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Chapter 3 Part 2 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

“For now……”

I need to adapt to Adel’s talents.

Since traits are a supplementary concept, there is no need to put in the effort to train them right now.

However, Adel’s talents needed to be used right away.

Is there anything I can use it on?

While I was searching for an object to use the ability on.

The armor placed next to the door came into my sight.


As soon as I uttered the word, the arrows disappeared.

As if teleporting, my body blurred and the world began to reverse.


My legs, unable to withstand the ability, lost their center and collapsed.

All the arrows that had been created disappeared.

Damn it.

I got up with a sigh and a curse.

My whole body ached.

The sound of my joints cracking rang in my ears.

"As expected, I can't do it all at once."

I had hoped to succeed once, like with the traits, but it seemed I was being too greedy.

It seems like I’ll have to spend the whole day adapting…….

The time until the knights of the six families arrive was pressing.

Even so, it was worth the investment.

“Let’s try again.”

I once again devoted myself to using Position Exchange and the traits.

From evening until dawn.

Dozens, hundreds of times.



And a day later.

Uninvited guests came.

* * *

Before I knew it, the sun had set and the moon had risen.

The residents of the estate stopped what they were doing and went home, so only silence and tranquility settled in Arsene's territory.

What broke the silence was the sound of noisy horseshoes and various metals colliding.


Uninvited guests with iron armor that faintly reflected the moonlight and a sword each at their waists.

Carrying a deep murderous intent, they headed for Arsene's mansion.


The man who was running in the lead raised his hand to stop the horses and waited for a while.

Then the front door of the mansion slowly began to open.


The man and the knights entered the front door and stared at a servant approaching them.

"Are you Sir Peltz?"

The servant who had met the knights asked, but the man called Peltz did not answer the question.

He simply took out a necklace with a lion pattern drawn on his chest and showed it to him.

"Yes, that's enough. But why are the knights behind you……."

The servant looked somewhat bewildered.

They must have come to kill Adel, the head of the Arsene family.

That's why the servant couldn't understand.

Five knights were dispatched to kill a child…….

"Do you have a complaint?"

"No, but……."

"They do not tolerate failure. Of course, it is excessive manpower, but isn't it better if the work is easier?"

"I see."

The servant listened to Peltz's answer and obediently agreed.

Those people must have been the high-ranking members of the six families.

How could a mere servant like him know their intentions?

"This way."

The servant, who had collected his thoughts, guided them to where Adel was.

The eerie interior of the mansion.

All the other servants had been bribed by the six families a long time ago, so they had already escaped.

So as they walked through the corridor.

"The bastard is in here."

The servant stopped and pointed to a tightly closed door.

Peltz frowned at the servant's words.

The inside of the room was quiet.

There could be nothing there, or Adel could be asleep, but…….

After decades of experiencing fierce battlefields, Peltz's intuition was ringing alarm bells.

Something felt off.

Peltz nodded and said,

"Go in first."

"Me, sir?"

"Well, who else is there besides you."

"I understand……"

The servant clicked his tongue inwardly but followed the order without complaint.

He didn't dare to talk back to Peltz, one of the six family knights.


The servant carefully opened the door in case Adel woke up.

"Young master?"

The servant called Adel quietly and approached the bed slowly, keeping the door closed so as not to arouse suspicion.

As he got closer to the bed, he peeked his head out to check on Adel's condition.

"Well, he's still asleep."

Adel was fast asleep under the covers.

The servant didn't suspect anything unusual.

There was no way that Aesop could have known that the knights would come in advance.

Even if he had known, it wouldn't have mattered.

How could Adel possibly handle the knights behind him?

"Well, I should check to be sure."

The servant had to do what he was told without complaint, especially because he was terrified of Peltz.

The servant who remained in the Arsene family was a low-ranking member at the time of the Arsene family's purge, which is why he survived.

Since then, he had been secretly bribed by the six families and had been selling information, so he had heard about Peltz's terror.

He didn't want to provoke him unnecessarily and add to his reputation.

"I bear no grudge."

This child is innocent…….

No, is he?

He's been a nuisance to me, so this is like a punishment for him.

Why on earth are the six families so concerned about young master…….


The servant rationalized his actions as he approached Adel.

To confirm that he was asleep.

But then.


Adel's closed eyes opened.

His eyes, glowing an ominous blood red, scanned the servant's body through the slits.

"Wh, what the!"

The servant froze, unable to even scream at the sight of his eerie eyes.

He had sensed something strange.

But the servant, overwhelmed by Adel's 'killing intent,' couldn't utter a single word.


So easily.

Adel's dagger pierced his neck.

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