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Chapter 22 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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There was a reason why I didn't fully explain my abilities.

I needed to be aware of the stigma that came with being a descendant of the Arsene family.

'It's been fine so far, but I don't know what will happen in the future...'

For some reason, the Bares family didn't show much interest in my abilities.

That's why I was able to hide the fact that I was a descendant of the Arsene family.

However, I had to assume that I would be found out as a descendant of Arsene.

'If someone who knows about my abilities turns into an enemy...'

I would definitely be in a very difficult situation.

So I shouldn't reveal as much about myself as possible.

Chris's eyes sparkled as he accepted my lie as the truth.

"Teleportation? That's a pretty good ability?"

"Thank you for the compliment."

I thanked him briefly and opened my mouth again.

Now that I had figured out the abilities of my teammates, it was time to decide on our positions.

The positions were so simple that I didn't even have to think about it.

"Shancie and Chris, who have abilities that specialize in defense, will be in front, I'll be in the middle, and Kina will support us from behind."



Chris and Kina accepted my words immediately, but Shancie looked a little displeased.

It didn't seem like she was dissatisfied with the position, but rather that she didn't like the fact that I, a half-demon, was giving her orders.

'I don't remember her, so I guess she's from a noble family in the middle of the Demon Realm.'

After all, Chris and Kina's clothes didn't look that expensive.

On the other hand, Shancie's clothes looked different from the start.

I could tell that they were expensive at a glance.

'But in Sytan, there's no such thing as a hierarchy of families.'

In the human Imperial Academy, the story revolves around 'nobility'.

That's why nobles have more say than commoners.

However, Sytan literally trains 'soldiers', so the moment you take the entrance exam, you lose the label of your family.

Of course, if you're a child of the Seven Deadly Sins, that's a different story.

But the family I don't even remember isn't included in that exception.

'Shancie must know that too.'

So, even if I show my displeasure, she won't refute my words.

There won't be any risk of her ignoring my opinion and acting rashly during the battle.

I stopped the brief power struggle with Shancie and turned my gaze away

"Let's watch for a bit."

I was also curious about the Sword Saint's fighting style.

I've read descriptions of it, but I've never actually seen it in person.

* * *

Before I knew it, the first group was about to start the second test.

The group was made up of ordinary demons who didn't include any of the Seven Deadly Sins' descendants.

However, as they had all passed the first test, their fighting spirit seemed to be quite high.

'If all of them attacked me at once, even I would be in danger.'

It's not like they could compare to Crete, but they could easily handle a knight below Peltz's level.

I looked at the first group with a little anticipation.

'I wonder how they'll fight.'

Could there be a hidden gem among them who hasn't shown their true potential yet?

How would the Sword Saint fight?

It was my first time seeing a battle between demons and humans, so my anticipation was even greater.

There was still plenty of time before it was our group's turn.

In the meantime, let's watch the first group's fight leisurely.


Contrary to my expectations, the fight ended abruptly.


The moment the Sword Saint swung his sword, the bodies of two students turned red.

The two students who turned red seemed to have lost consciousness and collapsed on the spot.

The students didn't seem to be injured.

They just seemed to have lost consciousness, probably thanks to a magical device prepared by Sytan's side.

From the beginning, the Sword Saint was a fake created by magic, so he didn't seem to have any killing power.

However, it seemed that if one was hit by an attack that could render him unable to fight, his body would turn red and he would collapse.

"I, I didn't even see it."

"Get up quickly!"

The remaining students of Group 1 shouted at the fallen students, but it was useless.

The Sword Saint swung his sword again and finished off the remaining students.



A cold silence filled the hall.

With just two swings of his sword, the Sword Saint had wiped out all of Group 1's members.

'I didn't even have time to figure out the Sword Saint's attack pattern…….'

I stared at the scene with a hardened expression.

I couldn't even grasp a sense of how to attack that monster.

It seemed that I wasn't the only one who thought that way.

The other students just stared blankly at the Sword Saint.

"Next, it's the 2nd group's turn."

Ares calmly called out the 2nd group amidst the chaotic atmosphere.

The 2nd group was also a group that consisted of students I didn't recognize.

Perhaps the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins, who had a high ranking, were placed in the lower ranks.

'If they were descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins, they would be able to figure out the method to defeat the Sword Saint, even if it's not accurate.'

Through their battles, the students might easily discover something about the Sword Saint.

And that was something Sytan wouldn't want.



Excluding the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins, I would be the student with the highest rank.

The group I belonged to would also be taking the test quite late.

'Somehow, my group is the 33rd group.'

The group that the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins belonged to would be next after me.

I would be able to figure out quite a lot about the Sword Saint by the time our group's turn came.

In addition to that, I had to figure out the real criteria for passing this test.

