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Chapter 68 Part 1 - The Academy’s Weapon Replicator

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Auction (1)

Elodie had figured out the barrier a step ahead of Quinie.

She was half convinced that it was Frondier who had obliterated the demon with "Fireworks" when they fled. That's why she had come to hear the detailed story of the attack.


After seeing Quinie, Elodie opened the door. She couldn't afford to waste any more time.

With a bang, the door opened and Frondier was sitting alone in the room.

"Oh? Elodie."

Frondier's voice was as usual. And his languid face was, as always, without concern.

Elodie smiled.

"What about Professor Malia?"

"She stepped out for a moment."

"What were you talking about? The broadcast was looking for you."

Frondier appeared as usual, and so did Elodie.

Quinie entered after her.

"Ah, Senior Quinie. I was about to come looking for you."

"…Is it just you here?"

Quinie entered and looked around.

The infirmary looked as neat as ever, with no signs of anyone coming or going.

Of course, Quinie, who followed, didn't know if anyone was inside, or even if there had been anyone at all.

There was a barrier, so she only had an intuition that Frondier might have been in danger.

But looking at Frondier, he seemed fine.

However, seeing Elodie's expression upon arrival,

It was clear that something had happened.

"Senior. We need an upperclassman for this semester's final exam, would you help, Senior Quinie...?"

"Ah, yes. Sure."

Frondier led the conversation as if he was unaware of Quinie's thoughts.

Since that was Quinie's original intention, she accepted for the time being.

Elodie quietly listened to their conversation.

* * *

At the Rishae estate.

As Elodie entered through the mansion's door, a maid hurried over.

"Eh, Miss Elodie. You've come early. We were informed you'd be late."

"My schedule changed."

"I'm sorry. I'll prepare your meal right away..."

"No, it's okay."

Elodie's expressionless face made the maid nervously follow her.

"Just wait a moment, it will be ready soon-"

"It's fine...!"

Elodie's voice rose, but then she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Taking it out on the wrong person. I knew that. And so, Elodie smiled again.

"No. It's just that I'm not hungry. Really."

"Then, I'll leave you be."


With that, the maid retreated, her shoulders hunched up.

"You know?"

Elodie called out to her bent back.

"It's really okay. I'm sorry for getting angry over nothing."

"It's, it's not like that at all."

Watching the maid shake her head, Elodie entered her room.


Elodie sat down in the chair in front of her desk.

She wanted to sit on the bed, but then she would have ended up lying down, which was not an option without changing her clothes. Even in this situation, she found it amusing that she cared about such trivial things.

"What on earth is…"

A murmur escaped her like a sigh. She didn’t like the tremble in her voice.

Elodie had overheard their conversation. Hagley of the Manggot, was it? Whether it was trust in her own barrier or the infirmary itself lacked soundproof magic. Even if there was such a thing, Elodie could break through it.

"What did you touch, Frondier?"

The conversation itself seemed like Frondier held a high position.

But the content was alarming.

-Don't you have to bring down the daughter of the Rishae family?

-You hated that woman, didn’t you?

-With all her talents, wasn’t it disgusting to see her giggling in front of you?

-You couldn’t stand her acting all high and mighty in front of you, could you?

"…Frondier hates me…?"

Elodie grabbed her head. Her well-groomed hair crumpled and scattered.

She had never thought about it. When she was young, she and Frondier often played together.

She always smiled at Frondier, talking about what they did today, what they wanted to do, and bragging about her abilities.

Each time, Frondier seemed annoyed, but still, still.

…Frondier, without divine power. In front of him, she boasted of her abilities, and sometimes complained and grumbled.

Those countless repetitions came flooding back.

Since she was young, Elodie hadn’t expected much from Frondier. She just hoped he would do his part.

But it was she who continuously gave him a sense of inferiority, preventing even that.

"…It was me."

That’s how it must have looked in Frondier’s eyes.

Not knowing that, foolishly.

But then.

Why did Frondier.

-As I would eliminate my potential enemies, I will also eliminate Elodie's enemies.

He said such things…….


The door opened at that moment.

“Elodie, are you okay? You seem to be feeling terrible,”


A pillow struck the man who had entered’s face.

“Knock and enter again!”

This is how many times I’ve said this now.

I was already feeling annoyed but now it’s increased tenfold.

“S, sorry.”

The man awkwardly exited the room and closed the door.

Then knock, knock, he gave a tiny knock that I might not hear and spoke.

“Elodie, it's your brother. May I enter?”

“No. Don’t come in.”

“H, hey, Elodie! Isn’t this going against our promise!”

“I never promised anything!”

Elodie’s older brother, Revet de Rishae.

It’s not like Elodie normally had a bad relationship with Revet. No, it could be said that it was good. That’s why Revet usually gives in to Elodie.

However, Elodie really didn’t want to see anyone right now.

“T, then I’ll speak from outside. Would that be okay?”


My brother who doesn’t give up.

“Ahem, I’ve heard that the final exams are coming up soon.”


“You’ll need to be on full alert for an important exam like that.”


“Won’t you go to the auction house with me? Good items will appear this time.”

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