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Chapter 13 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

After leaving

Crete's office, I came to the Bares family garden.

If I practiced the cultivation technique that directly channeled the Demon God's mana in my room, the surging mana would destroy everything.

Alright, let's begin.

I sat cross-legged and started reciting the verses of the mana cultivation technique that Crete had taught me.

"Oh Demon God, grant your servant the understanding of the flow of chaos..."

As I repeated the first verse, I tried to circulate my mana.

That's when it happened.

"Demon God, chaos. Demon God, chaos..."

Whenever I repeated the words Demon God and Chaos abruptly, a strange sensation washed over me, making one side of my chest tingle.

Why is this happening?

For some reason, the flow of mana began to accelerate, and my breathing became rapid.

It took a while for me to realize the reason.

The trait 'Interest' was showing interest in the words Demon God and Chaos.

I rode that momentum and recited the rest of the passage.

"But lead us not into temptation. For if you do, we shall glorify your name.."

The moment I finished the last part.


The mana that had been dormant somewhere in my chest began to stir.

And I opened my mouth slightly at the refreshing and cool energy that washed over me.

'Magic is moving…….'

It was not the human mana that I usually used, but magic, the energy used by the Demon race, that was reacting.

Only then did I realize the true nature of the mana technique that Crete had given me.

Bares' mana technique makes magic move and grow.

If I were to master Bares' mana technique, I would never be able to use human mana again.

'I have to choose.'

Will I choose human mana?

Or will I choose the magic of the Demon race?

……Isn't the answer already set?

Of course-.

'I have to learn Bares' mana technique.'

There was no human mana technique that I could use anyway.

A long time ago.

The bloodline of the Aisen family used their own unique mana technique.

However, as they were all purged, Aisen's mana technique was not passed down to Adel's generation and was lost.

The original Adel created his own technique with his outstanding senses and talents, but I'm not a genius…….

'Since I've come to the Demon Realm, it's impossible to live in the human realm again.'

The option of becoming a Demon race member was not bad either.

My appearance would not change even if I learned magic.

There is no reason for me to give up Bares' mana technique.


I let out a soft sigh.

Let's recite the incantation again.

Even if I am consumed by magic, if I can become stronger, I am not in a position to be picky about what I eat.

I continued to read the incantations until something changed.

- Oh Demon God, grant your servant the understanding of the flow of... glorify your name.

When I finished reading all the incantations while operating mana.

Whoosh-. Whoosh-.

For some reason, an unpleasant wind passed down my spine.

I looked back in surprise and my eyes widened.

‘A mongrel.’

A grayish fog of indiscernible appearance was staring at me.

My skin crawled as the fog swept over my body.

My mouth, which refused to open due to fear, finally parted.

“Who are you……”

Ho, you dare speak first to me.

A black fog using archaic vocabulary.

It was the first time I had ever seen such a peculiar sight, but I could tell the fog’s identity at once.

‘Demon God.’

The seven beings who formed and established the Demon Realm in the distant past.

One of them had responded to the Bares mana cultivation technique and spoken to me.

'You don't seem to be of that child's bloodline. Ah, you carry the blood of that filthy traitor.'


I could only remain silent.

I realized what the term "filthy traitor" referred to.

It must be referring to Arsene, who betrayed and massacred the demons.

Since it seemed to have confirmed my identity, it was my turn to confirm its identity.

"...Are you a Demon God?"

'Indeed, the world calls me the God of Pride.'

A completely unexpected being had suddenly appeared.

What was a Demon God?

An ancient deity?

Such a being had appeared simply because I recited a mana cultivation technique.

I knew the Bares technique was related to the Demon God, but I never imagined that the Demon God itself would show up...

Flick. Flick.

I shook my head to dispel my fear and hesitation.

Just because a transcendental being had appeared, it didn't mean I could just stand there with my mouth shut.

"Are you going to kill me?"

'Hmm, you seem to be mistaken about something.'

"About what..."

'If I had wanted to kill you, you would have died the moment you spoke to me.'

"That's true, but."

He was definitely right.

The black mist was a Demon God, after all.

A supreme being who observed everything in the Demon Realm could have easily crushed me like an ant if it wanted to kill me.

'However, for some reason, I don't feel like killing you.'


'You seem to carry a similar karma to mine... so I feel a sense of kinship with you.'


The black mist drew closer to me.

The oppressive pressure that had been weighing down on me subsided, and a gentle aura began to surround me.

'To you, the arrogant one who wishes to walk the same path as me, I shall bestow a mark. This signifies that you can borrow my power.'

As the black mist muttered something, three black lines were drawn on my right wrist.

As I stared in bewilderment, the mist left me with its final words.

'Arrogant traitor burdened with karma, do not lose your composure in the intoxication of pride.'

That was the end.

The black mist left a mark on my wrist and vanished without a trace.

“What is this?”

I looked at my right wrist with a face full of confusion.

The strokes that formed the character for “cheon” (川), I had a vague idea of how to use them.

Since it was left as proof, it didn’t seem to be useless…….

‘More importantly.’

The proof was a tattoo.

Was it similar to the tattoo of Adel on the nape of my neck?

I felt like my body was gradually becoming covered in tattoos like a gangster.

Since this wasn’t something I wanted to show others, I should hide it with the darkness attribute.

As I sighed while looking at the mark that the Demon King had left me,


I hurriedly turned my head as I heard the sound of someone behind me.

Then, I was able to discover a girl with wide-open eyes, Rene.

I didn’t know why Rene, who should be training in the Martial Arts Hall at this time, was here, but one thing was for sure.

If Rene had heard the Demon King’s words about a filthy traitor, things would become difficult.

Please don’t have heard it…….

I anxiously shifted my gaze towards Rene.

And I was able to see Rene who seemed to be greatly misunderstanding something.


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  1. Demon God = Demon King?

    1. Probably not. It said the demon king died in the last war, and it talked about seven demon gods so they're probably different entities.