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Chapter 46 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family


Chae-yoon was excited from the morning.

So, the child looked happy when she arrived at the kindergarten.

"Chae-yoon is in a good condition today."

"She's in a good mood. We're going to see a concert together tomorrow."

"Wow. That's nice."


At the teacher Min Eun-jung's words, Jo Sung-hyun laughed.

Min Eun-jung glanced at Chae-yoon and opened her mouth in a low voice so that the child would not hear.

"Last time, there was a little... fight with Mi-hyun, who talked to her mother. But Mi-hyun's mother said she didn't understand either."

"Oh... what should we do then?"

"Well, Mi-hyun's mother didn't say that Mi-hyun had to play the piano, so... it would be perfect if Chae-yoon played the piano well at the graduation ceremony. I would appreciate it if you could help her practice."

"Yes, I'll do that."

Jo Sung-hyun nodded and answered.

Min Eun-jung had already asked him to help her practice last time, but she asked him again this time.

'Maybe she's a bit worried.'

Maybe it was natural for Min Eun-jung as a teacher to care about the other parents' eyes.

Jo Sung-hyun thought Chae-yoon was the best, but the other parents would think their children were the best.

Jo Sung-hyun said goodbye to Min Eun-jung and headed to a nearby cafe.

He had already brought his luggage in an eco-bag.

He had a lot of things to study to follow Chae-yoon.

Jo Sung-hyun himself thought he had some musical talent, but... that didn't mean studying was easy.

The book Jo Sung-hyun brought today was 'You Can Do It Too. Violin'.

He had read it lightly once before.

He was reading it for the second time, but it was quite difficult.

He had learned the basics of the violin once, but it had been so long that he was not sure.

And he didn't even have a violin right now, so it was even more so.

If he had a violin, he could practice with it, but he didn't.

'But buying a violin is... a bit too much.'

It was more like studying in advance, thinking that Chae-yoon might need it someday because she was interested in the violin.

It was a bit ridiculous to buy a violin right now and learn the violin while practicing.

It would be fun, though.

"It's also expensive."

A practice violin was hundreds of thousands of won, and a violin that could make some sound was definitely over a million won.

He didn't want to invest that much, since Chae-yoon wasn't showing much interest yet.

Maybe later, when she shows more interest, and maybe... if he really wanted to try it after learning the violin.

It wouldn't be bad to buy it then.

Jo Sung-hyun wore glasses that he didn't usually wear and read 'You Can Do It Too. Violin' slowly.

He was so focused that time flew by.

He came to his senses when Chae-yoon's pick-up time was almost over, and hurriedly packed up and headed to the kindergarten.

"Daddy... huh?"

Chae-yoon, who was coming to him, stopped and blinked.

The child looked at Jo Sung-hyun quietly, as if trying to figure out the situation.

Her eyes, looking at him, trembled.

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't understand why she was doing that, and looked at Chae-yoon with a puzzled face.

"What's wrong, Chae-yoon?"

"Did Daddy's eyes... hurt?"

She asked with a face that looked like she was about to cry.

Jo Sung-hyun realized that he was still wearing glasses.

He chuckled and shook his head.

"No, Daddy's eyes didn't hurt. I was wearing glasses because I was reading a book."

Jo Sung-hyun took off his glasses and put them in the glasses case in the eco-bag.

Chae-yoon squinted and looked at him.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

She didn't answer even when he asked, but made a serious sound and suddenly held out three fingers.

"This, how many!"

Chae-yoon said, as if to hurry him to answer.

Jo Sung-hyun couldn't help but burst into laughter.

This was cheating, wasn't it?

She was so cute that he had to laugh.

"Chae-yoon. Daddy is really fine. His eyes didn't hurt, he just wore them. They're not glasses with high power, they're just for reading a little better."

"How many!"

Even when Jo Sung-hyun explained again, Chae-yoon urged him to answer, shaking her fingers.

Looking at the child, Jo Sung-hyun felt the bad daddy in his chest wake up.

He knew he shouldn't do this, but he couldn't help but give a wrong answer.

What should he say?

It was almost like an instinctive action.

"Hmm... two?"

As he answered.

Chae-yoon's face became sad.

"Daddy has to go to the hospital. Hurry!"

Chae-yoon grabbed Jo Sung-hyun's sleeve and pulled him, saying.

Jo Sung-hyun laughed again at the child's behavior.

Was it because he quit his job?

Or was it because he liked Chae-yoon more and more, and she became more precious to him?

Every moment with the child was just fun.

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