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Chapter 49 Part 1 - My Daughter is a Music Genius

Failure dad gets a second chance to raise music genius daughter. DBT,Korean,Novel,Translation,MDMG,Music,Genius,Daughter,Artist,Cute,Fluffy,Family

"Chae Yoon, did you have fun?"

As soon as they got home, Chae Yoon looked very tired.

It was nothing much, but sitting still for a few hours was actually quite hard for young children.

They also took the bus, so it was understandable that Chae Yoon was exhausted.

When Jo Sung Hyun asked, Chae Yoon nodded her head.

"Chae Yoon likes daddy."

As always, she gave an irrelevant answer, but it meant that she had fun.

Jo Sung Hyun took off Chae Yoon's coat.

After hanging the child's coat on the hanger, he looked at Chae Yoon who was yawning.



She shook her head as if to say no, but she looked sleepy.

It was not time to sleep yet, but she seemed so tired that he thought he should put her to bed now.

"Shall we wash up and go to bed?"

Shake shake.

At Jo Sung Hyun's words, Chae Yoon shook her head.

At the child's clear refusal, Jo Sung Hyun carefully knelt down in front of Chae Yoon and sat down.

Then Chae Yoon naturally raised her arms.

Jo Sung Hyun took off Chae Yoon's clothes.

It was not very cold yet, but she wore children's underwear just in case.

"Chae Yoon, you look sleepy, are you sure you don't want to sleep?"

"Chae Yoon wants to play the piano...."

Apparently, she wanted to play the piano after watching the piano recital.

'It's not unreasonable. She saw such a performance.'

He understood the child's feelings, so Jo Sung Hyun eventually nodded his head.

"Then shall we wash up and play the piano?"

"Wash up...?"

"Yeah. We went out, so we have to wash up."

"Chae Yoon is lazy...."

"Let's wash up quickly and play the piano."

At Jo Sung Hyun's words, Chae Yoon made a worried expression.

The child looked like he had a serious dilemma, and finally peeked at Jo Sung Hyun.

She was lazy to wash up, but she wanted to play the piano.

She looked sleepy, but she didn't want to sleep because she wanted to play the piano.

He could tell how much Chae Yoon wanted to play the piano by the fact that she didn't want to sleep even though he was sleepy.

Looking at Chae Yoon, Jo Sung Hyun carefully hugged Chae Yoon.

"Chae Yoon."


"When Chae Yoon goes out and comes back, bad germs stick to Chae Yoon's body and come into our house."


At the word bad germs, Chae Yoon blinked her eyes and looked up at Jo Sung Hyun.

Holding her in his arms, he smiled at the sight of the child who looked up at him with wide eyes.

"But if Chae Yoon doesn't wash and plays the piano, our piano will get bad germs too, right?"

"Then that's not good...."

"That's right. We don't want the piano to get hurt, do we? Right?"


"Then what should we do?"

At Jo Sung Hyun's words, Chae Yoon finally sighed.

The scene of the child sighing was very amusing.

"Let's wash quickly and play the piano."

"Okay. Let's wash up quickly and play the piano."

Jo Sung Hyun smiled and carried Chae Yoon to the bathroom.

When he first came back, it was so unfamiliar and hard to wash the child.

He felt like the child would get hurt if he put a little force, and he had to be extra careful not to let the soap or shampoo get into the her eyes.

It was a completely different thing from washing himself.

It might have been different if she was a boy, but since she was a girl, washing her hair was also totally different from washing her own.

'But now, I'm doing pretty well.'

It had been over a month.

He was used to it enough, and Chae Yoon also entrusted her body to Jo Sung Hyun's touch.

While washing the child, Jo Sung Hyun also washed himself from time to time.

He quickly dried the wet child's body with a towel and dried her hair.


The sound of the dryer was loud.

Chae Yoon shook her head constantly as if the sound was noisy.

After drying her hair, Jo Sung Hyun put pajamas on the child.

It was a relatively new pajama.

A pajama with a picture of the Little Mermaid.

Seeing that, Jo Sung Hyun suddenly wondered and opened his mouth.

"Chae Yoon."


"Do you like the Little Mermaid that much?"

"Chae Yoon likes the Little Mermaid."

The child didn't know any other characters, but she really liked the Little Mermaid.

She had a Little Mermaid pajama and a doll. That was one of the things Chae Yoon cherished the most.

"Then do you like the piano more, or the Little Mermaid more?"

He was curious for no reason.

Would the child like the piano more?

Or would he like the Little Mermaid more?

At that question, Chae Yoon's eyes widened as if she had heard something unimaginable.

She looked like she was asking how he could think that way, and Jo Sung Hyun felt a little embarrassed.

He felt like he had become a bad guy.

"Chae Yoon likes both the piano and the Little Mermaid."

The child looked around and finally answered.

She had no choice but to say that she liked both.

She must have liked both the piano and the Little Mermaid quite a lot.

Jo Sung Hyun nodded his head with a smile.

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