If defeating the Sword Saint was the only criteria, there wouldn't be any students who would pass, excluding the descendants of the Seven Deadly Sins.

If that happened.

The 'hundreds' of Sytan demons who invaded the human world in the story wouldn't make sense.

There must be some kind of plot device to fill in the gaps in the flawed setting I had created.

'Let's put that thought aside for now.'

I decided that the top priority was to figure out the Sword Saint's fighting style.

However, just like Group 1, Group 2 couldn't escape the predetermined outcome and was mercilessly crushed.

All the students in the 2nd group were writhing on the ground with their bodies turned red.

"Next, the 3rd group."

Ares glanced briefly at the fallen and called out the next group.

The 3rd group was also fearful, but in the end, they all charged at the Sword Saint and the same result came out.

The 3rd group was also annihilated.

A heavy atmosphere descended upon the auditorium due to the disastrous outcome.

The members of our group also seemed quite fearful.

"Will we be able to win……?"

"Huh, are you scared of humans?"

Shancie replied shortly to Chris's feeble question.

Even Shancie, who had said that, was trembling with both legs…….

There was no need to intentionally demoralize her, so I pretended not to notice this time.

"Group 4, come forth."

As the instructors on Sytan's side dragged away the fallen students from Group 3, Ares announced that it was Group 4's turn.

And then, an unexpected situation occurred.


"Isn't it obvious that we'll lose?"

Some of the students in Group 4 began to protest instead of fighting the Sword Saint.

Ares closed his eyes as if he had expected this and opened his mouth.

"Very well. Two students are exempt from the exam. Only those who will take the exam should come forward."

Ares dismissed the unexpected situation with ease.

The two protesting students were excluded, and only the other students in Group 4 took the second exam.

It was a shame that they lost to the Sword Saint without being able to fight back due to the sudden exclusion of two of their teammates.

Chris, who had been watching the scene with a look of disbelief, muttered.

"What the heck? Can you just skip the exam if you want?"

"No way."

I dismissed Chris's question.

It was nearly impossible for the two excluded students to pass the second exam.

Common sense dictated that they should be forced to take the exam, even if it meant losing…….

'Something's up.'

There must be a reason why they were excluded without any punishment.

And it was certain that it was related to the passing condition of the second exam.

And so, the next turn came.

Group 5, Group 6... Group 9.

The students took turns facing the Sword Saint and were defeated.

Among them were students who refused to fight the Sword Saint and were excluded.

As before, Ares excluded them without a word.

And then came the next turn.

Group 10.

Group 20.




...Finally, it was Group 30's turn.

'This is crazy.'

From Group 1 to Group 30.

Not a single group had dealt any significant damage to the Sword Saint.

The Sword Saint was a magical construct, so it didn't get tired.

Needless to say, no group had defeated the Sword Saint.

"It's our turn soon."

"Ugh, I'm shaking..."

Chris and Keena looked visibly nervous.

I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous too.

'But there were some gains.'

I realized as I watched the battles leading up to Group 30's turn.

The battle time increased slightly each time the next group took their turn.

It was not enough to figure out the exact abilities of the Sword Saint, but it was at least a sign that there was a significant difference in skill level between the later groups and the students who had taken the exam first.

On top of that, I also seemed to have figured out the true criteria for passing the second test.


Finally, even the 30th group was completely defeated by Sword Saint, and it was the 31st group's turn.

As expected, the 31st group also held out well, but they were annihilated before long.

The same was true for the 32nd group.

"Next, 33rd group."

Finally, it was our turn.

I walked out in front of Sword Saint with my teammates.

And I turned my gaze towards my teammates and said.

"I found out about the passing criteria for the second test."

"What are you talking about?"

Shancie frowned and asked me.

I shrugged and replied.

"The passing criteria for the second test is to charge forward even when you sense defeat in the face of overwhelming force."


Shancie's eyebrows twitched.

The word defeat seemed to be unpleasant, but perhaps my words were true, so she nodded in agreement.

In addition to the fact that most students pass the second test, the expressions of the instructors looking at the excluded students were not very good.

That doesn't mean they don't see talent at all.

I guess they just want to see what kind of abilities the students have through their battles with Sword Saint.

It doesn't matter if they don't have outstanding talent.

From Sytan's point of view, it's enough to use them as shields.

In a word.

Whether you win or lose against Sword Saint, if you just fight, you pass.


Even if you don't have to risk your life to fight, you still pass.

"Let's catch Sword Saint once."

I said with a sly smile.

Shancie made a ridiculous expression at my words.

Is she saying that it's ridiculous for a mere half-demon, not even a Seven Deadly Sins, to say such a thing?

Well, whatever.

'I can win.'

It's possible with the talent of Adel, the greatest villain I possess.

I took out a dagger from my pocket and shouted to my teammates.

"Now, let's begin."

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