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Chapter 45 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

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While he was thinking.

Chaeyoon finished playing.

The girls looked at Chaeyoon with bewildered faces.

And the child who had been playing the piano when Jo Sung-hyun arrived pointed her finger as if it was impossible.

The child couldn't even speak properly.

"How did you..."


"You cheated!"

The girl's voice could be heard from here.

Jo Sung-hyun chuckled.

Chaeyoon didn't cheat.

She just had a talent that could be called cheating.

At the girl's words, Chaeyoon frowned.

But the child's face soon brightened.

She made eye contact with Jo Sung-hyun.

Chaeyoon smiled broadly and walked past the other children to Jo Sung-hyun.

Jo Sung-hyun knelt down lightly and hugged Chaeyoon.



As soon as she hugged him, Chaeyoon spoke in a voice that sounded wronged.

"She can't play the piano!"

At Chaeyoon's words, Jo Sung-hyun burst out laughing.

He couldn't say anything to the children in front of him, but as soon as she hugged him, she said that, which meant she was really upset and angry.

"Chaeyoon, you shouldn't say that to someone who can't play the piano. They might not have learned much yet..."

"No. Mi-hyun is torturing the piano."

"...If she goes to the academy more diligently, maybe your friend will be able to play the piano better too?"

At the expression of torturing the piano, Jo Sung-hyun paused, but soon continued.

Jo Sung-hyun wanted Chaeyoon to know her own talent a little bit.

There was a big difference between knowing and not knowing that she was different from other children, at least in terms of music.


Chaeyoon looked at Mi-hyun for a moment, then turned her head.

Jo Sung-hyun liked that she could express her honest feelings.

'It's refreshing too.'

It could be a quarrel among young children, or a psychological warfare.

Things that might look cute to adults.

But still, Chaeyoon was Jo Sung-hyun's daughter.

He was proud that his daughter acted confidently and bravely among the children.

* * *

Time passed quickly.

He had quit his job and didn't go to the company, but why did the days go by so fast? In the blink of an eye, it was Thursday.

'Half of the week has already passed.'

He came home with Chaeyoon and quietly watched her play the piano.

Lately, the child had been practicing 'Do you want to play with the leaves?' more diligently.

She seemed to be able to play it perfectly, but Chaeyoon kept playing it and preparing for something.

Jo Sung-hyun was ready to teach her another piece whenever she wanted, but she didn't say she wanted to play something else, so he ended up opening his mouth first.



"Don't you want to try another piece?"

"Umm... I do!"

"Then should I teach you another piece?"

He asked with a smile at her words.

Chaeyoon seemed to hesitate for a moment, then shook her head.

Jo Sung-hyun was puzzled by the sight of the child shaking her head.

"Why? You said you wanted to play another piece?"

"I'm not good at this yet."

Chaeyoon said.

She was still lacking.

Chaeyoon, who had arranged the original song 'Do you want to play with the leaves?' to express the four seasons.

She said she wasn't good at it.

If someone else had heard it, they would have said it was ridiculous, and that she was so good that she could play something else.

But Jo Sung-hyun couldn't do that.

He understood why Chaeyoon said that.

Chaeyoon had been playing a slightly different version of 'Do you want to play with the leaves?' since the last time she played Czerny at the kindergarten.

She seemed to want to improve it more, but it wasn't working well.

Jo Sung-hyun agreed with Chaeyoon's words and leaned back on the sofa, watching her continue.

'Really... how should I teach her?'

His concerns deepened over time.

After experiencing Czerny once, Chaeyoon was thinking about how she could do better with the pieces she was good at.

She encountered new pieces, thought, and applied them.

Chaeyoon was already evolving on her own.

As Jo Sung-hyun, seeing such a child, he couldn't help but think about how to teach her and his head became more complicated.

Eventually, Jo Sung-hyun came to the conclusion.

'Do I really need to teach her?'

In fact, rather than diligently teaching something to Chaeyoon, he had simply taught her how to play 'Do you want to play with the leaves?' along with some basics.

After that, Chaeyoon herself realized how to express the piece a little differently and how it could represent the four seasons.

She was developing on her own even with just a little guidance and demonstration.

In such a situation, did he really need to teach Chaeyoon?


Jo Sung-hyun muttered softly. As he watched Chaeyoon, who was still playing, he rubbed his cheek.

Seeing is believing.

Why did that saying suddenly come to mind?

Jo Sung-hyun looked at Chaeyoon, who finished playing and took her hands off the keys, and spoke.


As he called her, the child turned to look at her father.

"Would you like to go to a concert with Dad this weekend?"

He felt he had to show her directly.

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