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Chapter 10 Part 2 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Park Geo-in was a man as impressive as his name suggested, standing at 2 meters tall with muscles that seemed ready to burst through his shirt. With his refreshing buzz cut, tall stature, and muscles... His face was also handsome without any harsh angles, clearly benefiting from the positive effects of mana.

Considering his deep, resonant voice coming through the speakers, this man must be quite popular.

"It looks like everyone's here. So, that's a total of 52 men in the Normal Class dormitory. It would be boring to keep you all here, so let's quickly go over the details and head back to your rooms."

Speaking comfortably and chuckling, Park Geo-in's words were met with cheers from the students. A dormitory supervisor who doesn't interfere and leaves them free. How nice it is.

Rather, the upper classes are likely to be strict with the rules, so it might be considered an advantage of the normal class.

Park Geo-in looked at the board that seemed smaller than his palm, perhaps because of what he was holding in his hand.

"Firstly, when you go out after eleven o'clock in the dormitory, you should tell the duty room exactly. If any discrepancies are found later, you will be penalized, so be careful. Don't go to the girls' dormitory late at night. There are traps set up there with magic. I know well because I tested it. On our side, it's just for theft prevention, but it's really dangerous there."

Occasionally inserting fun stories, Park Geo-in began to explain the rules one by one. Most of them were acceptable, so the explanation went smoothly without any significant objections.

"Ah, and... student Choi Yeon-woo. You're quite diligent. You probably know most of it, but I'll explain it in advance on this occasion. You guys, know that you owe your lives to Yeon-woo. If it wasn't for him, I would have called you again next time."

Park Geo-in, who had said so, picked up the brown parcel that was placed next to him. Yeon-woo wondered what kind of parcel was coming to him. Ah, he had applied for a student ID in advance yesterday.

As he tore open the thrown brown parcel, a luxurious black box came out.

"There's a student ID and a magical tool called an Information Ring inside. The student ID is very convenient to carry around as it serves as a debit card, ID, and hunter's license. Make sure to apply for it. There's also a dignity maintenance fee of 100,000 won once a month, but be careful as you can only use it around the academy."

Oh, are they giving me an allowance? It didn't feel too bad if he thought of it as getting some of his tuition back.

"And the important thing is this thing called the 'Information Ring', Yeon-woo, try it on."

As he said, a red ring was enclosed with the student ID. He didn't know where to put it, so he casually put it on his left index finger, and it shrank to fit his finger size.

"That thing is, well... it's really easy to explain...."

Scratching the back of his head, Park Geo-in spoke with a slightly embarrassed expression.

"It's like those status screens that sometimes appear in games or novels. Since you guys are still young and might not know what you lack or what you have enough of, it shows your ability scores from 1 to 10."

At the mention of infusing mana, Yeon-woo slightly released some of his own. Then, a familiar augmented reality-style blue window appeared before his eyes, displaying brief information about Yeon-woo.

"By the way, others can't see it, so you can relax. Right now, I'm just roughly using mana to show that something has appeared. Since it contains each person's information, be careful not to lose it, or you'll have to pay to get it reissued."

Looking around, the subtle purple mana was materialized. For a mere dorm supervisor, his level of attainment was quite high. Was there such a person around?

Yeon-woo's ability scores were roughly as follows:

Name: Choi Yeon-woo

Grade: 1st year


Strength: 1

Agility: 1

Endurance: 2

Magic Power: Insufficient

Magic Quality: 5

Swordsmanship: 1

Status Window!!

A word that makes me want to shout out. What are you, always a longing name….

Anyway, other than the quality of magic, there's really nothing to see. Even the quantity is so insufficient that it's not worth mentioning. I spend several hours a day gathering magic, and I felt a bit aggrieved.

But well, it's a thief's heart to hope to catch up with those who have been living on potions since childhood. No matter how much you have a dragon heart, you can't beat time.

Rather, even though the quantity is less than 5, the quality will be higher than that of the five Great Families or large corporations’ promising talents.

The more magic accumulates, the harder it is to increase its purity, so in the future, it will rather result in a reduction of time.

'I'm satisfied.'

The lack of magic is something you can save and use. Squeezing the resources you have to the limit was rather the realm of specialty.

"You may not see much right now, but it will increase over time. Most of what you can present as a hunter is displayed. Among the fellow teachers, there's even a kid who's making a fuss about raising his cooking to 7 and going up to 10."

Hahaha, the lobby was filled with light laughter. After a slight pause, Park Geo-in clapped his hands loudly to draw everyone's attention and said,

"Then that's all for the explanation. Was it a bit long? If you have any questions, feel free to come to the dorm supervisor's office on the first floor anytime. Sleep well!"

It meant that everyone dispersed noisily, each going their own way. It meant that Yeon-woo and Jung Yoo-jin entered the convenience store together.

Yes, the wild night had not even begun yet...!!

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