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Chapter 48 Part 2 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

Pianist Jung Se-yeon.

She was a pianist who was starting to make a name for herself in the classical world with her good expression, despite her young age.

She was already affiliated with a manager, so many people were looking forward to her moves.

But they wouldn't know.

What kind of worries Jung Se-yeon had recently, how hard it was to play the piano.

"Se-yeon. You did a good job today. There were no mistakes either."

"...What are you talking about?"


"Oppa, did you listen to my performance properly? I made a perfect mistake in the third movement."

"Uh? I didn't notice. I was listening with full concentration, but I didn't notice at all."

Jung Se-yeon asked, tilting her head at his words.

She felt annoyed by his behavior, but if she thought about it calmly, the manager was not at fault.

The manager had learned a certain amount about classical music, but he was by no means an absolute music expert, nor did he have ears sensitive enough to notice a single mistake.

If he had that kind of ability, he would have been playing the piano himself.

"I'll go to the bathroom for a bit."


The manager nodded, and Jung Se-yeon clenched her hand and made a sound.

The hand is very important for a pianist.

There is a saying that famous pianists do not even high-five because they care so much about their hands.

The hand has to be really sensitive, and how to express the sound, you have to feel everything with your fingertips, so it was natural.

"It's still the same."

A few weeks ago, she had a minor accident.

It was funny to call it an accident because it was nothing.

A book fell and cut her finger, and since then she had been feeling occasional pain in her little finger.

It was the same when she played earlier.

She felt a sudden pain, and flinched, unable to express it properly.

The hospital said it would be fine after a little more time, but only another pianist would understand how stressful it was to hurt her hand as a pianist.

The intermittent pain felt in the hand. The stress that comes from it.

She could only sigh whenever she felt herself becoming more sensitive.

'It's frustrating.'

It was when she arrived at the bathroom, thinking that.

She was acting as calm as possible while looking in the mirror, but Jung Se-yeon stopped at the voice coming from the bathroom entrance.


"Yeah, Chae Yoon."

"In autumn earlier. Why did a squirrel pop out when she played the lullaby?"

It was an incomprehensible word.

Nevertheless, Jung Se-yeon instinctively realized that they were talking about her performance.

The man's voice continues.

"Well. It wasn't supposed to pop out like that, but I think the pianist was surprised while playing."


"Um... maybe it was suddenly cold. Or, maybe her finger hurt... I don't know?"

At that moment, her heart fluttered.

Her face was stiff.

'What. Really.'

Jung Se-yeon thought to herself and hurriedly walked out.

But all she saw was her manager coming from afar.

"Ah, Se-yeon. You didn't come for so long, so I came to see if you were okay...."



"Didn't you see a girl and a man passing by here?"

"Huh? A dad and a daughter? They went out. Why?"

"They already left?"


Seeing the manager nod his head, Jung Se-yeon quickly walked to the building entrance, but the two people were already far away.

Jung Se-yeon could only look at the backs of the two people.

The manager looked at Jung Se-yeon with a bewildered eye.

"What's wrong with you? We have to go sign soon."

"Oppa, I hurt my finger."

"Oh, does it still hurt?"

"No, it's okay now... Anyway, did the media find out that I hurt my finger or something?"

"It didn't get out to the public."

He nodded his head and answered.

Jung Se-yeon made a face that she couldn't understand at his answer.

"Then... how did they know?"

She muttered in a small voice.

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