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Chapter 44 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

The kindergarten was always a new place.

Strange things kept happening.

She had fun with her friends, fought with them, and Teacher Min Eun-jung taught her new things.

She used to hate going to kindergarten, but now she was okay.

It was because of her dad who took her there and picked her up.

"Have a good day."


Chae-yoon waved her hand to Jo Sung-hyun and turned her head.

She saw his friends.

Later, when it was evening, the friends who left early in the afternoon would be gone and the Moon Class friends would gather together, but it wasn't yet.

She had to wait until then to see Young-joon, who she had recently become close with.

Until then, Chae-yoon's only friend was the piano.

There were a few kids who talked to her, but they weren't close.

No, rather, there were some kids she didn't like.

'She tried to take my Little Mermaid doll.'

Chae-yoon glanced at the four girls who were crowded around as she approached the piano.

She didn't like them.

She ignored them and sat down near the piano.

The day at kindergarten flew by like an arrow.

As always, she quietly followed Teacher Min Eun-jung's words, and Chae-yoon, who was waiting for her dad, showed a happy face when the class was over.

She could play the piano soon.

Teacher Min Eun-jung opened her mouth with a smile.

"Today, we have a big announcement. Our Chae-yoon has decided to play the piano at the graduation ceremony. Now, clap."

Clap clap clap.

Min Eun-jung smiled and clapped first, and the other kids clapped excitedly.

Chae-yoon just turned her eyes to the piano.

The child was not very talkative in kindergarten.

She spoke more in the one or two hours she spent with her dad than in the six hours she spent in kindergarten.

Chae-yoon was waiting for Teacher Min Eun-jung's words to end, wanting to play the piano quickly.

Soon, Teacher Min Eun-jung's words ended.

And right away, Chae-yoon approached the piano.

She didn't need to think, she was excited to play 'Do you want to play with the fallen leaves with me?' that she learned from his dad.

But someone blocked her way.

"Hey. You're so good at playing the piano?"

A child who thought she was the best in the Sun Class.

Park Mi-hyun said.

She narrowed her eyes and glared at Chae-yoon.

Three girls of the same age surrounded Park Mi-hyun.

She didn't like them very much.

They tried to take his Little Mermaid doll and they were not very nice to Chae-yoon.

But Chae-yoon just tried to ignore them.

She didn't want to fight.

She didn't like fighting in the first place, but she also didn't want to ruin her mood when she was excited to play the piano.

The problem was, Park Mi-hyun and the other kids didn't care about that at all.

"Hey, you should at least pretend to listen when someone talks to you?"


Chae-yoon sighed.

She didn't know where she learned that way of talking, but she kept using a weird tone.

Did she think she looked more mature that way?

"Can't you talk or what? How far have you learned Czerny?"

[T/N: Czerny 100 Progressive Studies Without Octaves]


Chae-yoon blinked her eyes and looked at Park Mi-hyun at the word she had never heard before.

She had never learned Czerny, so how could she answer how far he had learned?

Chae-yoon was confused.

Park Mi-hyun had been talking as if it was obvious that anyone who could play the piano would have learned Czerny, so Chae-yoon was a bit flustered that she didn't fit into that obviousness.

"What? Don't tell me you're not learning with Czerny?"

"Chae-yoon learns from dad!"

Chae-yoon felt annoyed as Park Mi-hyun squinted her eyes and shouted.

Then Park Mi-hyun crossed her arms as if she couldn't believe it.

"Oh my. Look at what she's saying. You learn from your dad? Oh my. You're so confident without learning from a proper piano teacher. Do you have a conscience? How dare you play the piano at the graduation ceremony?"

Park Mi-hyun said that.

The other kids who were standing next to her chimed in and laughed at Chae-yoon.

Min Eun-jung was looking after the other kids and felt something was wrong and slowly approached.

Chae-yoon couldn't stand it and frowned and opened his mouth.

"My dad plays the piano very well. You're stupid."

She squeaked and said.

It was obvious to Chae-yoon.

When the child thought, Jo Sung-hyun was the best.

Her dad was the coolest person in the world.

She didn't know who the piano teacher was, but there was no way he could play the piano better than his dad.

Chae-yoon thought so.

"Look at her? You don't know Czerny? I play the piano better than you!"

At Park Mi-hyun's words, Chae-yoon was angry.

She didn't say anything when she played the piano until now, but as soon as she said she would play the piano at the graduation ceremony, she said she played the piano better than her.

And she also said bad things about Jo Sung-hyun.

Chae-yoon had no choice but to be annoyed.

And Park Mi-hyun, she walked up to the piano and sat down.

She pressed the keys with a confident expression.

Czerny's piece began to play.

The most basic, but also quite difficult for a young child.

Chae-yoon listened carefully to the piano sound even in the angry situation.

A new piano piece was very interesting to the child.


With the last note, Park Mi-hyun looked at Chae-yoon with a face that said, 'How about that?'

"You can't do this, can you?"

She said, as if she had won.

Chae-yoon glared at Park Mi-hyun and sat down at the piano as Park Mi-hyun got off the piano chair with a mocking face.

She looked down at the keys quietly and then started playing.

Czerny's piece, unfolded again from the child's hands.

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