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Chapter 4 Part 1 - Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter

Second Life of a Dragon Raising Hunter, made a deal with dragon to raise her daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,Fusion,Fantasy,Dragons,Hunter,Cuteness,Fluff

‘Did I lose consciousness again?’

In the 10 years he’d been traversing gates, he had never lost consciousness, yet here he was, twice in two days just going back and forth. It seemed like it was really time to retire.

As he thought that and lifted his head, a familiar face came into view.

The man in front of him was one thing, but the egg he had been holding just a moment ago was nowhere to be seen.

‘What the, Shar, where did you go?’

Yeon-woo hurriedly looked around. Himself sitting on a chair, Kim Hyun-soo sitting opposite him, and the neatly organized interior of the room.

Considering the gate where he met Alkinea was deep in the mountains, this was clearly a strange situation.

‘Shar is one thing, but… isn’t this guy, the Star Breaker?’

Upon closer inspection, he became certain. Kim Hyun-soo, the Star Breaker. An exceptional genius who received the name of a star at a young age close to adulthood.

It seemed certain, as he had even taken the entrance exam for the academy where he was a teacher 10 years ago.

‘But he’s strangely young. Kim Hyun-soo should be close to forty by now… but he looks like he’s only twenty?’

Was it a magical ability? It was entirely possible.

There was even an old man who had reached the peak of his aura user abilities and entered a state of rejuvenation, so it wouldn’t be impossible for Kim Hyun-soo either.

It might have been a dream. It would make sense if it was a nightmare with the day he lost his egg and received a terrible sentence as the backdrop.

Although he had them quite often, so he couldn't really call them nightmares.

But he soon realized that was a mistake as well.

There was no particular reason. It was just that everything was too different from a dream to simply dismiss it as such.

The hot energy that flowed from Kim Hyun-soo's fingers, which he had placed on his wrist as if taking his pulse, began to circulate through his body as if telling him, "This is how your blood vessels are."

A very unfamiliar energy. But what this energy was, he could guess all too easily.


He thought he was so starved for it that he was even dreaming of feeling magic. But the sensation that followed convinced him it wasn't a dream.

Because his heart was squeezing out something as if resisting the magic.

The pure magic flowing from his heart was colliding head-on with Kim Hyun-soo's magic to drive it out. He groaned involuntarily at the kind of pain he had never experienced in his life.


“…Oh no!”

Startled, Kim Hyun-soo hurriedly withdrew his magic. Even though it was a mere speck of magic, colliding it with newly awakened magic was dangerous.

If the magic were to backflow, it would be like ruining the future of the boy who had just awakened.

But for the magic of a hunter who had just awakened, its purity was considerable. The amount wasn't much, but it had withstood his magic for a moment, hadn't it? It was like a mountain ascetic, a steadfast magic.

Thinking that, he recalled the record written on the application form.

‘He said he had been swinging a sword since he was young, dreaming of becoming a hunter.’

Certainly, the calluses on his palms were not those of a fifteen-year-old.

While he clicked his tongue at his dedication, Kim Hyun-soo was inwardly happy.

Effort doesn't always accompany results, but he hoped this child's efforts would see the light of day.

Kim Hyun-soo, who had quickly gathered his magic, spoke with genuine joy, as if the dark face from a moment ago had disappeared.

“Congratulations, Choi Yeon-woo. The amount of magic… is honestly insufficient, but qualitatively, it's not lacking anywhere. It's enough to enter the academy. If you keep working hard like you have been, you'll surely see the light.”

Yeon-woo was still a little confused.

‘Is it really not a dream?’ He thought, but…

The words he had longed for so much that they appeared in his dreams made him jump up, only to lose strength in his legs and fall, the pain from the back of his head hitting the floor once again reminding him of reality.

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