.

Neither heavy nor light.

What was falling was not some exquisite swordsmanship technique.

It was just the most basic of basics, honed over a long period of time. The limit that someone without talent could reach. It didn't even contain magic power. He had drawn it unconsciously, returning to the time when he had no magic power.

A chilling sensation struck the bird of prey's mind. An alarm bell rang in his head. He couldn't get hit. Even putting aside the trajectory that was aimed at the top of his head, it was something he couldn't possibly be okay with no matter where it hit...!!

‘Azure Sky Endless Sword──!!’

The first move of his family's secret technique, which he had vowed not to use in his heart, the Soaring Raptor, naturally extended. Even though he had used it in an unstable posture, the internal energy that had naturally circulated through his body once assisted the ascent.

‘Originally, I should have cut it down and soared, but will I be able to soar even after colliding with something like that...!!’

No, why was he getting weak-hearted!! The Azure Sky Endless Sword was a representation of the great ancestor of Namgung, the Divine Eagle. There was nothing that could hinder the ascent of Namgung, and even if there was, he would just break through it head-on and soar!!


A shock comparable to when he faced the Namgung instructors ran through the blade. Namgung Seong clenched his beak. Would the eldest son of Namgung, the master of the strong sword, be pushed back in a sword fight? He just held on with the determination to cut his own guts.

Therefore, a perhaps too obvious result came out.


Crack, crunch...

Unable to withstand the force applied from both sides, Choi Yeon-woo's wooden sword completely shattered, and the Soaring Raptor that flew in struck Yeon-woo's chin and sent him flying.


* * *

Jegal Seongryong, who had been watching the whole process from the side, unconsciously stood up.

Namgung Seong, although his actions were a bit light, was undeniably a prodigy and a monster. Even he, who had awakened all of the Jegal martial principles, always felt burdened when sparring with him.

The fact that he couldn't guarantee victory or defeat was just that, but...

It was only because he was in the same conditions as him, because he was a member of the same Five Great Clans, that he could say that.

It was because of the similar level of education, the similar level of support, and all of that as the foundation, that this guy was not easy to deal with. It was only because of that that he could say that it was difficult to determine victory or defeat with this guy.

Otherwise, he would have lost. Namgung Seong would have been just as strong even if he wasn't of Namgung blood.

‘I have information on all the new students this semester.’

And among them, Choi Yeon-woo's information was so insignificant that it was embarrassing to even call it information.

Jegal Seongryong unfolded his folding fan and covered his mouth.

If that stupid chicken-headed young master saw him, he would definitely say something like, "Is it funny to see me cornered?" But he didn't feel like doing anything about the smile forming on his lips.

‘This is going to be fun.’

At the skill of the unknown young man, Jegal Seongryong felt such certainty.

* * *

[Dad, are you okay!? Dad, wake up! Dad...!! Dad!! Dad, wake up...!! Dad!! Dad, wake up...!!]


I thought I fell asleep watching Clementine*. Why are you calling me like that, Shar? You're bringing back PTSD. [T/N: Seems to be a reference of a TV show]

“Ar-Are you okay...?”

Ugh, what the, a bird is talking!!? Uh... Ah, it's Namgung Seong. Right. We were sparring... and the wooden sword broke...

My jaw hurts, so I guess I got grazed on the chin and passed out. Fortunately, it didn't seem like my jawbone was shattered or anything. It hurts like hell, though.

[What do you mean fortunately!! It's a good thing I quickly put up a barrier, otherwise you would have been completely wrecked!]

Oh, so that's what it was? Aww, our Shar. Thanks to you, I don't have to worry about getting hurt anymore. Aw, our Shar, you did so well.

[I can't do anything if Dad uses up all his magic power!? It's a good thing the training room is abundant in magic power... Hmph!]

It wasn't the time to tease her. It seemed like she really cried. I'll have to comfort her a bit when we get back to the room. Thinking that, I got up.

“I called the medical team, are you okay? I'm really sorry, I didn't know the wooden sword would break.”

“Yeah, you bastard. How hard did you swing it for the wooden sword to break? And it was a brand-name product too. Tsk...”

As I got up, rubbing my numb chin, his expression, which had been restless, became a bit more serious.

Was it because it could have turned into a case of assault by the Five Great Clans, not dating violence but violence during sparring? I had no intention of making it public, though. He said with a serious expression.

“I lost, Choi Yeon-woo.”

What nonsense is this guy talking about?

“Hey, come on. If the sword broke, then the one whose sword broke lost, right? If you're sorry, just give me another wooden sword to replace it.”

“B-But I used a technique.”

“So what? If you practice for years and don't use it during sparring, where are you going to use it? Forget it, just give me another wooden sword as a gift and send some delicious food to Normal Class 303. I want to taste some of your family's food.”

Was it because my mind was an adult but my body was a child that I had my first spar?

I couldn't help but feel like I had used a bit too much strength. I was sure I would be suffering from full-body muscle aches tomorrow, so it would be better to go back to the dorm early today.

Even though I had swung a sword for almost ten years, my body had no actual combat experience.

Before grabbing the doorknob to go out, something came to mind, and I asked Namgung Seong.

“But why did you want to spar with me? Seongryong is over there too.”

“A pretty famous person in our industry is keeping an eye on you. That's all.”

Namgung Seong shrugged and said. I don't know if he thought answering was the only way to repay the favor or what.

I can never understand these martial artists. What industry? Is this guy really a gangster?

I waved once to Namgung Seong, who was making a stiff face, and left the training room.

* * *

“So, how do you feel, Seong?”

“Fucking annoyed.”

Sulking... was a cute expression to use for someone with such a fierce appearance, but Jegal Seongryong felt it was the most appropriate one. Namgung Seong furrowed his brow and stroked his soft feathers once with his hand.

“Keke, the dignity of the great Namgung Seong is in shambles.”

“Not to that extent, but...”

Namgung Seong muttered as he groomed his beak for a moment.

“I think I understand why the Myriad Sword are keeping an eye on that guy.”

“Indeed. He seems worth befriending.”

“Ugh, you creepy bastard. Value in friendships...”

Namgung Seong waved his hand in disgust at Seongryong's words.

“Then you should go now too. I need to train.”

Leaving Namgung Seong behind as he started swinging his sword, Jegal Seongryong walked out of the training room.

‘Has the fire been lit?’

Well, I can't be taking it easy either. Thinking that, Seongryong walked towards the dormitory.

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