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Chapter 67 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Scout (2)

Quinie. Not bad.

No, among all possibilities, top-notch.

Of course, I didn't exclude Quinie from the scout, but I thought the success rate would be very low. She must be very popular.

But if Quinie were to make the suggestion herself, there would be no reason to refuse.

"Then I'll go. I have to talk to your father. You go to Quinie."

"Yes. I hope for a good outcome."

I cheered for Malia. But nothing will change.

Enfer hardly ever backs down.

Malia is the same, but that means they are on parallel paths.

The final exam will end before Malia changes Enfer's mind.

After Malia left, I looked around briefly.

This is the infirmary, so there's really no reason for me to be here. Just as I was thinking of getting up.

"It's been a while. Head of the Roach Clan."

I heard that voice. I turned my head to the voice coming from behind me.

A man bowed respectfully to me.

There was a window behind the man. He must have come in through there.

...I know this man.

It's my first time seeing him, but without any confirmation, my intuition clearly issued a warning.

──The man who hinted at the ancient language to Frondier.

The one who tried to eliminate Elodie's divine power.

The man was cloaked in a long robe that covered his entire body, hiding his face in the shadows like a reclusive wizard. Judging by his voice and stature, he was clearly a man, but that too might have been altered by magic.

"It seems I've startled you by reappearing after so long. My apologies. I am in a position where I cannot show myself to anyone."

When I didn't respond, the man bowed his head even deeper.

...This polite treatment, it's different from what I imagined.

The memories of Frondier from the incident at the cabin.

The impression there was that this man seemed to be manipulating Frondier like a puppet.

Perhaps reality wasn't much different, but on the surface, was it Frondier who was in the dominant position? Or rather, did he make Frondier believe he was the dominant one, moving as intended?

I opened my mouth. The silence was a bit long.

Before he could suspect, I said what I had to say.

"Who are you calling the head of the clan?"

I spoke to him with arrogance and pride.

The head of the Roach Clan, that was naturally Azier's role.

I didn't know if Frondier liked being called the head of the household, but such a warning would have been obvious.

As expected, he nodded as if to say that was the case.

"I'm sorry. I saw such a future. I keep making mistakes. I was too hasty."

...Keep making, huh.

It seems calling Frondier the head of the household wasn't just once or twice.

And considering nothing had happened until now, Frondier must have liked being called that.

"But Mr. Frondier. It seems your interpretation of the ancient language is slow."

This man still doesn't know. That the interpretation of the ancient language has been completed.

"Don't you have to bring down the daughter of the Rishae family?"

...This is about Elodie.

"My mind has changed. That's all."

I said while trying to figure out the man's identity.

That such a conversation could happen means, no matter how foolish Frondier was, he knew the identity of the other party. It's frustrating since I have no such memory.

"Huh, that's strange."

A tenacious voice flowed from the shadowed face.

"Weren't you the one who asked me, Mr. Frondier?"


Frondier asked? It wasn't this man who made the suggestion first?

"You hated that woman, didn't you?"

His words wrapped around me like a snake.

This feeling, a sweet scent that I can sense somewhere. Perhaps he had cast a spell on his 'speech'.

However, perhaps because it was intended for the ‘original Frondier’, it didn’t seem to work on the current me.

……A small opportunity. I pretended to be possessed moderately and listened to his words.

“With all her talents, wasn’t it disgusting to see her giggling in front of you?”

A disparagement of Elodie. To the current me, it simply sounded unpleasant.

“You couldn’t stand her acting all high and mighty in front of you, could you?”

Believing in the effects of the spell, the man gradually spiced up his expressions. To provoke Frondier’s jealousy and inferiority.

Fine. Let’s play along.


I slowly opened my mouth.

“Watch your words.”


The man quickly lowered his head again as soon as he heard my words.

“I, I’m sorry. That woman’s appearance was so unpleasant that I just……”

“Don’t cross the line. Have you forgotten who you are?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“Who are you. Why are you by my side?”

“I am Hagley from Manggot. I am by your side to eliminate potential enemies of Sir Frondier.”

“Don’t forget.”

I felt a sense of stuffiness filling my body as I spoke.

…… Manggot.

The exiles of the continent. And a group that was closer to the ‘outside’ than any other human.

That fool Frondier messed with Manggot.

But now, it’s me.

The reason Hagley is bowing down to me like this is because of Enfer.

The original Frondier wouldn’t even be able to walk or talk properly in front of me.

“In that case, what about that woman……?”

“Elodie is not my enemy.”

Hagley’s face was not visible, but he didn’t seem to like my words, judging from the fact that he didn’t answer me right away.

But it doesn’t matter. I had to say these words. I don’t know what else this guy might do.

"As I would eliminate my potential enemies, I will also eliminate Elodie's enemies."

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