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Chapter 46 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Jo Sung-hyun was not interested in classical music, but he had been to a concert before.

It was not a very big concert, but he had been there a few times while working as a manager.

So he knew roughly how to book tickets and what the format of the concert was.

He was a bit pressed for time, but he thought he could book a decent level of concert.

It was not easy to go to a very famous performer's concert, because it was time-consuming and very expensive.

'I'll go to a decent concert this time, and if Chae-yoon likes it a lot, I'll go to a bigger and better concert later.'

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself as he looked for a concert on his smartphone.


Chae-yoon giggled and snuggled up to Jo Sung-hyun.

The child looked happy ever since Jo Sung-hyun asked her to go to a concert with him on the weekend.



"Do you like going to a concert with Daddy?"

"Chae-yoon likes Daddy!"

The child answered with a bright smile.

He was her father, but wasn't she too cute?

Jo Sung-hyun thought to himself as he stroked Chae-yoon's head.

Chae-yoon rubbed her cheek against Jo Sung-hyun's hand.

The child wriggled and squeezed into Jo Sung-hyun's arms, and eventually sat on his lap.

Jo Sung-hyun was sitting leaning on the sofa, so it looked like Chae-yoon was in his arms.

The child buried her face in Jo Sung-hyun's chest and giggled.

"Do you like it?"

"Daddy is the best!"

Chae-yoon said that and kissed Jo Sung-hyun's chin.

Jo Sung-hyun felt his lips curl up involuntarily, and gently hugged Chae-yoon.

"But, Daddy."

"Hmm. Chae-yoon. What?"

Chae-yoon looked up at Jo Sung-hyun in his arms, and opened her mouth.

Jo Sung-hyun smiled and lowered his head to meet the child's eyes.

"What is a concert?"


Jo Sung-hyun made a stupid face at Chae-yoon's unexpected question.

* * *

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun had to explain to Chae-yoon about the concert for a long time.

Chae-yoon nodded as if she understood, and soon became happier.

Going to listen to music with Jo Sung-hyun was a very good thing for Chae-yoon.

She put the child to sleep first.

Jo Sung-hyun continued to look for a concert.

The price range of the concert was quite high.

For popular performers, it was common to charge 200,000 won per seat, but Jo Sung-hyun felt a bit burdened by that price range.

He was not short of money right now, but he was sure that he would run out of it someday.

He could not spend it freely.

In the end, Jo Sung-hyun was able to book a concert for 80,000 won per seat.

A concert with the city orchestra and a young pianist.

There was one reason why Jo Sung-hyun chose that concert.

'Vivaldi's Four Seasons.'

Spring, summer, autumn, winter.

They were all songs that expressed them, and they were also related to the four seasons version of 'Do you want to play with the fallen leaves?' that Chae-yoon had recently played, and it would surely help Chae-yoon.

The genius musician Vivaldi must have already expressed what Chae-yoon wanted to express through a lot of effort.

'The pianist named Jeong Se-yeon is not very famous, but I think I've heard her name before.'

Jo Sung-hyun was interested in music, but to be honest, he was not into classical music.

He had only learned the basics of basic instruments such as violin and piano.

And even though he had been playing the piano recently, his sense was coming back, but he had not touched the violin at all, so he had to start from scratch.

'To be honest, I learned and played the piano more.'

He used the piano a lot as it was the easiest instrument to access when composing and doing various music work, but he had no reason to touch the violin after learning the basics.

Naturally, Jo Sung-hyun had to get farther and farther away from classical music.

Even Jo Sung-hyun, if he thought he had heard her name somewhere, it meant that she definitely had skills.

He was looking forward to how she would express the four seasons.


Chae-yoon, who was sleeping, realized that Jo Sung-hyun was still awake, and burrowed into his chest with a small voice.

Jo Sung-hyun quickly put his smartphone on the bedside table, and carefully hugged Chae-yoon and stroked her back.

Was it because Jo Sung-hyun's gentle touch felt good?

Chae-yoon fell asleep again soon.

In the bedroom, Chae-yoon's small breathing sound echoed.

Jo Sung-hyun, who was quietly looking at the child, showed a warm smile.

How can she be so pretty?

Her sleeping face was so lovely.

Jo Sung-hyun lightly kissed the child's forehead and closed his eyes.

The night covered them.

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