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Chapter 4 Part 1 - The Narrow-Eyed Villain of the Demon Academy

The worst and strongest villain. I became a narrow-eyed character Arsene Adel. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Academy,NEVDA,Fantasy,Possession,Assassin

The lukewarm blood flowed down my cheek.

I watched the servant’s body collapse powerlessly and calmed my rapid breathing.

‘It wasn’t difficult.’

Using the Killing Intent trait, I momentarily paralyzed the servant's movements before swiftly driving the dagger into his throat, ending his life.

Then I quickly stabbed him in the throat with a dagger and killed him.

That’s how I committed my first murder.

‘However, I don’t even feel a shred of agitation. It’s strange…….’

Instead, my Interest trait showed interest in the murder.

Like a wild wolf craving blood and flesh…….

I shook my head to stop the negative thoughts and got up.

‘I don’t have time for this.’

I had to move before the knights outside the door barged in.

‘I wish I had prepared in advance or escaped…….’

But there were eyes watching me day and night.

It was safe to assume that everyone in Arsene’s mansion, were spies from the six families.

If I had shown any suspicious behavior, even more knights would have been dispatched immediately.

That’s why now, when all the territory’s people and servants were away, was the best time.

‘Paper and a fountain pen.’

I hurriedly packed the items on the desk.

As I finished preparing, the door swung open with a sound that almost broke it.


The knights, who realized that the servant wasn’t coming out, kicked the door open and rushed into the room.


As soon as the knights entered the room, they drew their swords and pointed them at me.

My expression involuntarily contorted as their killing intent seemed to choke me.

Among them was a man who exuded the thickest killing intent.

'...As expected, Peltz came himself.'

The knight with navy blue hair swept his hair back and looked down at me with sunken eyes.

He was the strongest among the knights dispatched to kill Adel, and the only man who survived Adel’s counterattack in the original story.

That’s why he was someone to be wary of.

“Are you here?”

I spoke to them, licking my lips.

My cheerful voice felt eerie because it didn’t match the situation.

But I didn’t mean to do that.

It was just Adel’s original personality coming out.

“Of course we’re not going to let you live.”

“What are you waiting for? Attack him now!”

One of the knights noticed that I was preparing something and charged at me with his sword drawn.

My plan worked.

I gripped the dagger in my hand and spread the arrows toward the knight.

Following that, I spread the arrows straight toward the knight’s sword.



I switched the locations of the sword and me.

The knight’s sword fell powerlessly to the spot where I had been, and before I knew it, my body was right before the knight’s neck.


The knight didn’t even realize what had happened to him before his neck was pierced by the dagger.

With that, I had instantly taken care of one of the five knights.


A ripple spread across the knights’ faces.

It was an unexpected situation for them.

The moment the sound of their pounding hearts began to ring in my ears.


The knight with the most ferocious aura took a step closer and opened his mouth.

“Knight Commander Peltz of the Leon Duke’s Knights, I will execute the criminal’s sentence.”

As soon as Peltz finished speaking, three knights began to emit an immense murderous aura.

I could feel the aura of their will to absolutely cut me down.

Suddenly, the knights charged at me.

However, I was a little faster than them.

The dagger I threw was already headed toward the glass window.


The glass window shattered like a spiderweb as I threw the dagger.

At the same time, I threw my body out the window toward the ground.


The dagger was caught at the end of the countless arrows that were extending outward.


I used the location swap as soon as I confirmed that the dagger was falling to the ground.

In an instant, my location and the dagger’s location were reversed.

Thanks to the location swap, my head didn’t hit the ground first.

It ended with me just rolling on the ground a few times.



It’s not exactly ignorable pain…….

I held back tears as I picked up the dagger that was falling from the sky.

Then I looked back.

"He moved that distance in an instant?"

"This is no time to be surprised! Chase him before he escapes!"

"Hurry down!"

The knights who had grasped the situation were trying to chase after me.

However, thanks to the fact that I had escaped by jumping out the window, they wouldn’t be able to chase after me right away.

But, it wasn’t enough time for me to relax.

‘Let’s go.’

I hurriedly moved my feet.

If I relaxed even a little bit, the knights would quickly catch up to me.

Compared to their physical abilities, I was just a child.

I have no choice but to run as fast as I can.

How long have I been running for?

‘I’m out of breath…….’

My knees are starting to give out.

Anxiety and large beads of sweat run down my jawline.

Even though I’m running so hard I could die, the knights who left the mansion are rapidly closing the distance between us.

I complained to myself.

‘……This is so unfair to me.’

It wasn’t just the difference in our physical abilities.

Unlike me, who has no means of transportation, the knights have excellent means of transportation called horses.

The gap between us was huge.

"He's getting closer. Increase the horses' speed and overtake him!"

At Peltz’s skilled command, three knights immediately began to charge.

The gap is getting narrower and narrower.

I touched the dagger in my hand and became lost in thought.

‘Should I fight?’

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  1. "Instead, my Interest Trait showed interest in the murder." Capital T suddenly for "trait"
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