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Chapter 43 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

When Chae-yoon asked what a concours was, Jo Sung-hyun hesitated.

Until now, Jo Sung-hyun had been thinking about what Chae-yoon would like to do, but he hadn't properly explained to the child what a concours was.

That was a bit of a problem.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly started to explain to Chae-yoon about the concours.

"A concours is a competition."

"A competition? A sports competition?"

"Yeah. Something like that. When you say you're doing a piano concours, it means you're doing a piano competition. It's a contest to see who can play the piano better."


Chae-yoon made a sound of wonder at Jo Sung-hyun's explanation.

From the child's perspective, the idea of having a piano competition might not make sense, so Jo Sung-hyun explained more.

"People who are good at playing the piano come out and play the piano, and they score them. They say, this person's score is this much."

"Can only good people go out?"

"Um... usually, yes?"

At Jo Sung-hyun's answer, Yu Jae-kyun, who was listening next to him, chuckled and added more explanation.

"There are concours where only young kids like Chae-yoon come out, and there are concours where adults do. People who are good at playing the piano gather and have a competition. Oh, there are also concours for other instruments besides the piano. Like violin."


Chae-yoon asked, lifting her arm slightly and making a gesture like playing the violin.

Yu Jae-kyun nodded at the child's action.

"Yeah. That violin. Chae-yoon seems to be interested in violin too?"

"Chae-yoon likes piano and violin!"

The child exclaimed.

Jo Sung-hyun learned for the first time that Chae-yoon was interested in violin.

"Then, Chae-yoon. Do you like piano or violin more?"

At Yu Jae-kyun's question, Chae-yoon thought for a moment and opened her mouth.

"Chae-yoon is friends with piano."

The child didn't use the expression of liking something more.

She just said that she was more friendly with the piano.

Jo Sung-hyun felt a strange feeling from there.

It could also mean that she liked both, but she had done more piano.

But Yu Jae-kyun seemed to simply take it as liking piano more.

"Then you should try a piano concours once. There are a lot of people who play the piano really well in the concours."

"Do people who are better than dad come out?"

Chae-yoon blinked and asked.

Yu Jae-kyun was a little flustered by Chae-yoon's question.

He had no idea how well Jo Sung-hyun played the piano.

Jo Sung-hyun answered that question.

"Dad can't play the piano well. People who are much better than dad come out and compete."

"No way. Dad plays the piano well!"

Chae-yoon widened her eyes and said in a loud voice, as if it was impossible.

The child was surprised by her own loud voice and closed her mouth with a gulp.

Yu Jae-kyun laughed at that sight.

"How well do you play the piano? You sang really well last time."

"I... I can do the basics. I didn't really use a piano textbook, I just taught myself, so it's not easy to say how far I can go."

Jo Sung-hyun calmly answered Yu Jae-kyun's question.

Jo Sung-hyun's piano was more related to popular music than classical music.

He wasn't bad at playing the piano, but the format was different from classical music.

"Um... Anyway, I think the best way is to let him experience a lot of concours or stages someday when she has a chance."

Yu Jae-kyun seemed to feel awkward to say anything more, and he finished his words like that.

Jo Sung-hyun also found it hard to explain in detail, so he nodded his head and thanked him, then turned his head to Chae-yoon.



"Do you want to try a piano competition?"

"Umm... a little...?"

It wasn't an expression of wanting to do it right away, but it was a face that was curious and interested.

She didn't understand what a concours was exactly, so it was strange to say that she wanted to do it right away.

She was interested.

That was enough reason for Jo Sung-hyun.

He had a direction to go from now on.

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