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Chapter 23 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

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The information regarding Nina Sel is tightly wrapped in a veil.

In the original work, Sel is a character from the previous generation of the main characters.

That is why there is no proper description of him.

That's why it might have been easier if the theme of the second test was to deal with the current protagonist.

My head is overflowing with information about the protagonist.


'The protagonist at this point in time would have just entered the Imperial Academy…….'

It was not yet the time for the protagonist to gain great fame.

Three years later, he will gain enough fame to surpass his father, Sel, but for now, the protagonist is just a rookie, not much different from me.

'Even though we are both rookies, our skills are not the same.'

As I thought about the protagonist, a sigh escaped my lips without me realizing it.

This is difficult.

The protagonist at this point in time is definitely stronger than the weakened Nina Sel in front of us, but we are terrified of Sel despite our numbers.

I need to change the atmosphere.

I glanced back.

"Don't get cold feet and remember your positions."

"Got it."

"Hmph, I know that much."

Fortunately, my teammates seemed willing to follow my orders.

Did I naturally become the leader thanks to the performance I showed Shancie?

Shancie also seemed to acknowledge my abilities…….

There was no need to be shy anymore.

"When the battle starts, Mr. Chris, you need to immediately deploy your barrier, and Ms. Shanche, you need to stay behind it."

The only one among us who can act as a shield is Shancie, who has the hardening talent.

This was a measure in case Chris's defensive barrier was destroyed by the Sword Saint's attack.

Of course, it is nearly impossible for the two of them to block the Sword Saint's attack.

However, my aim is to draw the Sword Saint's attention away from me.

The two of them should be able to fulfill that role sufficiently.


I gripped my dagger tightly.

Before I knew it, the Sword Saint had drawn his sword.

At this, I opened my mouth.



As soon as I finished speaking, my whole body began to surge with energy.

As we had agreed beforehand, Kina cast a speed buff on me and my teammates.

At the same time, a rectangular defensive barrier unfolded from Chris's hand.

And in front of the defensive barrier, the Sword Saint's sword flashed.

'Here it comes.'

The Sword Saint's attacks were not only swift but also accompanied by a tremendous shockwave.

After observing thirty battles, I realized that the Sword Saint does not use sword energy.

I don't know if it's out of arrogance or if he can't use it because it's only 10% of his true strength.

One thing is for sure.

Shancie, who is a Demon Realm noble, can easily block it.


As expected, Chris's defensive barrier was shattered by the Sword Saint's attack.

However, Shancie crossed her arms to defend, preventing their annihilation.

Just before the Sword Saint, who had his attack blocked by both of them, could swing his sword again.


My shoulder twitched.

'Is this my chance?'

The gap that the Sword Saint revealed.

But I didn't attack.

I had to pass on this opportunity.

For some reason, an uneasy feeling held me back.

The gap that the Sword Saint revealed was so obvious that I hesitated to attack.

Even if it was only 10% of the Sword Saint's strength, it felt strange for him to reveal such a blatant opening.

Even more so considering that this is a practical exam.

'As I thought.'

In that brief moment that I hesitated, the gap that the Sword Saint had revealed was completely filled.

A trap.

The Sword Saint had intentionally revealed an opening to lure me in.

I let out a sigh of relief inwardly at the sight.

If it weren't for my gut feeling, I would have fallen for it.

And so, we faced the Sword Saint's second attack.

"Damn it!"

Chris cursed and deployed his defensive barrier once more.

Just like before, Chris's defensive barrier was smashed to pieces.

The shockwave that followed engulfed Shancie's body.

'The situation isn't good.'

Chris's defensive barrier, which was less complete than the first time, was broken through too easily.

As a result, Shancie suffered a serious injury from this attack.

Of course, the wound inflicted by the Sword Saint was not a physical wound but a type of illusion, but judging from the cracks in Shancie's rocky arm, it seemed difficult for her to endure any longer.

Another gap appeared in the Sword Saint's defenses as a result of Shancie's sacrifice.

But this time again, I couldn't attack rashly and stopped moving.


The Sword Saint revealed an opening.

A gap appeared between his abdomen and chest, wide enough to stab a dagger into.

However, a sense of unease kept ringing alarm bells in my head.

I had no evidence, but I felt like the Sword Saint was baiting an attack.

As I remained motionless, Chris shouted.

"Why aren't you attacking? We're all going to die if you keep spacing out!"

"Please wait a moment. I'm still figuring things out..."

"You idiot!"

Chris hurriedly put up a defensive barrier against the Sword Saint's relentless attacks.

The situation seemed dire, but I couldn't bring myself to intervene.

I could understand Chris's desperation, but how could I attack when it was clear that this was a trap?

Unable to find an answer, I glanced down at my wrist.

'Should I use it?'

The token given to me by the Demon God.

If I used these three strokes, I would be able to subdue the Sword Saint easily.

But I quickly shook my head.

It was not yet time.

It would be excessive to use the token in a test that I was certain to pass, even if I had to suffer a little.

So I had to defeat the Sword Saint with my current abilities alone.

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