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Chapter 67 Part 2 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Around the same time, just as Frondier had anticipated, the campus was bustling with scouting activities.

Especially the skilled and famous sophomores and juniors were surrounded by first-year students in a scene that was quite a spectacle. The more experienced and skilled juniors were much more sought after than the sophomores.

The prime example of this was Quinie de Viet.

"Senior Quinie! Please join our team...!"

"No, join us!"

Quinie, quite naturally, was receiving fervent proposals from the first-year students while sitting in her place. The line extended beyond the classroom, crowded with students.

At this moment, Quinie's mood was at its peak. She was still hiding her smug smile behind her fan.

Anne was watching her with cold eyes from beside her but didn't bother to say anything.

Yes, why spoil the fun when a friend is enjoying some popularity for once. It won't last long anyway.

However, Quinie consistently responded to the students who approached her with the same reply.

"Sorry, I have a prior engagement."

Upon hearing this, the first-year students visibly showed their disappointment and left.

Hmm, Quinie was feeling quite high and mighty.

Yes, this is typical.

The merchant who raised her family’s status single-handedly, Quinie de Viet.

Insight comparable to foresight, a matching calculation ability. With impeccable personal combat skills and connections to boot!

'Little Devil Quinie' is rightfully entitled to such treatment.


As the first-year students dispersed, making the place a bit quieter, Anne spoke up.


"‘Support Unit’, aren’t you going to do it?"

Senior students approve scouting first-year students to participate in the final exams. This is referred to as the "support unit." It's not an official term, but one that has solidified among the students through frequent use.

"What did you hear? I have a prior engagement."

"...Even though you don't."

"You, what do you think you know?"

Quinie retorted to Anne, who spoke with pursed lips, half-covering her face with a fan.

Anne replied as if it were obvious.

"Of course I know. I'm always with you, aren't I? Even if you received a scouting offer, would you accept it right away with your personality? You'd look around and choose whatever seems best. It's strange that you suddenly say you have a prior engagement when there wasn't even a hint of such a thing."

Why is she suddenly so smart? Quinie narrowed her eyes, peeking out from behind her fan.

Anne quietly observed Quinie and then said,


"—Why are you suddenly bringing him up?"

Anne, who was smart and quick-witted.

"Well, no matter what, you wouldn't team up with Frondier. Who would do such a crazy thing?"

But Anne shrugged and organized her thoughts on her own.

'Are you upset? Why would that be crazy?'

She rolled her eyes without voicing her thoughts aloud.

...In fact, there's no such thing as a prior engagement. Instead, Quinie has unilaterally sent a message. To Frondier's mother, Malia.

Frondier probably won't have an easy time scouting. Not just because of his bad reputation, but also because it seems he might be on the same team as Aten, and not everyone has the heart to bear the weight of carrying out a mission with a princess.

Ellen is a strong candidate, but Ellen won't be able to participate in the final exams because of an internship. A good merchant never overlooks such detailed information.

─There was a broadcast earlier calling Frondier to the infirmary.

So, now Malia will pass the message to Frondier, and if Frondier comes to this classroom to make a scouting offer, it will be perfect if we just accept it as if we have no choice.



......But why isn't he coming?

It feels like a while since the broadcast called Frondier to the infirmary, but there's no sign of him showing up.

"Uh, hmm. Then. I'm going to the restroom."

"Eh? Let's go together."

"No, it's okay. I might be a while."

"Ah... Ahaha. Sorry."

Anne laughed awkwardly.

Quinie felt bad, knowing what she was thinking, but couldn't really make any excuses and just left.

Naturally, her destination was the infirmary.

Coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, she now feels sick. Bloated. It's as if something is poking her on the inside of her ribs, making it hard to breathe.

This is really not the best condition to be in right before the final exams, it's quite dangerous, to say the least.

So, going to the infirmary is like an inevitable choice of fate, isn't it?

While walking, Quinie suddenly stopped. She herself was surprised at how abruptly she ended her walk's inertia.

"No, when I think about it, why am I doing this? I should just go back to the classroom and wait."

It seems like a hasty decision to go meet Frondier now.

He's probably still in the infirmary.

She turned around and went back the way she came.

Just go to the restroom, as I told Anne. That thought suddenly came to her.

......Quinie stopped again.

'...What's this?'

Quinie squinted one eye.

Becoming the head of the Viet family, she has almost never reversed a decision.

Especially not for such a trivial reason or out of indecision.

Deciding to go to the infirmary was clearly her will, there was a reason, and the action was without hesitation.

However, this turning back.

Was just because she 'suddenly' had that thought.

......Quinie. Snap out of it.

"Something's not right."

Quinie's eyes, capable of seeing through people, rivaled a scale's precision.

However, her perception of non-human 'objects' hadn't reached that level.

Her ability to distinguish real from fake still lacked, which was why she lost the bet with Frondier.

After Frondier, Quinie delved into studying traps and barriers.

She hadn't neglected her studies in the field even before, but she couldn't bear the thought of someone she was trying to teach surpassing her.

—And that's why.

She realized.

'An approach interference barrier.'

The moment she identified it, the scent of mana stung her nose.

The approach interference barrier Renzo previously used to kidnap Aten.

Unlike that time in a wide-open field, the barrier was detected this time thanks to their opponent being Quinie.

An approach interference barrier had been placed around the infirmary. Someone was forbidding access to the infirmary.


'...Frondier is in danger.'

Quinie quickened her pace. Even though she identified the barrier, its effects persisted.

It was quite an unpleasant feeling—constantly having your own will denied.

However, attempting to forcibly break through would alert the barrier's creator. Fortunately, knowing it's a barrier halved its effect.

Just as she arrived in front of the infirmary.

Quinie discovered an unexpected figure.

Someone else had gotten there before her.

That person stood in front of the infirmary door, simply staring at it blankly.

As if she could see through the door just by doing that.

No, that's not it. She's listening. To the conversation inside.


As Quinie muttered in a nearly inaudible voice, Elodie slowly turned her head.

Her gaze upon confirming Quinie wavered, as if she had heard something she shouldn't have.

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