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Chapter 13 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

Mana technique.

A breathing technique that is essential for increasing the maximum value of mana and using it more efficiently.

Since each family in the Demon Realm passes it down as a secret technique, it was extremely difficult to obtain such a breathing technique.

Crete was now offering me such a Mana technique as a reward for my enrollment.

Furthermore, it was the technique of the Bares family, a member of the Seven Deadly Sins…….

That's why I looked at Crete with a bewildered expression and asked.

"Are you serious?"

"Do you think I, the head of the family, would speak empty words?"

"That's not it, but...."

I trailed off, feeling uneasy.

I knew that Crete had no reason to deceive me.

I had a vague sense that, to Crete, I was nothing more than an interesting plaything.

Even so, I couldn't easily believe what Crete was saying.

Perhaps because the Mana technique was a treasure more valuable than the Eye of Arrogance.

Crete spoke to me, who was looking suspicious.

"I know that you have a small amount of mana. It doesn't seem like you're hiding it."


I nodded at Crete's words.

He was so powerful that he could not even fathom the gap between us, so he had instantly grasped the extent of my mana.

"A cultivation technique is the best way to efficiently develop your mana. Relying on the power of magic tools or elixirs will only hinder your growth rate in the long run."

In short, he was offering to give me a more efficient and useful mana cultivation technique.

It seemed excessive as a reward, but then I thought of Sytan, and it felt insufficient.

Nine out of ten Sytan students would likely lose their lives within a few years...

It's better to think positively.

I finally decided to accept Crete's offer.

"Then I'll gratefully accept it."

"Haha... good."

Crete started to laugh.

Then, stopping his laughter, he beckoned me with his finger.

"Come closer."


I stopped in front of Crete.

He reached out his hand towards my head.

The moment his palm touched the top of my head, an immense pain surged through me like a storm.


My eyes widened in shock.

I had long forgotten about my headache.

I focused on deciphering the numerous phrases flowing through my mind.

Crete was transmitting the verses of the mana cultivation technique through some kind of telepathy.

- Oh Demon God, grant your servant the understanding of the flow of chaos.

- Bestow upon us righteous trials, and let not the demons starve.

- But lead us not into temptation. For if you do, we shall glorify your name.

After reciting all the verses Crete had imparted,


A sigh escaped my lips.

Even though I had only read a few sentences, my mental strength was severely depleted.

It was Crete's cold voice that roused me from my thoughts.

"Have you memorized all the verses?"

"...I think I can recite them with my eyes closed."

A smile crept back onto Crete's face as I replied curtly.

What is it?

I hope I didn't make another slip of the tongue.

While I was worrying about that, a voice filled with amusement reached my ears.

"As expected, you're an interesting one."

"What do you mean..."

"Normally, people would go mad as soon as they heard the verses. It's because they are directly receiving mana from the Demon God."


Demon God.

A term referring to the 'Seven' gods who embraced and observed the Demon Realm.

I never imagined that the Bares family's mana cultivation technique would be connected to the Demon God...

The demon families symbolizing the Seven Deadly Sins each worshipped a different Demon God.

That's all I knew.

The Demon Realm was destined to be destroyed by the protagonist's group, so I had discarded the detailed settings...

'Damn it.'

I narrowed my eyes slightly.

The gaps in the settings, either omitted or not fully developed, tormented me.

Regret continued to fill my emotions.

Crete spoke to me, radiating a sharp aura.

"Your family seems to be connected to the Seven Deadly Sins. As long as the Gu poison resides within you, even if you're a spy, it doesn't matter."


"Did I unintentionally catch a big fish? I should express my gratitude to your family."

Misinterpreting my silence, a smile quickly spread across Crete's face.

I couldn't help but feel awkward.

What connection did Adel's family have with the Seven Deadly Sins?

...I have no recollection of creating such a setting.

While I was pondering,

"Then, you may leave now."


As Crete's dismissal fell, I bowed my head and had to leave.

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