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Chapter 12 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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Crete continued speaking, ignoring Rene's cold gaze.

"Sytan is by no means an easy place. With your skills, you'll surely die before long."


Rene must have heard about Sytan as well, as she remained silent, her lips pressed together.

Crete's gaze left the silent Rene and turned elsewhere.

This time, I followed her gaze to see where she was looking...

Crete's gaze was fixed directly on 'me'.

"......However, I must keep my promise."

Ignoring my clueless expression, Crete turned her gaze back to Rene and spoke.

"I will grant you the right to enroll in Sytan, but in return, you must take Adel as your escort."


Rene shook her head.

Eventually, tears welled up in her eyes.

It was very similar to how a girl who had been assigned to sit next to me in elementary school would burst into tears. It made me feel very uncomfortable.

But there was something even more uncomfortable.

"May I say something?"


"I never said I would go..."

I had never expressed any intention of enrolling in Sytan.

Why would I, who am a dropout, accept Crete's offer to go to Sytan?

Crete snorted at my words and replied in a curt voice.

"Members of the Bares family must obey the Lord's words absolutely. That is the principle... but it seems you have forgotten. Remember it well from now on."

Crete turned his head away.

His confident demeanor was shamelessly convincing.

I was about to say something when...

─ That's why, please...

─ ......Do it.

Was it my imagination, or did the guy's last words just flash through my mind?

……This time, my intuition is telling me the same thing.

That it would be a good idea to enroll in Sytan according to Crete's words.


I let out a deep sigh.

Yeah, let's give it a try.

Has there ever been a time when things went wrong when I followed my intuition?

And come to think of it, enrolling in Sytan wasn't such a bad choice.

'It's clear that it would be a great advantage to me as a writer…….'

The things that will happen at the Imperial Academy.

And the things that will happen at Sytan.

In particular, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that I know everything about the Imperial Academy.

As for Sytan, I don't know the little things that happened within the Demon Realm, but I do know most of the major events.

'In addition, it would be the most suitable place to achieve my goal.'

The goal I first set when I came to the Demon Realm.

Like the assassination group that Adel created in the human world, I will gather stronger people in the Demon Realm and build my own power.

I was at a loss for how to start, but if I enroll in Sytan, the story will be different.

Sytan may be inferior to the Imperial Academy, but it is certainly a place where promising children of the Demon Realm are gathered.

If only I could win them over.

I might really be able to kill the protagonist…….


"It seems a little difficult."

I shook my head resolutely as I continued to think deeply.

'Anyway, Crete plans to enroll me in Sytan even if I refuse.'

So I have to get what I can get.

It is clear that I will die if I enroll in Sytan now.

If it was a ma

With Adel's talent, even the Imperial Academy would try to take him in.

What was on my mind was the peak value of mana.

'What good is it if I have great talent, but not enough mana…….'

It was certainly a good thing to have reached stage 'II' of Position Exchange.

However, I don't have enough mana to use Position Exchange proficiently, so it's no different from a shiny apricot.

That's why I need to get an item related to mana from Crete.

"I would like to ask for one thing in return."

"In return-."

Crete, who had been considering my request for a moment, opened his mouth and asked.

"What is it that you desire?"

"I want something related to mana."

"Hoo…… I thought you would ask me to remove it."


Crete's voice that swept through the area near my heart made me shut my mouth tightly.

I thought he would ask me to remove the Gu poison, but since unexpected words came out, he was showing interest.

……I earnestly hope that he didn't notice.

As I wished, Crete quickly changed the subject.

“It's not difficult.”

“May I take it that you mean you will grant my request?”



I cheered inwardly.

The gamble I had thrown to get a solution for mana had succeeded.

While I was gauging what Crete would give me in return, I let my imagination run wild.

'A potion that increases the maximum value of mana would be good, and an artifact that allows me to use mana efficiently wouldn't be bad either.'

No matter what I received, it was clear that it would be a great power in the future.

As the name suggests, it is a family of one of the Seven Deadly Sins, so they will not give me something trivial.

Even more so if it was something that the head of the family was giving me directly.

Naturally, I had high expectations for what Crete would give me.

“Rene, go outside.”

Before offering the price, Crete gave Rene an order to leave.

Rene seemed somewhat dissatisfied, but she nodded and went out the door.



After the door closed and only Crete and I were left in the office, silence fell.

Crete was the first to break the silence.

“It's a treasure that the people of the family can react sensitively to, so I sent my daughter away.”

A treasure that even the people of the family can react sensitively to?

I couldn't help but be bewildered.

The Eye of Arrogance was also a great treasure, but it might be a treasure that lightly surpasses the Eye of Arrogance.

I wondered if it was okay for me to receive such a thing, but I shook my head and dismissed it.

It was not the time for me to be picky about my situation.

And the moment I heard Crete's next proposal, I could not help but express my shock.

“I will pass on the mana method of the Bares family to you.”

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